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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1386 This Unhelpful Ingrate

"…I'll kneel."

To Pei Ge, those words weighed a ton.

Her breath softened as a result.

In this dark room, the expression on the man's handsome yet cold face was unclear.

Even when he was forced into such a situation, it did not affect his noble and elegant charisma.

Despite this, her heart still felt constricted and unwell.

Since when had this high and mighty man been through such shaming?


She looked at the man with reddened eyes. She opened her mouth but did not say anything because… she herself did not know what to say.

"Ha ha ha! You actually have such a day!"

Perhaps she had stopped loving him or it was too tough, but when Qiao Jingyun heard his reply, she began to mock his misfortune.

"Kneel, and I might just let you guys off."

Her eyes were filled with satisfaction like never before as she stared at this man.

She did not even realize that the boy had escaped her hold.

Just as the man's knees were about to hit the floor, the lad bit her arm.


Since it was a rather deep bite, she instinctively shoved the boy away.

"Ping An!"

Pei Ge, whose attention had always been on the boy, moved to catch him when she saw him being shoved to the floor.

However, she seemed to have forgotten that there was a distance between her and the boy, so even if she rushed forward now, it would be useless.

It was impossible for her to catch him.

"Ping An!"

Her heart stopped beating when she saw him fall to the floor.

However, very soon, she saw that nothing happened to her son.

Taken aback, only then did she sense the presence of a familiar person.

"Qu Jingwan?! What are you doing here?!"

She did not dare to believe her eyes, unable to fathom why this lady was also here.

"I've always been here; you two just didn't notice me."

The young missy only felt helpless when this couple finally noticed her.

Pei Ge was even more shocked to hear her words.

This lady had been here all along? Why did she not notice it?

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is really a touching scene!"

Qiao Jingyun had finally returned to her senses, and when she saw that Ji Chi was being cushioned by the young missy, she smirked.

She took her gun and aimed it at the boy sans any hesitation.

"What a pity; this unhelpful ingrate actually dared to bite me! Looks like if I don't take him down a notch, he won't know what I am capable of."


Upon seeing her aiming a gun at the boy, Pei Ge dashed to him without hesitation!


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