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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1387 Successful Rescue of Ping An

Upon seeing her aiming a gun at the boy, Pei Ge dashed to him without hesitation!

Nevertheless, no matter how fast she was, she was unable to outmatch the gun in Qiao Jingyun's hand!

Bang! A loud gunshot echoed about.

Followed by two moans.

At that very moment, she felt that her world had turned dark and she almost fainted on the floor.

If Ji Ziming had not carried her by the waist, she would have fallen hard on the ground!

"Ping An! Ping An! My Ping An!"

The moment she returned to her senses, she started screaming as if her heart had been torn apart.

It sounded so vulnerable and helpless…

She pushed the man away and stood up, yet he kept his tight grip on her.

"Pei Ge, calm down!"

"That's my son! How do you expect me to calm down?!"

Seeing how agitated she was being, he could only wrap her in his embrace.

"Be good; listen to me. Our son is alright. Everything has ended."

The man softly told her this. He sounded so gentle and his eyes appeared so doting. At the same time, she began to calm down.

Only then did she realize that the boy was being hugged protectively by Qu Jingwan, whose shoulder had obvious bloodstains.

Meanwhile, god knew when Qiao Jingyun had been hit by a bullet. Her wrist sported a bloody wound, and her gun was now on the floor. Under agonizing pain, the woman, too, lay on the floor, paralyzed.

What on earth actually happened?

She was dumbfounded to see such a scene; she did not understand how the tables had turned without her noticing it.

The man sensed her confusion and shot a glance at the woman on the floor before coldly saying, "A sniper under my command has long been in place."

In response to this, she turned around and saw a figure by the window of the building across.

She could not be bothered with those people, though.

Her son was the most important thing in her mind!

Without any hesitation, she extricated herself from his arms and ran toward Qu Jingwan and Ji Chi.

Ji Ziming pursed his lips when the woman pushed him away again. However, very soon, he shifted his gaze onto Qiao Jingyun once more.

This woman…

Lifting his feet, he walked over to her.

"Ping An! Ping An!"

Pei Ge ran to the young missy and bent over to look at her son.

For some reason, although Qu Jingwan had fainted from the pain, she did not let go of her son and continued hugging him.

It was as though she were the boy's mother.

"Ping An!"

Seeing that she could not get her son out of her embrace no matter how she tugged and that she would end up hurting her son if she were to force it, Pei Ge stopped her actions.

She said gently while staring at the boy who was in the lady's embrace, "Ping An, Ping An, are you alright?"

"Mommy, my head hurts a lot…"


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