Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1391 Why does my son not recognize me?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1391 Why does my son not recognize me?

"Who are you? You aren't my mother…"

Under the warm sunbeams, this child's gaze was so… cold.

Although his amber and clear eyes were on her, they were full of apathy and alienation.

"Ping An? W-What are you saying?"

It took Pei Ge some time to find her voice. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

It was as though her heart, which had been thumping excitedly and happily from his awakening, was now cast with a dark veil.

Her mood instantly plummeted.

"Where is my mommy?"

Ji Chi cocked his head at her in estrangement, seemingly not knowing her at all.

She felt her heart stop for a moment at this.

Her mind then… turned blank.

What's happening? Why is my child saying… that he doesn't know me?

"Little brother, what's happening? Our mommy is your mother! Are you feeling confused from long sleep?"

Ran Ran was also a bit confused on why he was saying such a thing the moment he woke up. Perplexity colored her cute and exquisite features.

In contrast, An An was calmer and more subdued.

Although his eyes were also full of confusion, there was more calmness in them.

"Ji Chi, what are you saying? You really don't recognize our mommy anymore?"

The boy slowly turned his head to look at the two kids when he heard their voices.

"And who are you guys?"

The girl exclaimed in shock, "We're doomed! Little brother must've hit his head! There must be something wrong with his head, so he doesn't recognize us anymore!"

Pei Ge finally regained her senses when she heard this.

The boy's face was pale and his clear eyes were full of cautiousness and guardedness. Although she felt her heart break a little that her son could not recognize her, she was still glad that he was finally awake.

The important thing now was to have the doctor take a gander at this child!

"Guys, stay here and keep Ping An company. Mommy will go call the doctor."

She could have actually directly pressed the button in this VIP ward, and there was no need for her to go out at all, yet her heart was in shambles from looking at this boy, who regarded her with estrangement.

She felt so awful that she wanted to cry.

Holding back her tears, she left the ward. The moment she closed the door behind her, she powerlessly leaned against the icy-cold wall.

The frigidness seemed to have seeped into her back and made its way to her heart.

After a long time, she recovered some of her vigor and went to call the doctor.

Along the way, she gave Ji Ziming a call.

"Weird. Your son didn't hurt his head, and he has no concussion at all. Logically speaking, this shouldn't have happened…"

The doctor gave Ji Chi a thorough checkup and displayed a look of confusion.

"Then, why does my son not recognize me, his older brother, and younger sister now?"

This was too strange!


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