Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1392 I am not called Ping An, nor am I your little brother.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1392 I am not called Ping An, nor am I your little brother.

"Then, why does my son not recognize me, his older brother, and younger sister now?"

Pei Ge's heart was filled with worry. She also felt awful, especially when her son's eyes showed wariness.

"Miss, don't worry. Your son didn't suffer a head trauma, so his amnesia should recover soon."

After performing another thorough check onto the child and still not finding anything wrong with him, the doctor could only say that.

The doctor was forced to swallow back his words in the next instant, though.

As she called, Ji Ziming abandoned everything on hand to rush over.

He heard about his son's amnesia the moment he came into the ward, but before he could voice his opinion on the issue, he was interrupted by a child's voice.

"Daddy, why are you only here now?!"

The boy, who was guarded against everyone, smiled happily yet aggrievedly the moment he saw his father.

Pei Ge and the doctor were stunned when they heard his excited squeal.

After all, the doctor had just declared a second ago that Ji Chi had amnesia. How could someone with amnesia remember his father, then?

Logically speaking, someone amnesiac should have forgotten everything, should that person not?

"What on earth is going on?"

She turned to look at the doctor.

The latter did not know what to say in the face of her blatant cynicism.

In the first place, since the child did not suffer any trauma to his head, he should not have even fallen unconscious.

However, the medical field was too profound and deep. The brain, especially, was a complex and mysterious organ.

Hence, one could not say with a hundred-percent certainty that the child would not get amnesia just because he did not suffer a blow in the head.

After all, what he had experienced was so frightening; he might have chosen to forget that memory because of fear.

"Daddy, I'm so scared! How could you leave me alone in a hospital?"

Ji Chi seemed to have come alive the moment he saw his father; it was as though his backer had arrived.

"Ping An… you recognize your father but don't recognize me?"

Pei Ge could not help but softly ask the child.

Standing beside her, Ran Ran also pouted.

"Same for my older brother and me!" The girl glared at him. "Little brother, how could you forget us?"

The boy was slightly taken aback when he saw the three pairs of eyes shining with complaint but quickly recovered from it.

"I'm not called Ping An, nor am I your little brother. I'm Ji Chi!"

His young and handsome face was filled with estrangement, causing the girl to start wailing at once.

"Waaahh! Wu wu wu! Little brother doesn't recognize me anymore! Wu wu…"

The entire ward was instantly filled with a heartrending wail.

Pei Ge hurriedly picked up her daughter and started comforting her.

After finally pacifying her daughter, she proceeded to discuss the boy's condition with his father and the doctor.

"Sir, ma'am, it seems to me that your son received a huge fright from his earlier ordeal, resulting in him… acquiring selective amnesia."


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