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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1400 Let him get to know us again.

October. Even though it was almost autumn, the temperature in the capital was still hot and dry.

The weather was similar to Pei Ge's feelings—hot and dry to the point of making her feel depressed and angry.

Even if the aircon was on full blast in the sedan car, her heart remained as hot and dry as the weather out of her frustration.

"Mommy, why does little brother not remember us anymore?"

Ran Ran's eyes were so red and swollen that she looked like the most pitiful thing in the world as she stared at her mother. Her voice was also a bit hoarse.

"He's just sick. He'll soon remember us."

The woman rubbed her daughter's head as she softly explained it to her.

However, although she had a gentle smile on her face, her bright eyes were full of sorrow.

"Mommy, don't be sad. Little brother only can't remember us temporarily. I believe that he'll soon recover."

Little An An held her hand gently and consolingly.


She forced herself to smile. Still, she felt very powerless inside.

Originally, the woman thought that it was fortunate to recover the child she had lost; now…

This fortunate event turned into a dismal situation.

Earlier, when she heard her child calling another woman 'mommy', she had nearly fainted.

That was her child…

"Mommy, don't be sad anymore. Even if he doesn't remember you anymore, you still have me and big brother!"

The girl, who had just been feeling down, noticed her sad look, quickly wiped her tears away, and tightly held her mother's hand consolingly.

Seeing how worried her children were for her that they were even consoling her, she slowly regained her composure.

"Yes, mommy knows. Mommy knows…"

She hugged both kids and gently planted a kiss on their forehead.

"You two needn't worry about me. I just haven't really accepted it; I'll be fine soon."

What of Ping An not recognizing me?

As the doctor said, he's still young. Since he doesn't remember me, I can just create new memories between us. It will be fine like that.

Thinking up to this, her heart slowly regained its tranquility as a light smile shone in her eyes while gazing at her children.

"An An, Ran Ran, although your brother doesn't recognize us anymore, we still can't give up. From tomorrow onward, we will get him to know us again, okay?"

The two paused for a moment when they heard that, blinking their large eyes as they gazed back at her.

"Mommy, are we gonna befriend little brother?"

"Yes, he's sick right now. Since he doesn't remember us, it's fine if we let him get to know us again."

This was not only useful to herself but to the two children, too.

The moment she said it, both kids' eyes lit up.


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