Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1402 She detests her as much as she liked her in the past.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1402 She detests her as much as she liked her in the past.

"No, mom; I believe that Ji Chi is truly under hypnosis."

His grave expression caused both his parents to frown.

They were starting to believe him now.

Still, they found this rather ridiculous.

"Did you perhaps make a mistake? How could our grandson possibly be hypnotized?"

His mother hesitated for a moment before asking.

After all, what were the chances of that young boy being hypnotized?

"He might've been hypnotized while he was under Qiao Jingyun's captivity."

He calmly conveyed his theory.


Of course, his parents were disturbed when they heard that name.

"How did that happen?! Was our grandson truly put under hypnosis by that woman?"

"Why would she do that?"

Immediately after they asked this, Pei Ge's image appeared in their heads.

They got it at once.

The reason was simple. That woman had a backup plan in the case that she failed to kill the person she detested and lost her life in the process.

…So she had such an idea!

"She's truly too wicked! How could she be that vicious? Our family never did anything untoward to her; in fact, we treated her like family before!"

At this point, Madam Ji was boiling in rage.

As that woman was her son's benefactor, they had treated her whole family very well, yet who knew that they were raising ingrates, instead?!

"Then, now that our grandson is under hypnosis, is he in any danger? Since you've learned about this, why did you still bring him home?"

She was restless upon hearing that that woman had done something to her precious grandson, afraid that the latter had done something else to the child.

"The top psychologists at that hospital weren't present, so I brought him back in case he came up with another trouble for me," calmly reasoned Ji Ziming.

His nonchalant attitude regarding his son's sickness upset the older woman.

"What trouble could he make when he's just a child?! I think you just don't want to see him clinging to Jingwan and making your beloved woman sad!"

Quickly seeing through her son's thoughts, and her impression of Pei Ge fell another notch as a result.

She now detested her as much as she liked her in the past.

"Mom, I plan to bring Ji Chi overseas for treatment in a few days' time."

A normal psychologist would likely be unable to treat him based on his current condition.

He truly wanted to cure his son of his sickness fast, or else he would be unable to marry his beloved woman.

He would also have to see his wife's disheartened look every day.

"Go overseas? No way! Our grandson's health is still not okay! I won't let you abuse him like this!"


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