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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1409 Remember your place.

"Ziming, go call Miss Qu over. Ping An will calm down and go back to sleep only if she is here."

Pei Ge felt herself collapsing inside after saying that.

Only she herself knew how terrible she felt.

As a mother, she was totally helpless and hopeless about the fact that she had to leave her child to another woman, regardless of the circumstances.

"Pei Ge…"

The man frowned at this.

"Don't say anything more. Quickly invite her over. I can't watch…" She turned to look at Ji Chi and held back her tears as she forced words out of her mouth. "I can't watch our child suffer like this…"

It's fine, Pei Ge. Your son is only sick. He'll get better for sure eventually. He'll get better… Now, don't do anything to agitate him further…

In the end, they contacted Qu Jingwan.

Although it was clearly late into the night, the young lady still came over at a moment's notice.

Her eyes flashed with complexity as she looked at the brightly lit house.

Pei Ge was regarding her with the same gaze.

This lady was about to take her position in front of her son, so how could she not mind it?

"Thank you for coming over despite it being this late already."

She smiled at her, giving the other a deep look.

This open gambit made the young lady pause before she revealed a gentle smile.

"It's fine. Although I have yet to marry into the Ji family, I am still Baby's soon-to-be mother."

This remark successfully made her face turn ugly.

The other's lips curled up at the sight before she continued speaking. "I see the boy as my child, so rest assured; I'll definitely take good care of him."

While the two were confronting each other, a sudden frigid voice knocked the prideful lady down a peg with the following words: "Oh, it's a pity that Ji Chi isn't your son and my family has nothing to do with you—not now and never in the future."

"Ji Ziming…"

As expected, when this missy turned around, she saw the man walking to Pei Ge's side with a cold expression.

The man was clearly exuding a frigid aura, yet when he reached his woman's side, he was like a warm spring as he pulled her into his embrace.

"Qu Jingwan, please remember your place. You are at most only equivalent to the nanny our family hired."

His gaze remained cold. His arrogant demeanor was akin to a deity, who was unruffled by the trivialities of the secular realm, looking at mere ants and mole crickets beneath his notice.

It was as though a look would stain his eyes.

"You're going too far with your words!"

This made this missy quite unhappy, and she angrily glared at him for his ridicule of her.

Disregarding that she did not like this man, even if she did, she would still not let him speak as thus of her!

"Is that so? If you think that I'm going too far with my words, you can always take your leave."

He coldly snorted before cocking an eyebrow.



Pei Ge felt really touched at his act of protecting her, but when she thought of her son…


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