Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1412 You are my wife; what is there to be shy about?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1412 You are my wife; what is there to be shy about?


Ji Ziming coughed and touched his nose awkwardly.

"I don't know, either."

The man truly did not know that that lady had her room in his family's villa, so he was equally shocked to learn about it.

"You don't know? Isn't this your family's house? How come you don't know?"

Pei Ge did not let him off and even scoffed at his denial.

"This is indeed my house, but I don't stay here usually. Ever since you came back, I've been staying with you…"

As he gave that answer, his arms wrapped around her waist tightly.

"Who's been staying with you? Stop spreading rumors."

Sensing the breathing by her neck, the woman flushed out of embarrassment but did not push the man away.

"We haven't been staying together?"

The man curled the corner of his lips and placed his chin gently on her head, saying, "Then, from now onward, let's stay together. We'll give our three kids a happy family."

Pei Ge lightly pursed her lips at his words. She, too, wanted to marry and officially live with him, but given Ping An's present condition, it was not suitable for them to stay together.

"Ziming, I really want to, but our son…"

She hesitated and looked at the man.

"Don't worry about him. Our child will eventually recover his memory."

Lowering his head, the man gently planted a kiss on each of her eyes.

Right now, he really wanted to trap this little woman by his side and not allow her to see or care about anyone else.

Her eyes should only have him.

His love was only for this woman alone, but her love was also shared by their children.

"No, given how our son is, if we get married now, there may be some complications."

Pei Ge frowned slightly and voiced out her concerns. "Qiao Jingyun always had tricks up her sleeves. If she really did put our son under hypnosis… perhaps she also gave some metal suggestions, such as if we get married, then our son… must inflict self-harm."

In the end, she could not bring herself to say that the boy might commit suicide.

That was because she was overly concerned about that long-lost son of hers.

Even if it was a conjecture that meant death, she still found it hard to say.

"…Alright, I get it. Next week, I'll bring him overseas for therapy."

She nodded. "But we'll have to see his health recovering first."

"Alright, alright. Let's not talk about it now." As he said this, he picked her up by the waist before she could protest.

"How long do you think we haven't gotten together properly?"

The woman flushed once she figured out what he meant.

"Ziming, let me down first."

She gently hit his chest. "How embarrassing it is if someone sees us."

Although it was in the wee hours of the morning, she still had some reservations.

"You're my 'wife'; what's there to be shy about?"


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