Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1415 Strive on; everything will get better.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1415 Strive on; everything will get better.

By the time the two finished preparing breakfast in their romantic bubble, the elderly Ji couple was already awake.

They instructed the helpers to serve breakfast on the dining table as everyone got seated at the dining room to eat.

"Ziming, I heard that you had cooked this food?"

The man's mother was surprised to see him cooking for the first time. If she did not know that the helpers would not lie to her, she would not believe it.

In contrast to her surprise, her husband was upset.

He believed that men should not be found near the kitchen, but this son of his was getting increasingly disobedient.

"Yes, but most are still prepared by Pei Ge."

He nodded slightly as he shot his woman a glance, only to realize that her eyes were fixated on Ji Chi.

Seeing the boy sitting close to Qu Jingwan, just like a pair of mother and son, Pei Ge sighed softly and served him the breakfast she had specially prepared for him.

However, when she just got to his side, the latter stared at her warily.

"Bad woman, don't you come near me!"

When she was only a few steps away from him, he yelled at her in distaste.

An An and Ran Ran were slightly unhappy to hear their brother shout at their mother.

They were immature children to begin with and had witnessed how sad their mother was over the boy these few days.

"My mommy isn't a bad woman! Little brother, if you continue acting like this, Ran Ran won't like you anymore!"

The girl pouted. It was the first time she had said something harsh to him.

Words like 'I don't like you anymore' and 'I don't want to play with you anymore' were harsh in the children's world.

Ji Chi pouted his lips slightly at the girl, but when he got threatened by her, he stopped saying anything overboard.

"Ping An, this is your favorite red-bean paste rolls and shrimp rice balls."

As she said that, Pei Ge placed the food in front of him.

He secretly gulped when he saw the delicious-looking food in front of him.

Maybe it was because she was the one who made him breakfast, he did not pick up his chopsticks regardless of how tempted he was.

"Baby, if you feel like eating, just eat."

He only picked up his fork to eat the food when Qu Jingwan said that.

The boy's mother could feel her heart breaking upon witnessing this exchange, but given her tenacious mentality, she did not show signs of it on her face.

Seeing the boy eating his food with gusto, a smile appeared on her face.

Even if her son was under hypnosis at the moment, some of his habits and likes remained the same.

Although he could not remember her, she believed that her child would do so eventually.

"Mommy, you're biased! You only prepared breakfast for little brother but didn't for us."

"I prepared food for you, too."

"Really? I thought mommy had forgotten about us!"

"How could I? How could I forget about you both?"

Seeing the mother-child trio's affectionate interaction, Madam Ji frowned. They're all my family's children.

If this woman and her son were not together, then this child…


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