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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1417 Staying in Ji Mansion Together

"For the sake of my grandson's health, please make my son let Jingwan live in our house to take care of Baby."


Pei Ge remained silent for a moment before nodding grudgingly as tears welled up in her eyes.

Upon receiving her agreement, Madam Ji hugged her happily as she thanked her profusely. "Thank you; thank you."

This 'thank you' sounded exceptionally ear-piercing to her. Which mother who loved her child would want a rival for her kid's love?

Her eyes reddened as she stopped outside Ji Ziming's room. She was hesitant to enter his room, not knowing how to open up about this matter to the man, but he seemed to have sensed her presence outside, for he came out himself.

"Why don't you come in since you're here?"

He knew that it was her just by looking at the shadow outside.

"I… I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" He sat on the sofa and looked at his woman, warmth flooding his chilly eyes.

"Let Qu Jingwan stay here."


His eyes got chillier and the temperature dropped as he gave off a stifling vibe.

"There's no room to negotiate?" She looked anxiously at him. If it were usual times, she would not agree to letting that lady stay here, but right now, for the sake of Ji Chi, such a sacrifice was nothing to her as a mother.

"No." He turned the seat around with his back facing her. "I won't let her stay here."

"Ziming, I'm the mother of the child involved here; do you think I wanna let her stay, either? I don't! I don't at all, but do you know what the doctor's diagnosis was?" Her heart squeezed at the sight of his back facing her.

"The doctor said that Ping An can't be stressed out and shouldn't cry anymore, or else his eyes might…" She choked. "Only she can make him happy. For the sake of your son and me, just let her stay."

"…" He fell silent at her words. Turning his head around, he saw the tears in his woman's eyes and his heart hurt.

He walked to her side and gently wiped the crystalline tears on her cheeks. "Let her stay then."


Pei Ge walked down the stairs and saw Ji Chi and her two other children playing with wooden blocks on the carpet. Her heart wavered. If Qu Jingwan stayed, she would want to stay as well. If she dared to treat her son badly, at least she could protect him.

At a shopping center later.

Qu Jingwan was holding an expensive bottle of skincare product while talking on the phone.

"Mom, don't worry; not only can I stay in the Ji mansion, I can also marry into the family."

"I'm shopping at a mall right now."

"How could I only shop for myself? Of course, I've bought things for everyone in the family, too."

"Alright, mom. I know about all that. I will 'take good care' of Baby and won't let him remember all his life…"

She ended the call and broke into a smile.

She looked at the respectful shop assistants beside her.

Shaking the bottle of skincare product in her hand, she spoke calmly. "Besides this, wrap everything else for me."

"A-Alright." After looking at the item in her hand, these few shop assistants began to pack all the skincare products that this customer wanted.

They carefully wrapped the item while thinking, This missy has never spent money like this. It seems that what she said on the phone is true. She's really marrying into that famous Ji family.

If she truly marries into that family, she can buy all the things she wants, and even if she buys all the luxury stuff in the capital, it won't be a big deal.

When Ji Ziming went downstairs, he saw his mother sitting on a sofa not far from the three children playing.

"Mom, I want to talk to you about something." He walked to a window, which was slightly far from his kids, and looked at his mother, who had gotten off the sofa and was now walking toward him.

"I agree to letting Qu Jingwan stay."

"Really?" The older woman was smiling now. She knew that getting Pei Ge to talk to her son was the best decision.

"But… Pei Ge will stay here, too."

What? Her smile froze, and after processing the thought in her head, she appeared unhappy. "Why are you keeping her here? Do you want Baby to cry whenever he sees her?"

"She's his real mother. Why will a mother want to see unhappiness befall on her son." He frowned, detesting his mother's mentality.

"Wait till Jingwan comes and she'll no longer be needed here."

"Your grandson loves her cooking."

"It's just a few dishes, and I can make them, too." She continued to refuse.

"From what I heard, though, my son doesn't like your cooking."

"Then… let her stay." The corners of her lips twitched. Alright. That is indeed irrefutable.

"Hmph!" She snorted and turned away unhappily, seemingly not wanting to mind him further.

She had intended to chase Pei Ge out of this house, but in the end, she ended up letting that woman live, too. She can stay, provided that she doesn't upset my grandson; if so, I'll kick her out.

When Ji Ziming entered the kitchen, he was attracted to the fragrance there.

"What are you making?"

"Nutritious porridge for children." His woman looked up at him and smiled.

"Oh." He entered the kitchen fully, thinking that her smile was really beautiful.

"What's this orange thing?" He pointed at the minced content of a bowl.

"That's a carrot. The children can eat this to gain vitamins."


He looked curiously at the woman, who was adeptly chopping a potato, completely unaware that her culinary skills had improved.

"Is this for us?"

"No, this is for Ping An." The woman did not see his frozen expression. After cutting a potato, she took another one from a basket.

"Don't we have caretakers? Why are you doing this yourself?" He tried his best not to reveal his jealousy in his voice.

"It's more sincere if I do it myself." Pei Ge smiled at him.

It was indeed sincere, but the sincerity was not meant for him.

"Let's go to your apartment to move your things here after eating." Ji Ziming observed the kitchen.


Even if she knew her presence would generate dislike from the other people living in this house, for the sake of her son…


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