Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1424 Ji Ziming“s Explosion of Jealousy
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1424 Ji Ziming“s Explosion of Jealousy

Seeing how Pei Ge kept ingratiating herself by putting vegetables into his son's bowl, the man's eyes turned a notch colder. His chopsticks then reached out toward the plate at a faster rate.

The woman noticed that he kept reaching for more cucumber despite still having some in his bowl.

"You haven't finished the ones in your bowl yet." She softly reminded him.

"Mhm." He did not raise his head but only quickened his actions further with a nonchalant look.

"Daddy, you are finishing all the vegetables." Ran Ran unhappily pouted.

"Hm?" The man narrowed his obsidian eyes, which gazed at the plate of cucumber before shifting onto Ji Chi.

Feeling his father's gaze on him, the boy hurriedly gulped down the porridge in his bowl, put down his utensils, and ran upstairs.

"Aiyo! Baby, slow down. Are you full already?" Seeing how the child was akin to a rat spotting a mouse and not daring to look straight at his father, Madam Ji turned to look at the culprit. "Ziming, you will scare your son like that."

"It's best if he is scared." He raised an eyebrow and slowed down his speed of eating.

"Hey! That's one of your kids!" Seeing his attitude toward the boy, her mother started grumbling. "Baby is so timid. I won't let you off if you continue scaring him."

"Alright." It's best to scare him, so that my woman's cooking will be all mine, and she'll only have me in her sight.

"What 'alright'? If you truly scare him, I will…" His elderly mother was at a loss for words as she did not know what to say next.

"He won't. Ziming won't." Qu Jingwan put down her utensils and looked at the older woman with a gentle and pretty smile before addressing the man. "Am I right?"

He deigned to look at her, yet his gaze turned colder and darker, such that one could not see his emotions from them. "Who knows."

"Daddy, try this pork rib. Mommy made it so deliciously." The girl picked up a chunk of pork rib and put it on her father's plate. While she did so, she cutely leaned against him and nearly fell down from her chair; luckily, her father managed to catch her.

"Be careful." He reminded her concernedly.

"Did you hit yourself anywhere? Let mommy take a look." Her mother hurriedly pulled out the chair from under her and checked her for any wounds or scratches.

"Nope. Daddy caught me well." She blinked her large eyes at her mother and gave her a sweet smile. "Mommy, I am fine."

"Alright. It's good that you're fine." Pei Ge gave the man a grateful smile. This caused Qu Jingwan to tighten her grip on her chopsticks. Even if she did not love him, she was still this family's young mistress in name.

"It's alright." His voice remained cool as he focused his obsidian eyes on his woman. "My bowl is empty."

Only did the woman notice that his bowl no longer had any rice. "I'll go get you more rice."

"No need; I'll get it for him."

"Oh, okay."

She did not reject the missy's solicitous offer. They still had many days ahead and the story in this house had merely just started.

"Ziming, do you want a full bowl or half a bowl?" Qu Jingwan held the empty bowl while eyeing the rice cooker. She did not know the size of his appetite as she had not been here for long.

"I'm done eating." He coldly replied to her after finishing the pork rib his daughter had placed on his plate.

"You just…" She frowned. Having kind-heartedly decided to serve him, not only did he give her the cold shoulder, he did not even put her in his eyes.

"I don't feel like eating anymore." His gaze remained on his beloved woman. "Come to my room at night. I have something to speak with you about."

"Oh." At the same time, Pei Ge was murmuring to herself, What does he want to do by telling me to go see him at night? Plus, he's even saying this at the dinner table. He's clearly trying to make me go head-to-head with his mother and Qu Jingwan.

"Mom, you guys continue; I am full already and will go up to rest." The man stood up, tugged the cuff of his sleeves straight, and headed to his room.

"Mhm." His mother answered in a low voice.

When Pei Ge entered his room that night, she realized that he had just showered and was sitting on the sofa while reading company documents in silk pajamas. "You're here?"

He said that without looking at his back when she pushed the door open.

"How did you know that it's me?"

"I caught your smell."

She quickly sniffed at herself yet did not smell anything other than the fragrance of food.

"Your nose is so sharp." She took a seat opposite him. Her beautiful and glistening eyes were akin to a constellation in the night sky.

"You are Little Chili, so of course you smell like chili pepper." His gaze remained on the document as he flipped another page over.

"You are the Little Chili."

Hng. Who describes people like that? If I am a chili pepper, then what is he? Chili seeds, that's what.

She softly chuckled as she thought of that.

"What are you laughing at?"

The man was now looking at her, unbeknown to her whence. His eyes, dark as black ink, stared at her, his thoughts unreadable in them.

"Nothing, nothing." She hurriedly waved it off. Who knew what would happen if she told him about it?

Ji Ziming suddenly pounced on her and pinched her chin with his right hand. His gaze, which was as sharp as an icicle, was enhanced by his cold aura.

"Say it!"

"Let go; you just hurt me." She quickly swatted his hand away and rubbed her chin. "My chin will go to waste if you exert a little more force."

"Then, what were you laughing at just then?"

"I wasn't laughing at anything."

"Are you going to say it?"

"Fine, fine, fine. I'll say it; I'll say it. Gosh." She rolled her eyes at him and pouted. "Didn't you say that I'm a chili pepper? I was just thinking that if I am that, then what are you?"

"Hmph!" It's like that, huh, and here I was wondering what it is.

"It's unimportant what I am." He sat back on the sofa and continued reading his documents.

"Yes, yes, yes. You are not important."


"What is wrong?"

"To you, I am very important."

"That is debatable." She stood up. Rather than wasting time here bantering with him, she would rather go back to play with her two, cute children. "If you asked me to come here for nothing, I'll go back to my room."

"Stop there."


He stood up and quickly pushed her onto the bed. "Why would there be nothing?"

His eyes were emitting a dangerous signal. The corner of his lips curled up evilly as he looked at her from above, "Isn't this that something?"

The woman before him was as enticing and attractive as the first time he met her. Her pink cheeks made him feel like pinching them. Wearing Chanel's new series of checkered dress, her slender legs were white and smooth, just like a rare delicacy, making him have an urge to get a taste of them.


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