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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1427 The Reversal at the Ending

"Pei Ge, you'd better be careful with what you say." With a look of displeasure and arrogance, Qu Jingwan stood up and looked down at her mockingly. "Our positions are different. I'm the fiancée of Ji Ziming—his future wife, which is acknowledged by this family."

"Oh, is that so? Why have I never known that he has such an unofficial wife like you?"

"Let me warn you: Don't go overboard."

"Who's the one going overboard? Don't you know it?"

"Enough, enough! What are you guys quarreling about? I can hear you guys from all the way upstairs." Madam Ji slowly walked down the stairs while holding the railings.

"Auntie, I wasn't quarreling with her. She's the one who's going overboard just over a little bird—"

"Alright, alright. Jingwan, bring Baby upstairs." The older woman patted her arms. "You taking care of him is the most important thing."

She obediently nodded her head, waving at the boy and moved to bring him upstairs.

"Who placed my vase here? What if it falls down?" With a sharp eye, the elderly woman quickly spotted the vase, which was hanging a third in the air. She quickly walked toward it, wanting to put it back in place, but before she could reach the cabinet, she slipped and fell onto the ground.

"Aiyo—my waist! Why is there water here?"

Pei Ge quickly moved over to help her up. She noticed that it was not water on the floor but actually oil!

Why is there oil here? There's quite some distance away from the kitchen to the living room, and the housekeepers couldn't have been this careless. Who could it be, then?

"Auntie, are you hurt anywhere?" Qu Jingwan pushed her aside and helped the older woman up, pretending to be troubled and worried. "Did you hurt your arm? Let's go to the hospital to have you checked."

"Aish… It hurts. Be slightly more careful," cried the older woman in pain.

"Let's go, auntie. I'll have the chauffeur send us to the hospital to take a look."

"Okay." Madam Ji painfully held her waist. The fall had almost cost her half her life.

The lady hurriedly called the driver over and helped the elderly madam out of the house. She had been plotting against Pei Ge but did not expect the older woman to fall for it, instead.

"Pei Ge, you'd better keep my vase well. I'll come find you if it ends up getting smashed."


She eyed Qu Jingwan, only to find the other avoiding her gaze.

Don't tell me that this is oil on the floor…

Impossible, impossible. What's her motive for doing this? Just to plot against me?

She shook her head. This scene was caught by Ji Ziming.

"What are you doing?" He yanked his tie. The stripe, gray tie billowed slightly from within his Cerruti suit following his actions.

"Auntie fell down and was just sent to the hospital by the chauffeur."

"When did that happen?"

"About half an hour ago."

"How did she fall?"

"There's a puddle oil here. Who knows who smeared it here and if it's on purpose?"

The man walked up to her, noticing that the oil smear was gone. "You cleaned it up?"

"Mhm. I was afraid that the children would fall down."

"Who could've done it?"

"That's hard to say."

"You have an answer inside?" He narrowed his eyes, which had become slightly colder, at the woman. Feeling uneasy under his gaze, she asked, "Are you suspecting me?"

"I'm suspecting your IQ."

This woman could never catch his main point, so it made him unable not to suspect what was in her brain.

"You!" His mocking made her forget that there was a vase behind her momentarily. Just as she prepared to turn around, her hand coincidentally bumped into the vase.

"Be careful!" Catching her waist in one hand, he also caught the Qing dynasty antique vase, which had almost dropped to the floor, with his other hand.

"Are you alright?" Their eyes met. The man held her skinny waist, which was so slender that it fit right into his palm.

"I'm fine." She eyed the vase in his other hand questioningly. "This vase?"

"It's my mom's dowry, so she cherishes it a lot, yet that doesn't keep her from placing it in the living room as decoration."

"Oh." She nodded.

He let go of her waist and placed the vase properly inside the cabinet before turning around. "You're suspecting Qu Jingwan, aren't you?"

"Huh?" She was surprised by his comprehension of it.

"What?" The coldness in the man's eyes was frightening. "Am I wrong?"

"But there isn't any evidence."

"If it's really her, she'll expose herself one day."

"True." She picked up the Gucci coat on the sofa and moved to go upstairs.

"Where are you going?" The man narrowed his eyes at her.

"Going upstairs to change. I got some oil on my jacket while helping auntie up," she answered.

"I'll bring you to buy new clothes tomorrow."

She turned to look at the man, who was just five meters away from her, in surprise. Bring me to buy new clothes? Did he perhaps take the wrong medicine?


"When have I lied to you?" He fired back at her.

"You've always been lying to me." Her voice was soft, but the man downstairs still heard her clearly.

"What did you say?" He squinted his eyes at her. His sharp gaze made her heart tremble in fear.

"Nothing, nothing. I'll go up first." She hurriedly found an excuse to leave, not wanting to stay here any longer.

When the chauffeur sent his mother and Qu Jingwan back, Ji Ziming was sitting in the living room, dealing with some paperwork. Seeing the lady helping his mother in, he cocked an eyebrow. "You're back?"

"Aiyo, my waist." The older woman complained loudly on purpose the moment she spotted her son, who had not moved from his place to help her.

"The doctor said that there isn't much problem with your waist; it's only a light sprain." He did not get up but merely said that aloud.

"How could you say that? It's not serious enough that I sprained my back?" The older woman unhappily grumbled about her son as she sat down on the sofa opposite him. She stared at her son, who was busy with his work and did not bother checking her condition.

"Your personal physician, Dr. Zhao, called to inform me that you only need two days' rest. It's not like you have anything to do at home, so your slight sprain will get better soon." He purposely put emphasis on the 'slight' word while eyeing Qu Jingwan from the corner of his eyes.

"You unfilial son! Your mom here is hurt and you're still laughing at my misfortune? I shouldn't have given birth to you!" His mother furiously rubbed her eyes, her expression turning warmer only when she faced the young lady next to her. "Jingwan is still better. You ran so many errands for me at the hospital."

"Didn't the specialists come out to take care of you after you called the hospital? Where's the need for her to run errands?"

"Things like collecting my report and getting me water—she took care of all those for me."

"Those're the work of the nurses. Since it's you at their hospital, they're just short of having all the specialists out to serve you."

"I don't wanna speak with you anymore. Let me tell you, son: You'd better thank her properly."

"Oh? Then, I truly must thank her properly."

Only did he deign to look up at the lady with his deep and dark eyes, though the look in them was akin to a wolf eyeing its prey for slaughter.


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