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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1432 The secret surfaces...

Qu Jingwan looked at her phone. The call was from her mother.

"Hello, mom; did something happen?"

"Can't I call even if there's nothing? This lass, you haven't called me to chat since you went to the Ji family. Tell me; how are things on your end? Are you doing okay there?"

"It's not that I don't want to call you; it's just that Pei Ge. I didn't expect her to be this hard to deal with. Not only does she get between me and Ziming, she's also using her children to fight for favor in front of him."

"I knew it; that woman isn't simple!"

"Isn't it? If not for her, I'd be married to Ziming now."

Madam Qu got upset when she heard that someone was getting in her daughter's way to happiness.

"That woman is so shameless!"

"Yes, mom; she's put me through a lot over here."

"That b*tch, how dare she make my precious suffer! I'll go visit you there one of these days to check how good that third party is."

"Mom you must help me." Qu Jingwan whined and sobbed over the phone. She told her mother about everything, including the vase incident.

"You have no idea. In order to set me up, she even put auntie Ji's most cherished vase somewhere unsafe for me to knock it over."

"That b*tch. Jingwan, listen to me; just treat her the same way that she treats you. Don't let her climb all over you, alright?"

"You're the only one who's nice to me."

"Silly lass, I'm you mother; I'll definitely think of your best interests. Mommy will vent your anger for anyone who bullies you and makes you unhappy."

"Thank you, mom."

"Sigh… You're just too kind for your own good. Okay, I'm going to teach you a trick."


"Doesn't Ji Chi think that you're his mother now? Just make use of that child and get as close to him as possible. Things like this can't be rushed. Just focus on improving your relationship with him and wait till he's more dependent on you. Ji Ziming's so busy, so he's bound to leave home at some point. When he's gone, and you have his son under your control, won't the Ji family be under your control?"

"Makes sense." She nodded. Her hands were no longer as shaky as they were earlier.

She took a deep breath and thought of her future happiness. She regained her confidence and was about to go find the boy when she heard a knock at her door.

"Jingwan, you've been in your room since you got back. Did something happen?"

Madam Ji knocked on the young lady's door. If the housekeeper had not told her, she would not have known that Qu Jingwan had been back for so long.

On the other end of the receiver, Madam Qu heard the disturbance. "Is it the man's mother?"

"Yes, mom. I'll talk to you later. I'm gonna go open the door for her now."

"Get in her good books first; you hear me? That way, you can have a foothold in the Ji family." Her mother reminded her.

"I know, mom; I'm hanging up." She whispered into the phone before hanging up.

"What are you doing in your room?" Madam Ji asked anxiously when she saw her open the door with red eyes. "Did Ziming bully you?"

The younger woman was stunned. Even though the man made her look bad in front of the sales assistants today, she did not cry over it.

"I-It's nothing. He didn't bully me." She tried to come up with an excuse.

Little did she know that her manner only confirmed the older woman's suspicion. It made the latter assume that she was trying to cover up for her son. "He must've bullied you. You don't have to cover up for him; I'll teach him a lesson once he gets back."

"Auntie, he really didn't bully me."

The more she explained, the more the older woman felt that she was trying to cover up for Ji Ziming, which caused her to like this young lady more.

The Qu family's villa.

"How are things on Jingwan's end?" Old lady Qu asked as she sat in her reclining chair where she read a book.

"En, my daughter just told me that Pei Ge is always getting in her way to the point of bullying her."

"Pei Ge?" The elderly woman raised her head as her gaze turned sharp. Her face had a rare sight of nervousness.

"That woman's truly hard to deal with."

"Yes, my daughter just called me. She told me about the times Pei Ge bullied her in the Ji family as she cried. Our Jingwan is our pride and joy, but now she's being bullied by a woman from who knows where. I can't take this lying down!" Madam Qu was angry, unaware of Old Qu's distant expression, as if reminiscing something.

"That woman needs to be disposed of soon. Something's bound to happen if we leave her by Jingwan's side."

The elderly woman narrowed her cloudy eyes, viciousness flashing across them.

The other nodded in agreement.

"I think so, too, but I haven't been able to come up with any good ideas. I just told my daughter to cling tight to Ji Ziming's mother and son as that's the only way she could increase her odds of winning."

"Yes, but the crux is still that man. He's our ultimate goal. As long as Jingwan marries him and gives birth to an heir for that family, then all their riches will be hers."

Old Qu raised her brow, her expression confident.

However, compared to her, the other did not feel that confident about it.

After all, Pei Ge and Ji Ziming's engagement was a big deal, and no matter what, she did give birth to three children for him.

Still, even though that was what she was thinking inside, she dared not counter her authoritative mother openly.

"Mom, that's not easy."

The elderly woman was unbothered by her pessimistic words.

"I know; let me think about this for a bit. We can't let Jingwan lose to Pei Ge, I must think of a way to deal with that woman. You should take care not to not mention this in front of your father. If he asks about it, just say that your daughter is doing well at the Ji family."

"Why? Dad dotes on his granddaughter so much. He may even put some pressure on the Ji family and help out my daughter."

Madam Qu looked confusedly at her mother. She could not understand why this matter had to be kept hush from her father.

"Just keep quiet about, and don't ask so many questions."


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