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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1437 A Family Trip

When Pei Ge appeared at the door, holding each child's hand, Qu Jingwan was in the bushes, a rose in hand as she plucked its petals. "Where are you guys going?"

"Does where we go have anything to do with you?" she snapped back.

"Of course, it does. Don't forget; I am Ji Ziming's fiancée."

"So what?" She smirked. "Good flowers need beauties as companions, or else they may end up like these petals on the floor—unsightly and defeated."

"You!" The other gritted her teeth, wanting to tear her apart just like what she had done to this rose in hand.

"A warning here: If you let me find out that you haven't been treating my son well, your ending will be like that rose." Pei Ge shot the other a sharp and cold gaze. I'll find out what game this missy is playing one of these days.

"Is that so? You can't stand it already?" Qu Jingwan threw aside what were the pathetic remains of the rose in her hand and walked to her side. Her lips were a bright-red hue, making her look like a bloodthirsty pixie.

"Do you know that I will be coming with you guys today?"

As expected, Pei Ge's expression made her smile deepen.


She did not expect to receive this reply from this woman after waiting for so long. So? So I am showing off to you!

"No one is stopping you. You can go wherever you want. It has nothing to do with me." The latter knew what the former was planning, so she refused to show her unhappiness outwardly.

"You!" Qu Jingwan seethed in anger as she watched the woman leave while her children's hands.

When the couple were discussing going on a trip, she happened to be standing outside Pei Ge's door. She could not help getting anxious when she heard that the two would be spending time alone. Hence, she told Madam Ji about it, and the latter insisted on her joining them as she took care of her grandson or her. The older woman told her to focus on staying by her son's side.

"Pei Ge, I'll make you disappear in this house fast."

Thus, when the man drove the Maserati out, she quickly got in it. "Ziming, auntie told us to go out on a trip to build our relationship."

He coldly peered at her, his whole person exuding a frigid aura. "Get off!"

"Listen to me: I am your fiancée."

"Don't make me repeat myself!"

His eyes narrowed at the woman, whom he had not spoken much to ever since she started living in his house.

She tried bringing up his mother but was frightened by his frigid gaze. Just as she unwillingly opened the door to get out, she was stopped by the man's mother, who was standing right outside it.

"Son, Jingwan is your fiancée; what's wrong with you bringing her out on a trip? If you don't bring her with you, then you'll be defying me. My back hasn't even recovered yet; are you trying to anger me to death now?"

"Mom!" Seeing how unreasonable his mother was being and how pretentiously shy this lady was acting while she sat in the passenger seat, he toyed with the idea of getting off the car and driving the black Rolls-Royce out of the garage.

"It's fine if she wants to come along. It's livelier with more people around." Pei Ge stood beside the car with her bag in hand, smirking coldly. "Miss Qu, have you brought everything you needed?"

"Yes, I brought everything." A light shone in the missy's eyes as she gave the other a look of disdain.

"Then, it's fine. Ziming, can we go now?"

"Mhm." The man nodded, coldly eyeing the other. "Miss Qu, during the road trip, do mind your safety."

"I will." She silently chuckled, feeling smug inside, and did not notice the emphasis he placed on the word 'safety' at all.

After Pei Ge got in the car and his mother left, the man stepped on the accelerator and drove out of the Ji family's estate.

Along the way, only the happy chatter of the two children in the backseat could be heard. The three adults were silent.

"Miss Qu, you've stayed at our house for quite some time."

"Yes." She was gleeful when the man took the initiative to speak to her.

"When are you going back home?"

"Hm?" She widened her eyes. So he's trying to chase me out of his house. I won't as long as I haven't married you yet. Plus, with your son, you won't even have the chance to make me leave the house.

"I am your fiancée." Her eyes twinkled, making her look pitiful.

"Ziming, how long more?" asked Pei Ge suddenly.

"There's still an hour." His voice turned warm and gentle, a drastic contrast from when he spoke to Qu Jingwan.

This made the lady ball up her fists tightly. You'll become my man sooner or later!

Two hours ago, she received a call from her maternal grandmother.

"Grandma, why are you calling me?" she asked curiously. Her maternal grandmother usually would not call her if it was not important.

"I just wanted to ask you how you're getting along with Pei Ge."

"Ji Chi is already treating me as his mother; he now wants to follow me wherever I go. He also gets scared whenever he sees that woman and is extremely repulsed by her touch."

"That's a good thing. What about you and Ji Ziming?"

"T-That…" She hesitated. "He seldom takes the initiative to talk to me."

"If he doesn't, can't you make the effort?" She could feel the anger of the elderly woman from the other end of the line.


"Enough. What have you guys been doing recently?"

"Those two are going on a trip this afternoon. I will be following them."

"Is that all you're going to do?"

"Yes. I will go over and disturb them."

"Stupid! Forget it; tell me where you guys are going and which hotel you all will be staying. I'll have someone bring some things over to you."

"What thing?" she asked curiously. She wanted to know what it was that could destroy those two's relationship.

"You'll know when the time comes. Send me the address of their hotel."

"Okay; I will send it to you now." After hanging up the call, she immediately sent details of the hotel that they would be staying tonight to her maternal grandmother. Still, even then, she did not know what methods her maternal grandmother would use to stop all these…

Everyone said that the elderly woman was such a powerful and skillful schemer in the past. Now, it seemed to make sense. After all, it was much easier for her to do some things.

At a hotel in K City, rows of employees stood ramrod straight at the lobby, awaiting Ji Ziming's arrival.

The moment he stopped the car outside, a man who seemed like the manager quickly walked up to his car and ingratiatingly opened the door for him. "It's truly an honor for us that our esteemed CEO is visiting this hotel of ours."


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