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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1438 Disturbance at the Front Lobby

"Get the luggage out, then park the car in the garage," coldly ordered Ji Ziming, ignoring the manager and only turning to open the door for his woman.

His handsome appearance and gentlemanly actions resulted in quite a few squeals from this hotel's female employees.

"This CEO is so handsome!"

"Yes! We've only ever seen him in magazines; now, we're finally seeing him in person!"

"That woman must be his wife, right? She looks so young and the dress she's wearing is the latest of Gucci."

"Anyway, she looks quite familiar."

"Did you guys notice? Those two kids are so cute!"

"Cough, cough." The female manager stood beside them and coughed loudly. "How dare you guys gossip about the CEO? Don't you want your jobs anymore?"

"No, no!" These female employees all shook their heads like a rattle-drum.

"Then, stand there properly and stop talking." She swept her eyes fiercely across them.

"Understood." They nodded, looking at the man with heart-shaped eyes.

"Sir, I'm the hall manager of this hotel, Xu Weitian." The man received the car keys from him and passed it to the valet, who then quickly took it and waited until the luggage had been unloaded before driving the car to the garage.

"Mhm, okay." His cold eyes darkened and became full of disgust as they shifted onto Qu Jingwan. "Manager Xu, arrange a separate room for Miss Qu."

The man looked at the lady in question. After interacting with many people of different statuses recently, he could tell that this woman was no easy person to deal with.

"Yes, sir; I'll go arrange it now." He nodded and bent on his waist while pointing to the hotel lobby, "Miss Qu, this way please."

"Ziming, aren't you coming with me?" The lady smiled, giving off an ambiguous air to onlookers.

"Go alone; I'll accompany my wife." He emphasized this last word and his lips curled upward. "You should follow the manager to check-in for a room."

"Okay." Despite flashing a smile, she could not help throwing Pei Ge a vicious glare.

"Then, I'll wait for you." With this said, she followed the manager into the hotel lobby. Her bright-red dress was exceptionally distinct among the black uniforms of the employees. Her smile and every action, especially, caught the eyes of the male employees.

"Who is this lady?"

"You don't know her?"

"Who? Who? She looks like a celebrity."

"The Qu family's eldest daughter."

"So it's her. No wonder."

Qu Jingwan walked into the hotel lobby, her high heels clacking loudly against the marble floor. "Manager Xu, I want my room to be next to Ji Ziming's."

"Miss Qu, this…"

"Is there a problem? This is the Ji family's hotel. Are the words of the CEO's fiancée useless against you?"

"No, that's not it. I didn't mean that." He hastened to deny it. The truth was that he had only obtained his position as the hall manager less than a month ago, and if he were to get fired because of this incident, he would definitely feel extremely wronged.

"Then, go ahead with it." The lady raised an eyebrow. The smile in her eyes made him feel goosebumps rising on his skin.

"Yes, I'll go handle it now." He waved at the front-desk receptionist. "Arrange for Miss Qu's room to be right next to the CEO's."

"But the CEO ordered—"

"This lady is the CEO's fiancée."


When the man led Pei Ge and his two children past the hotel lobby, Qu Jingwan was sitting on a sofa watching this hotel manager converse with the receptionist with a curious look.

"Why are you still here?" He squinted coldly at her. "I didn't inform the hotel to arrange a room for you before we came."

"I know that you're busy; I understand." Her reply made her sound very understanding. Despite this, her gaze on Pei Ge could not help becoming more vicious. The smile on her lips remained radiant.

"Pei Ge, are you free this afternoon? I heard that the latte in this hotel is good. It is imported from Germany and is grinded on the spot. It also contains vanilla and water derived from the first snow of the Alps mountain range. Do you want to try it?"

"No, thanks. I'm uninterested in coffee." The other woman rejected.

"If you're uninterested in coffee, then is Ran Ran interested in cakes?"

She placed her gaze on the girl, and as expected, she saw her eyes light up at the mention of cakes. "Mommy, let's go take a look."

"If my daughter wants to eat cake, daddy here can ask them to bring it to your room."

"Really?" innocently asked the girl with two pigtails on her head.

"Yes. I always tell the truth."


The lady watched this family interact, feeling as though she were an outsider with an ulterior motive.

"Miss Qu, thank you for your offer, but we will have to decline." Pei Ge smiled back at her.

"Forget it; since you don't want coffee, let's take it as if I didn't ask." She stood up, walked to the manager's side, and patted his shoulder. "Is my room ready?"

"Yes, yes. I'll lead you there now." Xu Weitian hurriedly turned and nodded at her. Spotting the family of four not too far away, he asked, "Sir, would you like me to lead you up, too?"

"No need. I know the room." Ji Ziming walked up to the front desk. "Give me the room keys."

"Yes, sir. This is your key, and this is the young master and young missus's room key."

The front-desk receptionist passed the keys to him. When her fingers accidentally grazed his, she quickly retracted her hands, trembling.

"Manager Xu, go bring Miss Qu to visit her room."

"Yes, sir." The manager nodded, seeing the family of four off.

"Ma'am, let's go." He told the lady beside him.

"Wait a bit. We'll go after them."

The lady fell into a deep thought as she watched the man leave. Her maternal grandmother had said that she would arrange things for her when she was leaving the Ji family, but what did she arrange? She had already sent the address to the elderly lady before she came here, but she had not received even a word from her.

"Ma'am, the CEO and his family have reached their room." Xu Weitian eyed the floor number displayed above the elevator and informed her of this.

"Ma'am?" He turned around, only to notice that she was not listening to him at all.

He reached out and waved his hand in front of her eyes. "Ma'am, are you all right?"

"Huh? What?" She returned to herself and asked when she noticed his look. "What is it? Let's go up now since they're gone."


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