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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1441 Let us have two more children.

Pei Ge felt exceptionally bored as she gazed at the crowd in the banquet hall.

She scanned the place for the man but did not see even a shadow of him, so she put down the wine glass in her hand and rejected those who tried to strike up a conversation with her. She took the elevator and headed back to the room to sleep.


She slotted the card and entered the room, which the man had reserved for her in advance. She dragged her tired body toward the bathroom.

Although the presidential suite's bathroom used translucent glass, the shadow in the bathroom could be outlined easily. However, since she was staying here alone, she did not mind it.


"So tiring…"

She closed her eyes. Her whole body relaxed as she felt the warm water cascading from the showerhead above her.

Out of the blue, Ji Ziming had the rooms changed, saying that he did not want their children disturbing them. She did not expect her beloved man to be so childish.

Still… where did that annoying fellow go?! He clearly told her that they would come back together…

It was totally outside her expectation that the man in question would be in the bedroom only separated from her by a glass…

Pei Ge…

Listening to the gushing water inside the bathroom, the man opened his eyes. What entered his sight was the mouthwatering curves of a certain alluring figure…

Looking at the familiar back, he was reminded of the scene when he first met this woman. He really missed how she had looked like a ripe peach with her flushed face after imbibing too much alcohol and how she had refused to let him go.

He could no longer control his body, which was practically boiling to the point of explosion by then.

Once she finished showering, she dried her hair and prepared to go to sleep. Right at that moment, she saw the man on her bed…

"Ziming! Since when did you retu—"

Her eyes widened at the man who was silently lying in her bed.

His whole body was flushed. This was when she noticed that something was off with the man.

However, before she could finish her question, the man lunged at her and pulled her toward the bed.

He then buried his head in her neck, saying in a low, enchanting voice, "Qu Jingwan drugged me. Pei Ge, I don't feel well."

"Drugged you? She actually drugged you?"

She stared at him in disbelief. Looking at his red face, his usual icy, handsome look was gone; all she could see was a man struggling to suppress his body's desire.

"Ziming, I…"

Pei Ge initially only wanted to find the man to inform him that their children had gone to sleep in their room after tiring themselves out from playing with their caretakers.

"Help me." He grabbed her fair, tender hands and placed them on his chest.

"I'll go prepare a cold shower for you." She broke free from his grasp and moved to fill the bathtub with cold water for him to soak in.

"Don't go." He pinned her onto the bed, and she could not move at all.

"Ziming, get off; let me go prepare the bath for you to calm down." Pei Ge was embarrassed, having not seen him behave like this.

"You're my woman; why are you so afraid?" Smelling the familiar fragrance, he could no longer hide his reaction.

"I-I… I'll go take a look at the kids." She tried pushing him away, but he did not even budge a bit.

"Don't leave." The man appeared to be in pain; truthfully, it was not easy for him to endure up to this point given that he had taken such potent drugs.


"Stay here, alright?"

"Are you really uncomfortable?"

"Mhm. I've been keeping it in for long, so please don't go, alright?"

She remained silent. He shot her exquisite collarbones a glance and placed a kiss on the skin. His libido could no longer be stopped.

Throughout the night, the man had tortured the woman to the point of forgetfulness. However, her embarrassment upon seeing the obvious hickeys on her neck made him torture her a few more times in bed.

The morning breeze sent the curtains fluttering about and brought warmth into the entire room. Pei Ge flipped around and saw the clouds, of varying shapes and sizes, in the sky which looked like flowers from afar.

"What are you thinking about?" Ji Ziming hugged her. He found her really cute and mesmerizing when she was lost in her thoughts.

"I'm looking at the clouds." Pei Ge pointed at the sky.

"Are they nice?"


"From what I think, they don't look as nice as you do."

Having said that, he planted a kiss on her lips and was reluctant to let go upon tasting her sweetness.

"Wu…" She did not expect him to still have energy left after torturing her all night.

After some time, the man finally asked in satisfaction, "How's it?"

"What 'how was it'?" She frowned, completely baffled by his question.

"I'm asking how last night was."

The corners of his lips curled just like the clouds in the sky. He stared at her with love overflowing in his eyes. "Why don't you ask what happened between me and Qu Jingwan last night?"

She showed a spiteful look. "I don't even have time to ask, much less to sleep, last night, alright?"

God knew who had tortured her through the night and had not even given her breathing space. How could she, therefore, ask him about that lady?

"The time isn't ripe yet for some matters. When the time is ripe, I will tell you naturally." The man sat up, and when he saw the red marks all over her neck, the aloofness in his eyes disappeared. "Was I too violent last night?"

"Glad you know; it hurts even now."

She pouted in complaint. "If you weren't drugged by that woman, I'd leave you to fend for yourself."

"Repeat it again." The man suddenly ducked under the blankets and trapped her in his strong arms.

"I… I didn't say anything." She was shocked by his action and dared not move arbitrarily in the blankets for fear of triggering him again.

"Ge Ge, thank god for you." Ji Ziming lay on her back, and the smooth skin made him kiss it a few times longingly. "Why don't we have another pair of An An and Ran Ran?"


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