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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1442 Another Trick by Old Qu

"Huh?" Pei Ge was shocked by the words of the person behind her.

She quickly turned around to look at Ji Ziming, whose beautiful features had recovered. Those deep-set eyes were staring at her with love which she had never seen before. "I don't want; the three children now are enough to keep me busy. Plus, Ping An still hasn't recovered…"

"You don't have to worry about all these. As long as you want, someone will look after them!"

The man kissed her forehead after he said that.

Her brows furrowed slightly at his words.


The moment she thought of Ji Chi's present condition, her heart would not be at ease.

"I want to bring the boy to America to see a doctor."

"When do you like to go?"

"I want it as soon as possible. It is upsetting to see the way he treats me now."

"You can't bring him away now; he's very reliant on Qu Jingwan."

"What do we do, then?"

"I'm here; don't be scared."

His deep, clear voice slowly alleviated her anxiety as she lay down in his arms quietly, enjoying the peace.

Meanwhile, the lady in question was in the room next to the man's and she did not have a peaceful sleep the whole night.

The drug, which influenced men, was even stronger on women.

She did not expect Pei Ge to disrupt her plans. She had clearly ordered Xu Weitian to keep the waiters at the banquet hall mum about her leaving right after Ji Ziming.

She calculated everything aside from the man not following the script and going somewhere else instead of where she had arranged it!

This missy sat on the bed, and after a torturous night, the makeup on her face was now smudged. She wanted to enjoy a night of bliss with him and make a lie into truth with the medicine. She planned everything, but little did she expect that she was merely drawing water with a sieve.

The phone on the blanket rang suddenly, and she picked it up, only to find that it was a call from her grandmother.

Jolted out of her thoughts of the man's cold and piercing gaze, she felt petrified but could not come up with a good excuse.

"Hello, grandma." She pressed the 'accept' button and Old Qu's elated voice came through.

"How's it? You must be awake now?"

"Grandma, I…."

On the other end, Li Meiyue's brows were deeply furrowed and her excitement was replaced by grimness. "You're stuttering. Could it be that nothing happened last night?"

Could that young man's endurance be so strong that he was not even tempted when faced with an alluring beauty?

"Grandma, nothing happened between us last night."


The elderly madam almost jumped out of her chair as she harshly screeched, "Nothing happened between you two?!"

"Right, that guy disappeared, and I couldn't find him…"

She narrowed her eyes and turned her gaze onto the distant goldfish tank. "So, the person who's with him last night wasn't you but Pei Ge."

"Hello, grandma; I let you down. Your granddaughter is useless." Qu Jingwan lowered her head and sniffed as she tried to shift Old Qu's attention to Pei Ge from her.

"Forget it; forget it. That woman isn't someone easy to deal with. Go pack your things now and return to the Ji mansion."

"But… I did those things to Ji Ziming last night. I-I'm afraid of him wanting to get back at me for everything; what do I do?"

"Listen to me: Return to his family's estate first. His mother won't do anything to you, but you must not make any more mistakes this time around. If you commit a mistake again, I can't let you marry into his family."

"Yes, grandma. I got it."

Old Qu carefully instructed her over the phone; Qu Jingwan only realized that they had spoken for more than an hour after hanging up.

Suddenly, she thought of her grandmother's statement about Pei Ge not being someone easy to deal with and became suspicious. Could her grandmother have learned of her situation in the Ji family or have known of that woman's existence long before?

Despite not knowing what the outcome would be, she was more inclined to pack and return to the Ji family's house after this fiasco instead of being driven out of it. She would cry to Madam Ji and narrate to her how the elderly woman's son and Pei Ge had acted lovey-dovey in front of her.

Just as she got out of bed, her phone rang again; it was a call from her cousin this time.

"Hello, cousin; what are you calling me for this early in the morning?"

Although it was hard to believe that Qu Qingyu would call her out of concern, she really wanted to listen to his voice at this moment. Last night, she was determined to make the lie into truth between her and Ji Ziming, and now, she did not have the courage to face her cousin.

"Are you awake yet?" Her cousin's voice indeed sounded alluring.

She curled her lips and spoke sweetly. "I'm awake now. How about you?"

"I heard from your mother that you and Ji Ziming are on a vacation; is that right? Where are you now? I want to see you."

Qu Qingyu played with the wine glass in his hand as he asked, "I miss you and want to see you right now."

"Really?" She gripped the blanket nervously but had to remain composed. "But I'm on my way back to the Ji family's house now. You don't have to come; I'll just go find you."

"You're returning to their house?" The guy on the other end sounded unhappy. "Why are you going back there now? Are you leaving Ji Ziming alone?"

His voice sounded vastly different from earlier, and this made Qu Jingwan suspect that she was talking to two different people.

"I… I'm returning for some urgent matters; you must believe me."

Pak! The sound of the wine glass shattering was heard from the other end. "If you want me to believe you, send me two million right now; that's the only way I'll believe you."

"Two million?!" She was shocked by the amount.

"Didn't you want me to believe you and say that you love me? In the end…"

"Cousin, I don't have that much; after all these years, you're still unwilling to give me a chance?"

Her heart ached. She had been loving him so much all these years, yet he was unwilling to even give her a chance.

Upon realizing that he sounded too harsh, Qu Qingyu shot a glance and signaled the waiter, who then tactfully left. "I'm just scaring you. I'm your cousin, and you're the one I love the most. How can I not believe you? I just feel uncomfortable when I heard that you and Ji Ziming are vacationing. I'm afraid of him bullying you. If he dares bully you, tell me and I promise to break his legs."

"You want to break his legs?"

"That's right; as long as he bullies you, cousin will take revenge for you."

"I'm afraid that even before you can get close to him, you'll be thrown into the Yangtze river to feed the fish by his bodyguards."

"What are you talking about? Did you just praise him and look down on me?"

"I miss you, too. I'll return to the Ji family's estate today and go look for you after, alright?"


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