Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1446 The Family Together, Surrounded by Loved Ones
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1446 The Family Together, Surrounded by Loved Ones

Ji Ziming was in defensive mode. Looking at the unconscious Pei Ge before him, he choked, "Drive faster; I want her to be treated fast."

"Yes, sir! Will quickly send ma'am to the hospital!"

"Alright." The driver floored the accelerator. It was as though the ambulance had grown a pair of wings as it sped on the road. "Sir, there's a light traffic congestion up ahead; we'll be delayed by a few minutes here."

The moment the man heard that, he whipped out his phone and called his assistant. "Change all the traffic lights in the city to red and restart after two minutes!"

On the other end of the line, a respectful voice replied, "Yes, boss."

"You can drive now; head to the hospital fast!" He lifted his head and told the driver this.

The driver dared not tarry and quickly drove the ambulance. They arrived at the hospital a minute later after driving through all the stationary cars.

"Quickly get someone to attend to this patient!" The physician on board the ambulance jumped off it and shouted at the hospital personnel waiting at the entrance. They quickly moved forward and pushed Pei Ge's gurney straight into the emergency room.

The doctor, who sported beads of perspiration on his forehead, stopped the man from entering the emergency room. "Sir, please wait here for a while."

Seeing that the woman was being ushered inside, he tugged at his tie; his voice was so hoarse that it no longer sounded clear. "I want you to make sure she recovers fully. If you're unable to do it, I'll make it impossible for you to stay in this field!" He grabbed the doctor's lapel and stared at him with eyes so red they seemed to be bleeding.

"S… Sir, I'll do my best!" The doctor was so petrified that he dared not say anything further. He quickly nodded and closed the door, catching a few breaths before performing operation on Pei Ge inside the emergency room to the utmost of his ability.

Standing outside the operating room, the anxiety was evident on the man's face. He kept thinking of the conversation he had with the woman.

'Ziming, has anyone ever told you that you are a good person?

'I love you a lot; do you know that?

'Let's travel—the five of us—once this is all over. I wanna go see the snow and stars.'

The times when she was deep in her sleep at night, lowering her head in pain, and the way she treated jerks… They were like scenes from a movie as they slowly played in his head on a loop. That person was currently lying in the operating room, unable to hear his voice or see his anxious look. She could not even sense his existence.

"Ge Ge, nothing must happen to you."

Ji Ziming lowered his head and saw the clean tiles reflecting his figure. The dark-grey silhouette looked just like the dust particles hiding in a corner and the bright lights in the operating room, putting him at the center of attention.

All of a sudden, the lights in the emergency room went off.

The doctor walked out and sought the man on a stool outside the operating room. He approached him and, with a nudge, said, "Sir, sir."

The man was pulled back from his reminiscing and looked up at the doctor inquiringly. "How is she?"

"Please be at ease; ma'am's life is no longer in danger. She suffered a mild concussion and is unconscious from it. I've given her medication, and she'll wake up soon."

Upon receiving a positive reply from the doctor, he heaved a sigh of relief. "That's great; when will she wake up?"

"In two or three hours."


Just as they were speaking, Pei Ge was wheeled out from the operating room by a nurse and brought to the VVIP ward in this hospital.

"Sir, sir, is ma'am all right now?" The aquarium's manager, Zhao Lei, came forward with two more female staff, who were carrying the man's children, and asked while panting, "…Little master and mistress wanted to come here; I had no choice but to bring them over."

The doctor looked at the two crying children and said, "Sir, I'll be off now."

"Alright. You may go." Ji Ziming nodded and squatted before his children to comfort them. "Mommy is all right now; don't cry. I'll bring you to see her in awhile."

Both kids nodded, and his daughter sniffed. "Mommy… where is she?"

"In a ward."

The doctor, who had walked past the two children and whose back was now facing the man, patted his chest in relief. "Thank goodness that this big boss's wife pulled through. If she didn't, my heart wouldn't be able to handle it with my old age."

In the VVIP ward, Ran Ran was frightened to see her mother unconscious and looking ashen in the face. She cupped her mouth with her hands and began sobbing. Her beautiful, big eyes were filled with tears. Her blurry vision was replaying the scene when her mother pushed her away and was knocked over by a car.

If she had not been standing out there in the open, the car might not have hit her mother.

She detested herself for causing her mother's accident.

"Wu…" Her soft cries attracted the attention of the man, who was giving instructions to three people at the door. His heart nearly broke when he looked inside the room and saw his daughter sitting by her mother's side and crying with her mouth covered.

"Do this for the time being and don't speak about what happened today. If there's nothing else, you can leave; remember to report to me at all times." His cold eyes were filled with the picture of the perpetrator. When he got hold of that person, he would check his background carefully and see how many people were after him and his woman.

"Yes, sir!" The trio at the door nodded and left.

Ji Ziming walked into the ward and carried his daughter. "If you continue crying, your mommy won't be able to sleep well. She likes you so much, but if you keep crying, she'll be unhappy once she wakes up."

"Will mommy still like me if I am this way?"

"Why won't she like you? Mommy likes you the most, so don't make her worry so much, alright? Wait two more hours, and your mommy will be awake then."

"Really?" The girl sat up straight and looked up at him. "Daddy, you're not lying, right?"

"Since when did I lie to you?"

"Then, I won't cry anymore; I'll wait for my mommy to wake up."

"Sister, haven't I told you long before not to cry? I asked the doctor, and he told me that mommy isn't in danger now. We just have to wait for her to wake up." An An, who was sitting at the other side of his mother, told his sister this.

"What if mommy couldn't wake up?"

"Ptooey! Ptooey! Ptooey!" He spat on the floor. "Impossible! We should trust the doctor."

"I'm still worried about our mommy." The girl frowned her beautiful brows; her face was flushed from having run all the way here. "Brother, I won't say anything further; I'll just wait for mommy to wake up."

"Come here and sit beside me." He waved his hand and his sister went to his side from their father's thighs. Ji Ziming's heart warmed when he saw the two children guarding their mother together.

All he wanted was such—their family together, surrounded by loved ones.

The man frowned when he thought of the person who had knocked over Pei Ge and fled. The chilliness in his eyes made the people around him shudder, but as both his children were preoccupied with their mother, they did not feel it all.


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