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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1448 The Truth Becoming More Blurry

"Look at what you're saying. Are you saying that I can't treat you to something nice when I'm not feeling well?" Qu Jingwan took out her wallet, removed several red notes, and placed them on the waiter's tray. "Give me a cup of Panama's Geisha coffee; it must be freshly ground."

"Have you made a fortune? You're actually drinking such an expensive coffee." Mu Jiaqian was taken aback by her extravagance. She was different from the friend she used to know. This lady would usually spend all her money to fill Qu Qingyu, that bottomless pit and would seldom let herself enjoy such luxury.

"I didn't make a fortune; it's nice to spoil myself occasionally."

The waiter looked at these two socialites. One was sexy and hot, while the other was innocent and alluring.

"Miss, if you want your coffee freshly ground, it will take some time. Will you be alright with waiting for a bit?"

He kept the hundred yuan notes in his pocket when nobody was watching.

Qu Jingwan smiled. "It's alright; we'll just wait."

"Alright. I'll be back with your order." He smiled in return and left with the tray.

"Quickly share with me how you're doing in Ji family? Is that man treating you well? I heard that he had moved back to the mansion, too. How is it now?"

"What how is it? Pei Ge is at odds with me for everything." She was angered the moment she spoke about that woman. She and Ji Ziming almost slept together if not for that woman; as a result, right now, she dared not meet him.

She almost lost all her confidence that night. She cleaned herself and got in his bed, but he shamed her through and through by disappearing on her. She would settle this score with that woman one of these days.

"What are you thinking about?" Seeing her friend being absentminded, Mu Jiaqian reached out and waved her hand in front of the other while frowning. "That woman made you so angry. You should've listened to me. I told you before that she isn't a good person; you can't be nice to her."

"Am I any worse than her? Why does Ji Ziming not like me?"

"What do you mean by 'worse'? You're clearly a thousand and ten thousand times better than her. That man not liking you is because he's blinded by that woman's seduction, but don't worry because you've still got me."

"Thank god for you. If not, I have no idea where I can vent out my grievances." Qu Jingwan held her best friend's hands in gratefulness. "So how are you and Mu Heng?"

"When you mentioned him, I'll have to talk about Pei Ge."

"What's wrong?" She was baffled by this. "Don't tell me those two are in touch again?"

"I'm unsure if they're in touch, but as I've said before, I've set my mind on that guy." The disdain for Pei Ge was all over her friend's face. "How could that sl*t vie with me? She's unsatisfied with what she has—are all men blind to like a woman like her?"

"Don't worry. Sooner or later, that playboy will realize that it's you who loves him the most and whom he should dote on."

"I feel that we can do something to that woman."

Both ladies had the same vicious glint in their eyes.

"You don't have to act; there's me," she suddenly said. "I've long thought of a way to deal with that woman, she and Ji Ziming aren't back yet, so I can't employ that plan. She'll be in for it once she's back."

"What is it? Tell me fast." Mu Jiaqian happily smiled as she tugged on her hand. "Tell me quickly; I wanna hear what your means is."

She told the other in a hushed voice about the method her grandmother had taught her. The conniving and vicious glint in her eyes complemented her red lips.

"You're really the best friend I know. You even thought of such a method!" The other was satisfied with her plan.

She displayed her satisfaction, too. "Of course, I am not someone whom she can bully easily."

"Right, you're the Qu family's young mistress; I can totally rely on you."

"Alright. You're only ordering these two items. Why not order more since I'm treating today?" Qu Jingwan looked at the coffee and cake in front of her friend. They were not the shop's signature dishes and were just normal ones.

"Then, I won't be polite."

The latter lifted the menu on the table and signaled to a nearby waiter.

"Give me another rainbow cake."

"Okay," replied the waiter.

Outside of the VVIP ward, Ji Ziming frowned. His chilling aura made all the doctors, who were passing by, to give him a wide berth.

Everyone said that this high-profile figure was cold and aloof, and experiencing it for themselves today made them all believe that rumor.

"The driver confessed?"

"Yes, boss. Superintendent Wang called today to inform me that a man had turned himself early this morning. That person said that he accidentally knocked down a woman standing outside the aquarium yesterday. I'm guessing that the woman he mentioned was madam."

"Have you done a background check on him?"

"Yes, he said he's DUI-ing when he knocked ma'am over, but when I did a background check on him, it doesn't show on his records any past misdemeanor. He doesn't have any criminal records to boot, which greatly contrasted his act of driving a fake Porsche and knocking down madam."

"How's the investigation on the car going?"

"I checked the car, too. It's refurbished two days ago. Other than its logo, everything else is fake. Even if that man wasn't DUI-ing then, the car would've gotten into an accident easily."

"So, there are still no leads on that right now?" His eyes seemed to be soaked in ice as even his gaze on the wall was chilly.

"I checked his phone. It's an old model with just a SIM card and nothing else; there's not even a person's contact number." The words of the person on the other end came with static noise due to poor signal.

"As such, everything is clearly fake."

The man's eyes affixed on the scenery outside the window on the seventeenth floor. The people below all looked like ants; it was precisely a person this small who was targeting his woman while remaining hidden.

"Boss, I suspect that the person who turned himself in is a mere scapegoat."


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