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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1450 Madam Ji came to visit Pei Ge.

The phone rang again while Ji Ziming was leaning against his woman.

"Ziming, Ziming." Pei Ge repeatedly shook the man, but he did not respond. She, thus, picked up the phone on the counter.


"Sir, I just finished checking his daughter's hospital records. She just completed a heart bypass surgery last month, and the cost of the surgery was 4 million yuan. The nursing fees, plus other miscellaneous fees, following the surgery all add up to a large amount, and she is still in a critical condition. All the amount exceeds 7 million yuan. Should I continue investigating and tell you his daughter's ward number?"

"What are you investigating?" She was at a complete loss on what the person on the other end meant.


The person was clearly taken aback, not having expected someone else to answer the call.

"Yes. What are you investigating?" She frowned. What was his man investigating behind her back? Why were there mentions of a 'daughter,''surgery,' and 'seven million yuan'?

"Madam, I think it's better for you to talk to the boss. Is it convenient for me to ask where he is?"

"Your boss is sleeping right beside me. He's probably too tired, so he didn't wake up when I tried rousing him from sleep." She lowered her head to look at the man. Her eyes were full of heartache under the moonlight.

"Madam, I still have something on, so I'll hang up first."

Du… The disconnected tone rang softly. Pei Ge locked the phone, her doubts still not clarified. She really wanted to ask Ji Ziming what he was having investigated. She noticed earlier that this number was not saved in the phonebook and the caller ID was from an unknown person. It was obvious that this was the person in charge of investigating a matter for the man.

She quietly gazed at the sleeping man by her side. His beautiful features looked even more surreal under the moonlight. Her beautiful eyes were covered by a layer of mist. The man happened to wake up then, and he looked at her with sleepy eyes.

"How long have I been sleeping?" The man sounded slightly hoarse.

"Not very long; sleep some more." She cleared the doubt in her mind as her heart ached to see him sleeping here for her sake.

"I'm not sleeping anymore. Are you thirsty? I'll pour you a glass of water."

He got up, but because he did it too suddenly, he had a dizzy spell. He could not stand up properly and fell onto her bed.

"Are you okay?! I'll call the doctor now to look at you."

Pei Ge was petrified, and she stared at him wide-eyed.

The man was not flustered by this. He wrapped his arms around her neck and gently planted a kiss on her lips. "I'm lacking in sugar, so I'm stealing some from you."

He got back on his feet after kissing her and looked down at her. "I'm okay; did I give you a scare?"

"Annoying." The woman blushed and lowered her head as he flirted with her, making it appear as if she had a dizzy spell, instead.

"Ge Ge, don't make me so worried in future." Ji Ziming suddenly gripped her hands; they appeared small and delicate in his.

"I won't." She looked up at him and, seeing the man fondly gazing at her, began to calm down.

Pei Ge shifted to one side and patted the space next to hers, saying, "Sleep here and don't come down. It's cold at night."

"I can turn on the aircon."

"Get up. Isn't it good to be in the blankets?"

She raised a brow. "Great CEO, are you sure you don't want to sleep here?"

The man's deep-set eyes darkened as he answered in a hushed voice, "Little kitten, you've actually learned to be naughty." A bright glint flashed past his eyes, but she failed to see it. "You can't learn to be naughty. You can only listen to me."

"You're pressing down on my hair."

"Your hair is mine, too."

"You're so domineering!"

"I'm not me if I'm not domineering."

"Hey, where are your hands touching? Keep them to yourself!"

"You told me to come up first, and you're telling me to leave next; it's too late."

"Remove your hands; it won't be nice if anyone comes in."

"Nobody dares to come without my order."


He turned off the lights and the room became dark instantly. She instinctively hid in his embrace.

"Why did you turn off the lights?"

"To sleep. How do we sleep if the lights are on?"

"Just sleep if you're doing so and remove your hands on me."


Ji Ziming hugged the woman tightly in the darkness. He was thankful that she was still by his side. If her condition had been slightly worse, his sky would have collapsed. Back when she left, he did not feel this way, but after spending more time with her, he began to long for the smell of her body, the warmth of her skin, and even her dainty hands.

The moonlight crept into the room, past the metallic bed frame. The curtains swayed in the night breeze in the same frequency as the two people in the room. It was beautiful—he was hers and she was his.

The next morning, the man, naked, was hugging the woman when he was woken up by the ringing of his phone.

"Hello, son." Madam Ji woke up exceptionally early today and spoke excitedly over the phone.

"Mom?" The man rubbed his eyes and looked at his phone; it was not even 6 AM yet.

"Let mom tell you: I had our servant here make chicken soup and it tastes just right. I'm getting the chauffeur to bring me over there, lest you say that I'm being unfair to Pei Ge. Look at your mother and look at yourself; can't you be nicer to Jingwan? She's hanging out with her friend outside every day. I won't comment on it and treat it as her way of unwinding. Do you think—"

"Come if you want to, but she isn't awake yet. You can head over a little later."

He could not bear to listen further, so he quickly interrupted. He looked at the woman in his arms and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. The woman merely frowned but did not wake up.

"Not awake yet?" His mother was slightly disappointed. "This chicken soup was cooked by the helper early this morning. Why don't I move my visit to tomorrow, instead? I'll give the chicken soup for Jingwan to eat when she's back."

"Do what you want, and if you have nothing else, I'll hang up."

"It doesn't sound right, son; you sound like you're not awake, too."

"Yes. It's difficult to please Pei Ge last night, and nothing worked, so we only rested after midnight." He curled up his lips and his smile intensified when he thought of how the woman was last night.

"Oh, it's like that. Then, rest well; I won't come today. I'll hang up now, so sleep some more." The older woman became more worried about her son's health when she heard that. She was intending to reprimand her son for his attitude toward Qu Jingwan, but she did not expect him to treat Pei Ge so well. This put her in a tight spot as their family could only have one daughter-in-law.

Just as he hung up the call, the woman softly hit his chest and chided, "What do you mean I was hard to please? You're clearly the one who's unsatiated."

"Baby, 'not satiated' is usually used to describe a woman." Ji Ziming laughed as he looked at her. A beautiful day was slowly unfolding.

"Really?" She was doubtful and frowned as she deliberated on the truth in his words.

"Stop thinking. If I say it is, it is." He pulled the blanket and the two were engulfed in darkness again.

"What are you doing? It's morning already." She chided him demurely and tried to push him off her. However, having long seen through her intent, he trapped her hands above her head and did whatever he pleased with her.

A beautiful day started through this morning exercise.


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