Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1454 The relation between the mother-son pair warms up.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1454 The relation between the mother-son pair warms up.

When Madam Ji arrived at the hospital with her grandson, her son was pushing Pei Ge's wheelchair to the window to get some sun. Under the warm and gentle sunlight, the two's shadows seemed to fuse together with theirs.

"Hey, are you feeling better?"

She asked concernedly as she regarded the pair standing by the window.

Even though she still did not like this woman, she did not want her to get hurt. After all, the latter was her grandchildren's biological mother.

Alas, due to the good soundproofing of the balcony's glass door, the two did not hear her concerned words as they discussed their three children.

"Ziming, how are An An and Ran Ran now?"

"Those two have just visited you, and you're already missing them?"

"They're my children; how can't I miss them? I can't bear to part with them for even a second."

"You can see Ji Chi today."

"En, but I'm afraid that he'll just be wary of me, hiding and refusing to see me."

"Give him some time; he'll get used to your presence."

"Okay. I wonder if he's arrived."

Ji Ziming turned around, only to see his mother pouring some chicken soup through the balcony's glass door. He felt slightly moved when he saw Ji Chi holding the bowl.

"Look who's here?" He turned his woman's wheelchair around, letting her see their son through the glass door.

"Ping An!" Pei Ge saw her son walking toward her with the bowl of soup awkwardly.

In her joy, she almost got up to walk there herself.

"Ziming, hurry up and push me over."

"I'm doing it now."

The man pressed a button to open the door and pushed her through it.

"My son." She called out and rushed over to the boy in her wheelchair.

Unexpectedly, the boy hid behind his grandmother. His timid manner made the older woman's heart ache. "Pei Ge, you'll scare Baby like this."

"I-I won't call him then."

"Have some chicken soup; the caretakers back home just made it for you."

"Thank you, auntie."

"You're welcome. Just focus on recovering first. We'll come pick you up once you're ready to be discharged," said Madam Ji as she looked up at her son. "By the way, did you guys catch the person who ran over Pei Ge?"

"Not yet." Ji Ziming shook his head as he gazed at his woman, who was also looking up at him.

"How could that be? Are you guys not interested in looking into it? If you're not, I'll get your dad to do it. I refuse to believe that we can't find that person in this city." The older woman was mad, moving to grab her phone to call her husband.

"Mom, don't." Her son hurriedly snatched her phone away and hid it behind him.

"You can't find the person, right? What's wrong with getting your dad to do it?" She could not understand what was going on. It seemed that her good intentions were not appreciated.

"Don't bother yourself with this; I'll deal with it myself." His eyes turned gloomy, not wanting his family to get involved with this messy stuff.

"Then, I'll be waiting to see when you can find this bad guy. If you can't, then don't blame me for taking things into my own hands." She sat on the couch, and her grandson followed suit, yet his eyes remained warily on Pei Ge.

"Don't mind this anymore; I'll truly deal with it myself." Ji Ziming looked at his mother. The coldness in his eyes receded slightly.

The older woman directed her attention to Pei Ge. "Is the chicken soup good?"

"It is. Nothing beats home-cooked food," commented the other woman with a smile, the bowl of soup in her hand.

"That's for sure. My son loves the chicken soup our cook makes."

"This soup is really good."

"Ping An, do you want some?" asked Pei Ge as she drank her soup.

"He doesn't need it. If he wants some, we can get the cook to make more once we get home," said the older woman and turned to look at the boy. "Baby, go get mommy another bowl of soup."

The boy regarded his mother expressionlessly, but the wariness in his eyes had disappeared. He walked over to her after a bit and gently touched her bandaged leg. He frowned without saying anything before pouring another bowl of soup for her and bringing it over to her.

"Thank you."

She patted her son and the joy in her heart grew.

"I talked to the hospital director on my way here. Is it true that Pei Ge's planning to stay here to recuperate?"

"Yes. She can't go home yet. Don't worry; I'll be here."

"That's good to know. Now that the chicken soup's been delivered, I'll bring Baby back." Madam Ji stood up and tried to pull her grandson along, but he broke free from her gasp.

"What's wrong?" She did not know what was wrong with him and looked at the other woman subconsciously, only to realize that the latter had no clue either. "Come home with grandma, alright?"

Ji Chi shook his head as his eyes remained on his mother.

"Do you wanna leave with grandma or stay here?" Ji Ziming looked at his son as if having read his thoughts.

His son felt conflicted, and everyone in the room waited for his reply.

The older woman tugged on the boy's hand. "How about you come home with grandma? Your mommy can't take care of you right now; let's let her rest, okay?"

The boy paused for a short while before nodding in the end.

"Then, Baby will go home with me. I'm afraid of him making trouble here." The older woman explained as she picked up her bag. "Pei Ge, rest well; I'll bring more chicken soup and the boy back tomorrow."

"Mom, hang on; what is Qu Jingwan doing at home now?" asked the man as he stopped his mother from leaving right away.

"You still have the nerve to ask? How about you tell me what you did to her the night before she came home?" She got upset when her son mentioned that lady.

"What could I possibly do to her?" he asked back.

"What could you do to her? How many times have I told you that she's the Qu family's young lady and your fiancée. I don't care about you and Pei Ge, but you must treat them equally."

"Don't you know that the only person I love is Pei Ge?"


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