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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1465 No one can bully you.

"I don't think it's very nice of you to lay a hand on her because me; don't you think so, too?" Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes at the lady coldly. "If you think that my family is too small for you and your petty tricks, you can always leave."

With tears in her eyes, Qu Jingwan's gaze on Pei Ge turned vicious. "If I said that I didn't do it, then I truly didn't do it."

"Haven't you done enough?" asked the man.

"I said—"

Before she could finish speaking, Madam Ji entered the living room. "What are you guys doing? Pei Ge only got discharged today. Son, what're you arguing with Jingwan over?" The older woman frowned when she noticed the strange atmosphere between the three.

"We were just talking about what Miss Qu had done." The man's gaze turned sharp as he looked at the lady in question. He wondered what secrets she was hiding.

"Auntie, Pei Ge fell. I was helping her, but Ziming thought that I pushed her," timidly explained Qu Jingwan with a pale face.

"Say, son; Jingwan kindly welcomed you all. How heartless are you to treat her like this?" asked his mother. "Even if you don't understand her, I do. Let go of this on my account no matter whose fault it was." She defended the lady as the two walked past them.

"Miss Qu, sorry; I made Ziming misunderstand you," said Pei Ge softly as the man remained silent.

"It's fine." The other shook her head. "As long as you're fine."

"En." She nodded as she tugged at the man's shirt. "You're really mistaken; I truly fell down on my own. See; there's water here."

She pointed to the water stains on the floor which were responsible for her fall.

"Really?" He frowned.

"Really. It's really not her fault. You're mistaken about her."

"Did she really act out of kindness?" She watched the lady help the man's mother to the living room couch.

"No, that's just a misconception; don't be deceived by her." Ji Ziming reminded her as he carried the boxes and helped her walk in.

In the living room, the three children played with building blocks. Having not seen Ji Chi for over three months, Ran Ran passed him blocks to build a castle. It was as if she were his princess, and he were her lackey.

"This one should go on top," instructed the girl.

"That's not right; this one should be yellow. Only the witch's castle is black, and she's evil." She continued as she removed the black roof and pointed to the yellow one.

"Aiya! Big brother, that one's wrong, too!" She pointed to the knight that An An had just attached to the castle.

"I think our daughter is just like you," commented Ji Ziming.

"Really?" Pei Ge found it hard to believe. The girl had always been more outgoing than she was.

"Don't you think so?" The man watched her gaze tenderly at their daughter.

"If you say so; let's go in."

"En." He nodded.

Happiness rose in the woman's heart as she entered the room and saw that all were still the same as they were before. The man crept to her and hugged her from behind when he saw that she was spacing out in her room. "What's wrong?"

The woman was shocked by his sudden hug. "Nothing; I was just looking around."

"So serious?"

"En. I was checking if the room is any different from when I left."

"And your conclusion?"

"Nothing's different."

"So why are you still looking at it?" He pressed his face onto hers. The cool sensation made the woman feel that everything was surreal.

"What about Qu Jingwan?"

"Don't worry about it. I'll deal with her."

"You're definitely mistaken about her today."

"I know; don't worry. You're my woman, so no one can bully you, not her or even my mother," he said as he walked before her.

The man's eyes were cold, but the sincerity in them moved her. Everything he had said made waves in her heart.

"I know." She leaned on him, and his scent put her at ease.

"Then, let's go down once we're done cleaning up. After all, I still have something to say."

"What?" she asked, frowning.

"You'll know once we go down." He looked at her tenderly.

When the man made his announcement, she was putting food into Ji Chi's bowl. Having not seen him for so many days, she felt that he was not as wary of her as he was before.

"Pei Ge will be traveling under the identity of the CEO's wife, so I'll be bringing her to the company to familiarize herself with how things are run fast."

"What? You're letting her go to the company as your wife?" His mother put her chopsticks down. It was one thing to let this woman go to the company; it was another thing to let her go there as the CEO's wife.

"Mom, you've seen how well she's been running her company all these years. If we bring her to our company, what's wrong with that? Besides, she's the mother of my children."

The man tried to convince his mother.

"No! If you let her go to the company, what about Jingwan? She's the publicly acknowledged daughter-in-law of our family. What position are you putting me and her in?" The older woman got increasingly agitated as she spoke; her cheeks even flushed. It had been a while since she lost her temper.

"Miss Qu, we shall settle our issues in private. I'm merely nominating Pei Ge today for the company's sake. I hope that you don't think too much of this. If you're truly my family's chosen daughter-in-law, then you should be more concerned about the company's future, shouldn't you?"


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