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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1466 Pei Ge is pregnant again?

"Miss Qu, we shall settle our issues in private. I'm merely nominating Pei Ge today for the company's sake. I hope that you don't think too much of this. If you're truly my family's chosen daughter-in-law, then you should be more concerned about the company's future, shouldn't you?"

Ji Ziming's forceful tone made the lady ball up her fist, which was under the table. She would likely remember her nails sinking into her flesh at this moment for the rest of her life.

"Ziming is right. Pei Ge has the capability to run a company. I believe that our company will get better with her help." She smiled at the older woman. "Auntie, I am fine. As long as it is for the good of the company and Ziming, I am okay."

Madam Ji silently scolded the lady for being foolish and not knowing how to scheme. Meanwhile, sitting beside his woman, the man coldly watched this scene. It was clear to him that this lady could continue staying in their house only because his mother kept mediating whenever a clash occurred between him and her.

His mother was the main reason why this lady was in his family.

Pei Ge watched the three clash in shock.

She remained silent, though, knowing that the man could handle this from how his mother's objection had become weaker. She had to praise him for effectively using the other woman to play a good hand.

"Mom, so you agree now, right?" The man raised an eyebrow slightly. The gaze he directed at Qu Jingwan seemed to be dyed with some praise and acknowledgment, and this gaze made the latter even more active in persuading his mother.

As long as she could take him down, would she still need to worry about Pei Ge?

The older woman could only lament inside over this. "If it's truly for the good of the company, then it will be useless no matter what I say. You are now the CEO of the company, so do as you deem fit."

After saying this, she pushed her chair back and stood up to go upstairs, leaving the people at the dining table staring at one another.

Qu Jingwan eyed the man and pressed her lips together slightly before smiling. "Ziming, you still remember that I'm your fiancée; I'm very touched that you still care about me."

The man's dark irises narrowed as he emitted a cold air. "Of course, my fiancée. It looks like I need to thank you for persuading my mother moments ago."

"We are one family; there's no need for thank you between us. She'll be my mother soon, so rest assured that I'll be filial to her."

It was rare for the man to show her a smile. Although his smile made her feel cold and afraid, she felt more content when she noticed Pei Ge's expression. Since she could not get the man, it was not too bad to anger the other.

"I'll go take a look at auntie. You guys enjoy your meal." She quickly stood up.

Ji Ziming remained silent until she left, saying to Pei Ge, "Are you angry since I didn't tell you in advance?"

"Of course not. As you said, 'it's for the company's sake.'" She emphasized this point. There was a smile in her eyes. "Looks like you are very much in sync with her."

"Jealous now?" He peered at the woman, unable to hide the happiness in his eyes. "I don't mind if you voice your jealousy."

"Tsk." She turned away from him, picking up some pork ribs with her chopsticks and placed them into Ji Chi's bowl. The child did not reject her but waited until she turned away before finishing the pork ribs cleanly.

When the Maserati reached the company's entrance, most employees quickly stopped to look. As Ji Ziming alighted from it and opened the door to the passenger seat, Pei Ge stepped out in a light-yellow, knee-length Chanel dress and a white Gucci jacket. Coupled with her exquisite makeup, she looked gorgeous and capable.

"She looks very familiar."

"That's the CEO's wife. Have you forgotten?"

"I remember now. Gosh! She's really the CEO's wife now?"

"Oh, my! She's so beautiful!"

Women loved to gossip. Pei Ge knew what would happen once she came here.

The man stopped in front of her and angled his elbow outward, which she hooked her arm through with ease. "Let's go in."

It was only when they reached the CEO's VIP elevator that she let out a small sigh in relief and leaned against the metal wall. "Although I already knew that this would happen once I came to your company, when it actually happened, it's not as I imagined it."

"You still have me." Ji Ziming hugged her thin waist as he comforted her in his deep and attractive voice. The coldness in his eyes was replaced with tenderness. "I'll always be by your side."

His voice was so enchanting that it made her calm down.

The elevator did not make a stop until the top floor, where the CEO's office was located.

The huge office was brightly lit. The morning sunlight was shining onto the white marble floor imported from Germany, causing it to reflect the couple's shadows.

"Rest here first. You don't need to rush into familiarizing yourself with the company's operations." The man sat on the sofa and casually picked up a file from the side to read.

"I just came, so there's no need to rest. Can I look around on my own?"

"Alright. Do whatever you want." With his head lowered, he focused on the document in his hand. This was the revenue report the secretary handed in yesterday.

Once she began touring his office, the woman spotted a spider plant on the balcony. This was the same potted plant she had put on her desk while she was working here. She did not expect it to be with him now.

She silently stepped back into the office and sat opposite him. Watching the man be engrossed in his work, she could not help but prop her chin in her palms as she looked at him with her beautiful, doe eyes. "Did you come looking for me while I was gone?"

"No." He denied it.

"Liar." You clearly missed me. Otherwise, why would you still keep my plant?

"You called me a liar?" The man looked up at her. His cold eyes emitted power as he drew near her and looked into her eyes. "How did I lie to you?"

"You—" Surprised by his sudden action, she quickly moved backward but accidentally knocked off the cup on the coffee table.

The man nimbly pulled her back with one hand and caught the cup, which was about to hit the floor, with the other, asking in his deep voice, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine… I'm fine. It's all your fault for suddenly moving closer. You scared me."

She stuck out her tongue. Seeing that the cup was safe, she proceeded to place all the blame on him.


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