Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1468 Try to your heart“s content. You still have me.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1468 Try to your heart“s content. You still have me.

"Hey!" Not only did this man forcibly kiss her just then, he even acted as if nothing had happened and merely returned to his seat to continue reading the documents. He was an alpha male wolf clad in a CEO's coat.

"Are you calling me?" Ji Ziming looked up. His smile deepened when he noticed her red cheeks and her slight breathlessness.

"Is there anyone else other than you in this room?" She rolled her eyes at him.

"Oh. Right now, I'm your superior." This statement nearly made Pei Ge puke out blood.

Who forced a kiss here again? Did I transmigrate? How could this man change so fast?! It hasn't even been a minute since he released me and went back to sitting on the sofa, yet his attitude already did a one-eighty!

"You—how could you…" She was at a loss for words, feeling indignant but failing to find the words to describe this wolf-in-sheep's-clothing man.

"Do you have something to discuss with me?" The man looked at her. Inside, his mood was soaring.

"No!" she spat. Walking over to the sofa opposite his, she picked up the files earlier, flipped through them roughly, as though venting her anger on them, and mumbled, "Beast!"

"What did you say?" Seeing her cursing him with her head lowered, Ji Ziming suddenly felt as though they had returned to when they first met.

"Nothing," she answered in a low voice.

His lips curled up as the calmness in his eyes was replaced by interest from teasing her. He actually heard what she had said, but it was fine. He still had a more beastly side to show her, and he was not in a hurry to show it.

Pei Ge read through the document she was holding. It was the contract for the acquisition of Red Star, a real-estate company, signed last month. Strangely, there was neither a name nor his signature on it.

"Hey, take a look at this." She passed the document to the man.

The man was surprised by how quickly she had reorientated herself in this short time. Looks like I'm right. She's a business genius.

"What's wrong?" He received the file from her and flipped a few pages, not finding anything strange.

"The date of the contract is already there, but why is there no name or your signature. There's also no stamp on it."

She did not understand it. Based on his swiftness and decisiveness, it was impossible for him to be unable to take down anything he liked, including that real-estate company.

She had heard even before that this company was a piece of 'succulent meat' in the real-estate circle. Other than the Ji Group, there were many others vying for its acquisition. Nonetheless, there was no reason for this contract that Red Star had sent over not to be signed and in effect.

"We haven't reached an agreement with this company."

"Why not?"

She did not understand it as this was not his style of doing things.

"This contract was finalized while you were at the hospital. I was accompanying you there, so I pushed back the signing of this contract."

"That's a good company, though, so there's merit in the Ji Group acquiring it."

"Precisely because it's a piece of 'succulent meat' that so many people are fighting over it."

"Didn't we manage to snatch it?"

"Their asking price is four times higher than the price we can give."

Pei Ge understood immediately. That company was placing itself on a high pedestal seeing the demand. It was not that the Ji Group was unwilling to acquire it; it was just that the company's asking price was too high, and no one was willing to fork out this amount.

"I'll go negotiate with them. Since I caused the delay in your work and am a part of your company now, it's best if I go."

"No need. Someone suitable will be assigned to go negotiate with them."

"No. Trust me."

Her eyes twinkled with confidence. Her gaze also became firm and resolute.

"Are you certain?" The man looked at the woman before him. They were still bantering a few minutes ago, yet they were now mulling over a contract of the company.

"I'm certain."

"Okay. Try to your heart's content. Don't worry if it doesn't go through. You still have me."

"So what if I have you? You only know how to bully me." She pouted, indignance written all over her face.

"Then, you…" The man narrowed his eyes and suddenly moved closer to her, speaking in a rare, gentle voice. "Can try bullying me, too."

She almost fainted in surprise. Is this something this CEO, this wolf in sheep's clothing, should say?

"Are… you sure?" She edged backward.

"Of course, there's a price." His eyes turned dim slightly as his conniving side was revealed.

I knew it wouldn't be so simple.

She moved further away from him. Keeping a safe distance from him, she spoke. "I don't wanna. I'm very much afraid of being scared to death."

"Hpmh!" Ji Ziming lightly snorted. Seeing that she had moved to the other end, he did not pull her back and just continued speaking in his deep and magnetizing voice. "Let's go home early today. I'll let you see Red Star's internal secret."


"Yes. Only I know this secret."

"Did your people help you investigate it?" Pei Ge recalled the phone call at the hospital. Even now, she did not ask him about it. That was because she trusted him.

"Yes." His tone was calm, and one could not feel any emotion from it. He made revealing this confidential info to her seem normal.

"Fine. I'll go check Red Star's company." With that, she got up off the sofa and walked over to the leather seat behind the work desk and focused on reading Red Star's introduction online.

"You can look at the business cooperation we have with that company."

"Where's the contract?"

"In my computer. You search 'Red Star' and a folder will appear. Inside it are all the cooperation documents we have with it."


At lunchtime, the secretary brought in food, which was placed on the coffee table in the CEO's office. The dishes were from one of the best restaurants in the capital. Before the food entered the office, Pei Ge's stomach growled from the aroma alone, and she could no longer focus on the contract.

"Sir, I'm here to deliver lunch." The secretary knocked at the door and walked in only after receiving permission from the man. When she entered and spotted the two concentrating on their work, she was startled and surprised.

After she was done sending in the food, she returned to the employees' pantry and was immediately surrounded by her colleagues.

"Hurry, hurry and say it. What are they doing in the office?"

"Are they doing something scandalous?"

"Does the CEO treat that woman badly?"

Such words were all denied by the secretary, and this shocked everyone.


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