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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1469 Pregnancy Blunder

In the CEO's office, Ji Ziming lifted the cover of the pots, and the room was immediately filled with the smell of the dishes.

"You don't want to have a meal together?" He saw Pei Ge eyeing the food on the coffee table surreptitiously and gulping.

"I'll head there in a while," insisted the woman.

"Then, I'll eat first." The corners of his lips curled as he picked up a slice of fish with his chopsticks. The fish was crispy, silky, and fragrant. Deep-fried in oil, it tasted tender with its superb texture.

Hearing the clear growling of her stomach, the smile on his face intensified. "Come over; if you still don't eat, I'll finish everything myself."

"Alright. I'm coming over now." The woman immediately put down the documents in her hands. To be honest, the moment she smelled the food, she could no longer digest the information on the contract.

She ran to his side as he gave her the other pair of chopsticks. "The fish is not bad; have a try."

Ji Ziming picked up the fish and placed it in the woman's bowl. She picked up two pieces of crispy meat and drank the melon soup. The fragrance permeated the inside of her mouth, and every bite was an enjoyment.

All of a sudden, gas rose in Pei Ge's stomach. "Wu…" She quickly put down the chopsticks and dashed to the toilet.

She bent over the toilet bowl and proceeded to vomit rather miserably. Her stomach was queasy, feeling sapped of all her energy.

"How are you?" The man hurried over and was shocked to see her on the floor. He quickly patted her back. "Have you eaten something bad?"

She finally regained a bit of strength after vomiting. She waved his concerns away and said weakly, "No. I probably just caught a cold."

"Are you pregnant?" Surprise flashed in the man's cold eyes. "Let's go home."

"I'm not. I don't think so." She quickly held onto him, sounding certain about this despite feeling weak. "Ziming, listen to me."

"Say no more/ From now onward, don't say anything. We'll head home." The man carried her, looking gentle with his eyes full of concern. "Don't wear your high heels anymore. I'll get the store to send over some flats."

The man poured a glass of water for her. "Have some water. I'll get the driver to drive the car here, and we'll go home at once."

"I'm probably not pregnant this time." She just had her period last month, so how was it possible for her to be pregnant now?

"Regardless of the truth, follow me home first."

He told her seriously, and the latter knew that, at this point in time, he would not listen to anything she said.


Pei Ge remained quiet and looked as the man picked up her coat and his suit on the sofa. He took the car keys and held her hand. They walked out of the office and pressed the elevator's button.

"Drive the car over; I want to use it now."

"Yes, sir!"

She heard the clear voice from the phone. Seeing the floor numbers decreasing, her heart beat wildly. Could it be real?

The man saw her seven-centimeter high heels, so he squatted and held her leg. "Lift it."

Pei Ge followed as told.

When Ji Ziming removed the other high heel on her foot, the elevator door opened. Everyone outside the door was taken aback to see their CEO squatting to remove the heel strap on her foot. Their mouths hung agape; one could even stuff an entire egg in them.

Was this still their high-and-mighty CEO with an icy and unsmiling face?

"Am I seeing things?"

"What did I have for lunch? Wasn't it pineapple fried rice?"

"Did I enter the wrong company? Oh, my gosh! Where am I?"

Ji Ziming removed Pei Ge's shoes and princess-carried her toward the Maserati parked at the entrance amid the crowd's shocked faces. The security officers hurriedly opened the car doors as he placed her on the seat beside the driver's and said gently yet mesmerizingly, "Sit well."

"Mhm." She nodded.

He closed the door and briefed the secretary beside him before driving off and disappearing from everyone's line of sight.

After he left, the secretary became the center of everyone's attention.

"Tell us quickly; what did the CEO say to you?"

"Did he speak about this month's bonus?"

"Has he fallen for you?"

The secretary was helpless as she cried internally, Sir, you've left me such a big mess again…

Once they were home, the man carried his woman into the room.

Madam Ji, who was in the living room, saw her son carrying Pei Ge and asked in shock, "What's wrong with her? Why are you carrying her home?"

"She's pregnant." Shocking words came from his mouth.

The older woman instantly removed her spectacles. "Pregnant? Quick, son; quickly place her beside me. Let me have a look."

"Mhm." The man placed his woman comfortably on the seat beside his mother. He sounded gentle and the chilliness in his eyes disappeared into thin air. "I'll go pour you a glass of honey water."

"Pei Ge, come over; let me have a look." The older woman's excitement made the other almost believe that she was actually pregnant.

"How do you know that she's pregnant?" asked the older woman to her son, who was holding honey water.

"She vomited at lunchtime and it was quite bad." He passed the honey water to his woman. "It's not very hot; drink slowly."

"Pei Ge, have you not eaten?"

"No," replied Ji Ziming on her behalf.

"I'll go to the kitchen and get the auntie to prepare food that a pregnant woman like you can stomach."

"Go quickly." The man hurried his mother, and once Madam Ji left, he sat down beside his woman and asked, "Is there anything that you wanna eat?"

"No," replied Pei Ge earnestly.

"Then, get the auntie to prepare more. If you want to eat anything more, we can get more later."

"It's too wasteful; I can't eat that much, either." She shook her head and was shocked by his excitement over a small thing. "Even if I'm really pregnant, you don't have to be so worried."

"When you left me along with the three babies, I didn't have the chance to take care of the four of you. Now that you're carrying a baby again, I need to take good care of you."

"You're too nervous."

"If I'm not nervous, who else will be? I'm curious, though; why is there a chance?"

The woman understood at once. Let alone him, even she was curious. They used protection every time they did it, so how could it be possible…

"That's why I said that you don't have to be so nervous. What if it's a false alarm, my appetite wasn't just good earlier, or I only caught a cold?"

"Whether it's true or fake, I'll treat it as real. You don't have to care about anything; just stay at home and don't go anywhere. If there's anything or you need something, tell me or the helpers here."

"Ziming." Her eyes softened. This was the first time she realized how blissful pregnant women could be.


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