Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1474 Follow the path that you choose no matter how hard it is.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1474 Follow the path that you choose no matter how hard it is.

After lunch, Madam Ji and Qu Jingwan brought the three children upstairs for a nap. A little later, the older woman came down, only to find Pei Ge working on her laptop while seated on the couch. "Aiya! Why are you working again? Didn't I tell you to spend less time in front of your laptop?

"Aiyaya! Give me that. Hurry up and go upstairs to rest. You're not allowed to bother yourself with matters of the company. Don't worry; it has Ziming. He can handle everything."

"I…" Pei Ge watched as the older woman took her laptop, which was showing the market analysis for Red Star.

"What? If you don't want this old lady to lose her temper, hurry up and go upstairs."

"Please give me the laptop. I'll go upstairs to rest later. I won't touch the laptop; I promise." She made this request as her computer became out of reach.

As she looked at the younger woman's doe-like eyes, Madam Ji's heart softened. Still, when she remembered that the other was in the most dangerous phase of her pregnancy, she hardened her resolve. "No. You go back to your room and rest now. Ziming agreed with not letting you work, either. Even if you don't wanna listen to me, you must listen to him."

Pei Ge wanted to say that the man's words should be taken even less seriously, but she had to compromise in the name of familial harmony. "Fine, auntie; I'll go upstairs now. Can I have my computer?"

"No. I'm keeping this while you're pregnant." The other woman refused to give in.

"…Fine." She could only watch the older woman take her laptop with her to the second floor.

"I'll be heading upstairs now, auntie."

"Hurry up. I'll watch you go up."

Madam Ji followed behind her while tightly holding her laptop, as if afraid of being robbed.

Before she could figure out where to hide it, she heard a noise coming from above. When she looked up, she happened to see Pei Ge falling down the stairs, and she screamingly tossed the laptop on the couch.

"Ahhh! Oh, no! How are you?! Are you okay?! How's the baby?!"

Her face became as pale as white paper as she ran forward to help Pei Ge up.

As she heard the nervous and concerned voice of the older woman, Qu Jingwan calmly made a call behind the door of her room.

"You can come now."

"It's fine; it's fine. I'm fine, auntie." Pei Ge rubbed the back of her head. Aside from a few scratches, she was perfectly fine.

"Aiya! My precious grandchild." The older woman relaxed upon seeing that she was fine. Looking at the slippery sole of her slippers, Madam Ji frowned. "You'd better change your footwear. Auntie Zhang, really; what's she doing making the floor so squeaky clean? I'll go talk to her about it. Come stand up; I'll send you back to your room."

"It's fine, auntie. I can walk back myself." She struggled to get up, only managing with the other's help.

"No, I must send you back. If not, I'll be worried."

"It's fine. I can do it myself."

"Just listen to me and don't think about anything."


Before she could finish speaking, the caretaker ran in. "Madam, the family doctor is here."

"Why is he here?"

"I don't know; he said that Miss Qu called him."

"I did." Qu Jingwan stood at the stairway, her eyes victorious.

"When did you call the doctor?"

"I called earlier when I heard the commotion and saw that Pei Ge had fallen down the stairs. I'm afraid of something happening to the baby, so I had the family doctor come here."

"I see; it's good that the doctor came. Hey, come and sit on the sofa. Let the doctor check you to see if everything's okay." Madam Ji told Pei Ge.

"Ah, this… It's fine; I'm fine. The doctor doesn't need to be here, so you can let him leave." Alarm bells rang in her heart. She had not expected Qu Jingwan to do this.

"The doctor's already here; it doesn't make sense to have him leave. Just listen to me and stay here. Jingwan, come here and take care of her; I'll go get the doctor."

"Okay. Go ahead, auntie." The lady descended the stairs slowly, stepping over the puddle of olive oil.

"Are you going to get exposed later?" asked the lady sarcastically once the older woman went to get the doctor.

"You did it on purpose, didn't you?" Pei Ge smiled coldly. This lady's tricks meant nothing to her.

"Yes, I did. We'll find out if you're really pregnant later." Qu Jingwan raised a brow and scoffed. "Don't blame me for doing this. You must follow the path that you choose no matter how tough it is. He he!"

Pei Ge narrowed her eyes when she heard that but felt unafraid.

Other than her fear of disappointing Ji Ziming, this lady's threat meant nothing to her.

She was already planning to tell man's mother that she was not pregnant, but she did not want the older woman to find out about it this way.

Besides, she did not want this matter to become an opportunity for this lady before her.

She thought of the man's disappointment despite her incessant words to him that she was not pregnant.

"Do you think you'll get his heart this way?" She laughed coldly, a victorious smile spreading across her face.

"Won't I? I've got you under my thumb now. I'll be waiting to see how you can explain things to auntie later when the doctor checks you."

"You think? Will my fake pregnancy matter more, or will your act of drugging Ziming matter more?" She looked coldly at the lady, whose expression was beginning to become more sinister.


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