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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1476 Is it torture or sweetness?

"It's great that there's nothing wrong; my heart could be seriously traumatized by today's event." Madam Ji lay on the sofa as she panted. "Thank goodness that you're alright. I'm at ease now."

"Auntie, are you all right?" Pei Ge quickly held the older woman's hand. Seeing her pale complexion, she was stunned. "Do you want me to send you to the hospital?" She was fine despite her fall, but the older woman had truly received a shock because of it.

"No need; I'll rest for a bit by lying here." The older woman closed her eyes slightly and shot a glance at Qu Jingwan as she forced a smile. "Thank goodness you were here today. If not, I would've…"

"Rest assured, auntie; I'll always be around. Rest well and have some water first." The lady kneeled on one leg at her side. She placed the glass of water before her mouth. "Drink some water, auntie. Pei Ge is fine, and you'll be okay, too. If you really don't feel well, we'll bring you to the hospital since our family's hospital can take care of you better."

Mother Ji sat up and took the glass from her. "Jingwan, don't worry about me. I'm all right; you rest a bit, too. You must be shocked today, right?"

"That's right, auntie. When I saw her falling from the top of the staircase, I didn't know what to do at first." Her obedient look successfully won over the older woman's heart, and only Pei Ge saw right through her.

She sat at one side with a disgusted look as she watched the two sympathize with each other but could not do anything about it. Keeping this weakness now might come in handy in the future.

By the time Ji Ziming got back, it was already night. The setting sun dyed the sky red. The tall, lean, and beautiful man in his dark-blue suit had his icy look.

Pei Ge was standing on the balcony, watering a pot of camellia flowers, at this moment. The flowers were blooming so delicately just like the beauties from an ancient drawing.

The man gently hugged the woman from the back, shocking her into splashing some water to him. Just like that, the top-quality suit's neatness was ruined by her.

"Your clothes…"

"It's okay. Anyway it's not the first time that you ruined the neatness of my clothes." His aloof voice rang in her ears and slowly soothed her heart.

The man's hand moved upward, intending to hug her shoulders, but before he could complete his action, she let out a painful scream.


"What's wrong?" He immediately let go and saw the woman protecting her elbow. He pulled her arm and rolled up her sleeve, only to find her elbow stained with some residual blood. A large part of the skin was scratched, and the area around it was swollen, appearing bluish-red. It was clearly something which failed to be concealed.

"How did you end up like this?! I'll call Dr. Duanmu to come over now."

The moment Pei Ge heard about that doctor, she thought of what had happened this afternoon and how it was best if few people knew about it.

"Don't call him over; he was just here earlier."

"Since he was here, where's the medicine? Why didn't you apply it?" The man's cold eyes darkened, and her heart melted when she saw the heartache in his eyes.

"I left the medicine on the table and haven't gotten the chance to apply it." Her beautiful eyes were like ripples while the redness in them was akin to red ink, which complemented her exquisite features. Ji Ziming was stunned by this look.

"Stop watering, and let's go. I'll apply the medicine on you." He regained his senses and pulled the woman's hand toward the living room.

"Wait a bit. Let me put down this watering can down." The woman held onto him as she placed the gardening tool on top of a shelf in the shed before following him into the house.

He opened the bottle of iodophor and frowned as he looked at the brownish-black liquid. He asked while looking upset, "It might hurt a bit when I apply this. Can you take it?"

"I can. Just apply it; I'm not scared of pain."

"Really not scared of pain?"

"Not scared." The woman shook her head and the determination in her eyes looked like a promise.

"You're not in pain but my heart is." He lowered his head and his eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly's wings. His thick brows were like two sharp knives as he pursed his lips lightly and spoke in an alluring voice which reached the depths of the woman's heart. "I don't wish for you to be injured, even a bit isn't allowed."

"I know; I'll be more careful next time." Pei Ge nodded as the man's long arm stretched past her to take the iodophor on the table.

"Let me help you apply." Ji Ziming pulled the woman's hand, and her small wrist felt really smooth. If there were no injuries on her arm, he intended to hug her and enjoy some intimacy.

"Alright, then; I'll let you apply it." The woman withdrew her hand from his and spoke clearly and sweetly. "Apply properly; I'm actually scared of pain."

"I'm in more pain than you." His words came true.

Right after applying a layer on the woman and seeing her in so much pain that she was drawing a deep breath, the man got anxious and did not dare to continue with the application.

"We're not applying anymore; let's just go upstairs." He put down the cotton bud in his hand and looked at his woman with heartache in his eyes.

"It's fine. Just continue since you already started it. Plus, this minor injury is nothing much." The woman shifted her arm and reached out for the iodophor but was stopped by him.

"You're in pain."

"What if I'm in pain? Only when it hurts will it mean that the medicine works. If you don't continue applying it, I'll do it myself."

"My heart hurts for you."

"Then, apply it fast. If I recover quicker, I can go to the office and work faster."

"Go to the office?" The man frowned as his deep gaze shifted onto her. It sounded slightly vicious as he exuded a deterring aura. "You wanna go to the company and work?"


Pei Ge frowned. Who actually fell and hurt their head?

"I don't allow it." The man took another cotton bud, dipped it in the iodophor, and pressed it on her injured skin. Although she shrieked in pain, he did not let go.

"What are you doing?!" She quickly withdrew her arm, and the pain from the broken skin cleared her head instantly.

The man in front of her had an unmatched, handsome face. It was still the early spring of March, but his face had become so frosty that it seemed to be the harshest winter right now. She shuddered in fright and her body instinctively leaned backward.

"Why are you hiding? Am I a monster that eats humans?" He leaned forward as he looked at her with teasing eyes.


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