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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1478 Confession

"It's my fault." He hugged her with one hand. Her soft sobbing made his ears and heart hurt.

"What about auntie?"

"Don't worry; I'll handle my mother. You don't have to say anything. Is there anyone else here other than me who knows that you're not pregnant?"

"Qu Jingwan."

"How does she know?"

She could only tell him how she had fallen down the stairs and why Dr. Duanmu had not revealed the truth.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Ji Ziming was full of heartache over the woman keeping the truth about her pregnancy yet also mad that she did not tell him anything immediately. In her eyes, was he that unreliable?

"I… I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid that you—"

"Why would you be afraid of me? Am I that scary in your eyes? Scarier than a monster?"

"No. I was just joking with you."

She chuckled, not expecting him to take her words to heart.

"Joking with a monster will not lead to any good end." He turned her head toward him. The smile in his eyes was apparent. "Even if you're not pregnant, we can always make it real."

"Are you serious?" While she was looking at him in shock, his hands were already exploring her body naughtily.

"You'll only know if I'm serious after we try."

"Don't move; don't move. Don't take my clothes off—"

"Darling, lie down properly; I'm coming."

It was a night full of intimacy and loving.

The next morning, the sunlight shone through the thin curtains and into the bedroom. Pei Ge's slender arm was wound around Ji Ziming's tightly ripped stomach. His eight packs, coupled with her smooth arm, were quite a sight to behold.

The woman's eyelids gently fluttered open, and the sight that greeted her eyes was the attractive and sharp features of the man, who was supporting his head with his arm. His gaze was on her, and it was brimming with tenderness, as his lips curled up. In his low and sexy voice, he said, "Morning."

"When did you wake up? How long have you been staring at me?" She rubbed her drowsy eyes and stretched her back.

"Not too long. Just about thirty minutes."

"Ah, that long? Why haven't you gone to work?"

"I thought you wanted to come to work, too? I'll go with you today."

"Really?" She excitedly sat up on the bed. The thin blanket slid down her chest, completely baring her goodness to him.

"They're quite large." Ji Ziming eyed her twin peaks. The smile in his eyes caused him to receive a pillow from the woman.

"What are you saying?"

"Everything's my credit." He suddenly moved his face closer to her, his breath tickled her face. "Including those three children."

"Fine, fine, fine. It's all your credit." She rolled her eyes. This CEO is too domineering and narcissistic.

At the dining table, when the man suggested bringing Pei Ge out for a walk, Madam Ji insisted on joining them.

"No way. I don't feel safe letting you bring her out. I wanna come along, too." The older woman halted midway while drinking her milk. Her gaze on her son was dyed with worry and mistrust.

"If you're not afraid of her being too bored while cooped up here, she can just stay home."

"What are you saying? How can she be too bored at home?"

"It's a very scary thing for a pregnant woman to get depression. It will directly affect the baby in her womb."

"Pei Ge, you—"

"She's already a little of that. She couldn't sleep for almost the entire night. Look at her eyes; aren't they streaked with red blood vessels?"

"There's a bit." His mother moved closer and noted that Pei Ge's eyes were indeed slightly red, as though having stayed awake the whole night.

"That's why you can't let her stay at home anymore. I'll bring her out for a walk and to adjust her mood."

"Then, remember to be careful when you guys go out. She's now…"


Ji Ziming nodded, looking at his woman smugly.

Pei Ge was shocked inside. If anyone could persuade the older woman, it could only be him. It was likely that only the two knew the reason for her red eyes.

Qu Jingwan coldly witnessed the mother-son pair argue. According to her understanding of the woman, since she was so silent and the man was very protective of her, she concluded that the two had come to some kind of agreement. This agreement was something she did not know of.

When the man drove out the Maserati, Pei Ge was already standing at the entrance waiting for him.

"Get in." He stopped the car in front of her.

"Okay." She opened the door and sat inside. Before she could properly adjust her seating, she felt something poking her butt below her and frowned. "What is this?"

"A present." The man's lips curled up, eyeing the black brocade box on her seat.

"Present? What present?" She picked up the box. Her English name was printed on it.

"Open it and take a look. See if you like it."


Inside the box was a sparkling, pentagon diamond. As it lay in her palm, it reflected the light.

"Use this to take a closer look." The man passed a portable, magnifying glass to her. "You may find a surprise inside."

"I'm already very surprised." She received the magnifying glass from him and placed it above the diamond, finding an extremely small chip that could not be seen with the naked eye.

"You can only see the thing under the diamond with this magnifying glass. You can't see it with other magnifying glasses." He buckled her safety belt securely. "Sit properly. We'll go to the company now."

"You're giving me such a valuable item." She was slightly overwhelmed by this gesture. In her memory, although he had always treated her well, he had never been this grandly endearing.

"Then, are you willing to be my woman forever?" He looked into her moist eyes. His gaze showed a promise, making her feel, all the more, that she had met the right person.

"I…" The surprise came out of nowhere so she had yet to process it.

"I won't bring you to the company today if you're unwilling."

"Why are you this bad? Annoying!" She turned away from him. Her shy look made his smile become wider.

"There's something more annoying. Do you wanna see it?"

His handsome features were dazzling under the hazy, morning sunlight, causing her eyes to turn slack.

The man's eyes turned grim slightly as he peered at her with a deep gaze. "Why? Is there something on my face?"

"No." She shook her head, gripping the box slightly tighter. "I just feel so blessed and blissful right now."


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