Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1480 The higher one stands, the more painful the fall will be.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1480 The higher one stands, the more painful the fall will be.

"This ring has GPS. I can check your location anytime and anywhere, so I'll know wherever you are if you're wearing it."

"Such power in such a tiny chip."

"This diamond isn't like any other." Ji Ziming's eyes glistened and formed a circle with Pei Ge at the center of it.

"What's the difference? Aren't all diamonds the same?"

"Legend has it that this diamond was gifted by Louis XIV to his lover. She was snatched from a nobleman by a guard, who was in charge of helping him find beautiful women. It is said that this diamond won't glow easily, and if it does, something major will happen."

"Are you giving it to me now?"

"That's because you're the woman I love the most. I got this ring from an auction in France."

"I recall it now. Is this that 'flashing diamond' which cost 1.4-billion yuan?"

"You've heard of it?"

"Yes. While I was overseas, a client told me about it. That person said that the diamond was bought by a rich man from China. I didn't expect the buyer to be you."

The man moved his cold eyes to gaze at the woman. All fates were arranged by the heavens. She knew about it before, and it was just nice that he gave it to her.

"Did you ever consider us meeting again when you returned to the country?"

"I did, but at that time, I had no courage to meet you." Pei Ge shifted her gaze to one side as memories of the past surfaced in her mind.

Knock, knock! A series of knocks came from the door.

"Come in." Ji Ziming put the ring on his woman's wedding finger just before the door was pushed open. He turned around and looked coldly at the secretary who was standing at the entrance.

"Boss, this is the document that you wanted. I've already sorted them out…" Finding the atmosphere in the office to be slightly queer, the secretary hurriedly place the document on the table and left.

"Wait a sec. Sort out Red Star's financial data for the past two years, compile it into a report, and give me—no, give her."

"Yes. I'll get it done now." Upon receiving these orders, the secretary fled the office. If he were any slower, he would most probably be frozen by the cold air that his boss was emitting. The only person who could raise his superior's temper was Pei Ge.

"Why do I feel that he's very afraid of you?" Upon seeing the secretary flee, the woman smiled. "He seemed very anxious."

"Am I that frightening?" Ji Ziming picked up the document on the table. This was the 50-million yuan contract that he discussed with Jiang Company yesterday.

"How's the ring?" He flipped and read the content of the document but did not turn to look at the woman.

"Mhm, what?" For a moment, the woman did not catch his question. She reached out and pressed the area of the ring. "The size is just right; you know my size, right?"

"I don't know." The man walked to the sofa with the document in hand as he sat down. Looking at his woman, who was playing with her phone, he asked, "We can have another set of a table and chairs in this office."

"Do you feel that I'm occupying your place?" Pei Ge arched a brow. Her smile grew wider as her gaze on the man became more sincere.

"No. You're not only occupying my seat," replied the man, "but also my heart."

"You!" Her cheeks turned red but could only pretend that nothing had happened.

Knock, knock! A series of knocks came from the door again.

"Enter," said the man concisely.

"Boss, this is Red Star's two-year financial data; ma'am, please take a look at it. I'll place the document here and leave."


Upon receiving his approval, the secretary fled the office again. He closed the door as though there were greases on his sole.

"That secretary of yours sure is efficient. He's able to get the report done in such a short time."

"I don't feed idlers, after all." Ji Ziming continued reading the document in his hand while looking very charismatic. "Except for you."

Despite being delighted deep down, Pei Ge did not show her emotions. "I want to meet Red Star's CEO."

"Okay. I'll arrange a meeting between you two now."

"Then, I should be able to meet the person who asked for a price four times the original."

"I'll accompany you there."

"Really?" She lifted her head and looked up at the man; her eyes seemed to be teeming with stars.

The man kept his head low all the way, so the woman could only see his beautiful features and the sharp contours of his face, which further enhanced his charisma.

"Have you seen enough? If you've seen enough, then properly do a research on Red Star. We'll try to reach a deal with them this afternoon."

After being caught by the male lead, she stuck out her tongue and proceeded to look at the document in her hand.

"That real-estate company really isn't simple. It was listed for five years. What's more; its CEO started the business from scratch. All his contracts are examples in the real-estate industry. This person's mind and foresight aren't simple. Proposing such a sky-high acquisition price shows that he has sufficient abilities and rights…"

The man listened carefully; he believed then that handing this job to this woman was a right choice.

Meanwhile, Qu Jingwan, who was in the Ji mansion, was on the phone with Old Lady Qu, asking for methods.

"Grandma, Pei Ge is really not easy to deal with. I didn't expect her to fake being pregnant; as a result, the drug that I added in her milk had no effect. I even placed oil on the staircase for her to slip onto, but nothing happened, either."

"Since she's not pregnant, what else can happen?" The elderly lady was in the greenhouse, taking care of the flowers as she stood by the window and gazed up at the thin clouds in the sky. The wrinkles in the corner of her eyes surfaced slowly as her voice became filled with evilness. "Granddaughter, don't be afraid. Grandma will help you to deal with her, but you must promise me that you'll stay in that family and make use of Madam Ji and Ji Chi. They're your trump cards."

"You don't know; auntie thinks that Pei Ge is pregnant, so she's treating her very well. When Ji Ziming brought that woman back and said that she kept vomiting because of morning sickness, auntie specially made that woman soup to ease her morning sickness."

"Listen to grandma; we're in no hurry to reveal that woman's true colors. Just think like this. Now, with how strongly Madam Ji attaches importance to that woman, the bigger the blow will be once she learns the truth. Do you think that woman will still be able to do whatever she pleases afterward?"

"You're right. Still, I… As long as I think about that sl*t, climbing all over me and smiling at me, I feel disgusted."

"Just remember that only those who tasted bitterness can enjoy a sweet life." Old Lady Qu regarded a nearby bamboo tree, which had already grown to about two meters.

"I get it, grandma. I'll endure it; I wanna see Pei Ge fall from the height that she's at right now."


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