Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1482 How could a person be split into two?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1482 How could a person be split into two?

Pei Ge held her crystal glass with reddened cheeks. The red wine in it swiveled. Her smile was captured and locked in the bottom of the man's heart right then.

"Eat slowly." There was black pepper sauce on the woman's chin. Ji Ziming reached out and took some tissue with laughter in his eyes. "You're so old, yet you still make a mess when you eat."

The woman's thick lashes fluttered. "I didn't do it on purpose."

"Eat slowly. If it's not enough, we'll get another one."

"No need. One is enough. I ate too hastily, so it got onto my chin."

She did not move and let him gently clean her chin. This was the first time he had treated her so gently.

"It's done." He threw the tissue paper into the bin and exchanged his cut steak with hers. "I've cut mine; it's for you."

"I can cut it myself."

Pei Ge looked at her steak being taken by the man and hurriedly declined. "I'm not disabled."

"In my eyes, you are."


She had nothing to say as her beautiful eyes focused on the man. Her voice sounded touched when she spoke. "You're so nice to me and I can't leave you."

The man's cold eyes darkened and narrowed. His features also became colder. "You want to leave?"

"Huh? No, no." She remembered that she had just promised him that she would not leave his side. Upon hearing her words, the aura around the man changed. Just before, the room temperature was at 26 degrees Celsius, but now, it was at negative 26 degrees Celsius.

"No, no. Hear me out." She quickly waved her hands, but it was already too late.

The man's chilly eyes were fixated on her as his body inched closer to her. The frightening aura that he was exuding caused her to lean back slightly. "You're leaving? Have I agreed to it?"

"No. Listen to me; I'm saying—"

Knock, knock! A series of knocks came from the door.

"Boss, I'm here to inform you that Old Lady Qu is waiting in the conference room for you."

Ji Ziming's brows furrowed, and he said harshly, "I know."

The woman took this chance to get away from his mighty body, which was towering over her. "Go settle your matter. I won't leave, so don't worry."

He got up and yanked his tie, allowing him to breathe slightly better. He sounded harsh and cold. "You'd better stay put and not go anywhere!"

"I know; go on now." The woman nodded her head obediently, not wanting him to be like earlier.

"I'll come back in a while." He picked up his jacket on the sofa and wore it with practiced ease. His long, slender legs, coupled with his handsome features, made the woman's heart beat fast.

"I know." Pei Ge sat back on the sofa and looked at the delectable steak. She picked up her fork, but before she could place it in her mouth, the man's voice sounded just as the door was about to close. "Eat slowly."

Her clear, watery eyes looked at the door which was closed slowly as well as the disappearing shadow outside. Looking at this enormous office, there was a slight disappointment in her heart.

Standing in the elevator, Ji Ziming's cold eyes were on the metallic walls and his voice sounded aloof. "What is that old woman doing in my office?"

"I asked her, but she said that she came for work-related matters and told me to invite you over quickly. That's why I got you to come." The secretary stood at one side with his head slightly lowered as he recalled the scene when that elderly woman came to the office earlier. "Could she be here for Miss Qu?"

"Whether or not, we'll know when we get there."

Ding! The elevator doors opened, and the man strode outside with the secretary right behind him and arrived at the meeting room soon.

"Old Lady Qu, why didn't you tell me that you're coming to my office?"

"Young Master Ji, it's a spontaneous decision to come here. Why must I inform you? It's my honor that you're coming to meet me."

"You're being too polite; please have a seat. Serve her some tea."

"No need; I'm not thirsty. I'm looking for you to talk about Red Star. I heard that the price of acquisition, which they're asking for, is four times the price of your company; is that true?"

Ji Ziming's deep eyes darkened. Only internal staff who had seen the contract should know about this, so why did an outsider know it, too?

"It doesn't matter whether this is true or false. Red Star's annual revenue is one of the best in the industry."

"Young Master Ji, I hope that you remember that I'm still Qu Jingwan's grandmother and you're her fiancé. Then, you should know how I'm related to you."

The elderly woman shot the man a glance and captured all his emotions but could not comprehend the smile on his face. This smile froze her heart like the snow during winter.

"Remember the identity that you are assuming today as you seek me." The corner of Ji Ziming's lips curled and his gaze became sharp. He sat on the sofa and exuded a kingly aura. "If you're treating me as the CEO of the Ji Group, then I have nothing to say, but if you see me as your granddaughter's fiancé, I, too, have nothing to say."

"You!" The old woman stared at him with an undulating chest. Her words were full of disdain. "You're my granddaughter's fiancé and that makes you half a member of my Qu family. What's more; I, an elder person, came here to visit you, but not only are you disrespectful toward me, you're treating your guest in this manner, too."

"I spoke wrongly. First and foremost, I'm this company's CEO and all internal affairs are private and confidential. You're a businesswoman so you should know such basic knowledge. Second, your granddaughter and I are merely betrothed in name. How could a person be in halves? I'm still a member of my family and your granddaughter is a member of yours. How can I tell others about my company's private affairs?"

Chilliness filled the man's eyes. The moment he heard this elderly woman's opening gambit, he knew what she was here for. She was not here for work-related matters but for her granddaughter.

"You!" Old Lady Qu was infuriated, never having known that this young man was so hard to deal with. He was unwilling to give her face. She continued to sit there as she tried to get useful information from him.

"What you said doesn't work. As your fiancée's grandmother, what's wrong with me being concerned about how she's doing in your house. It's a normal thing, and there's no need for you to be so against it."

"It's too grave for you to say that I'm against it. I'm not against it; our house's doors are always open for you, and you can go there anytime to visit your granddaughter."


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