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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1483 Who broke the vase?

The calmer and more casual the man appeared, the more intimidated the elderly woman got. She seemed to be in hell, and this man was the devil himself. She could not decipher the look in his frigid eyes.

"I know about your abilities. I'm only here to visit you and ask about my granddaughter's situation."

"If you want to find out about her situation, you can just call her using the phone. Why was there a need for you to come here?"

"How could that be the same? Jingwan is my granddaughter. As a grandmother, I should at least know how you two are doing."

"Then, let me tell you: My fiancée is someone else."

When he retorted like this, she recalled her granddaughter's words about Pei Ge. She realized then that waiting for a chance was a mistake as it must be created by themselves.

"What joke are you on? Your marriage arrangement with my granddaughter is known throughout Beijing. If you suddenly say that your fiancée isn't her but Pei Ge, how will others think of my family and yours?"

Ji Ziming snorted. "Since you're aware of my abilities, how others view my family is up to me."

"What about my family? Where will our face be? Plus, this is an arrangement made between your mother and my family."

"One can also go back on an agreement. If there's marriage, then there's divorce."

He narrowed his eyes. Over these few days, he had been secretly investigating this old lady's background, yet her tracks had been covered fast. Her family background was unbelievably clean; despite this, he would continue his investigation because he had once overheard this elderly woman's words to her granddaughter.

"Can I take your words to mean that you're refusing to acknowledge my granddaughter as your fiancée?" Old Lady Qu could no longer sit still. It seemed that, in front of this man, there was fabric, which he was slowly tearing apart. Her deepest secret seemed about to see light, and all her previous experiences and deeds would be revealed as time went by.

"I didn't say that. After all, your granddaughter is still with us and is taking care of my mother and son." He drastically changed his stance. "In any case, how do you know that the fiancée I was talking about is Pei Ge? Ever since she returned from overseas, she has seldom appeared in public. Since you know about this, I'll take it that you and your granddaughter have been exchanging words often?"

The man could perceive her thoughts through her eyes, and it was like a sword smeared with poison penetrating the bottom of her heart.

"It's hard for that woman not to be famous when she's with you. I often see news of her. How could you conclude that I heard it from my granddaughter?" She refused to admit defeat and looked at the man with viciousness in her eyes as she sounded time-beaten and mocking. "It's difficult for people who are with you, especially women, not to be in the limelight."

"Not everyone can appear on it easily, too." Ji Ziming snorted lightly.

The atmosphere in the meeting room became awkward, and the secretary, who was standing beside his boss, sweated profusely. How was this a meeting between the two leaders when it was clearly a meeting between two enemies? However, upon seeing how confident and calm his boss was, the secretary became calmer.

"You don't have to harbor so much animosity toward me. I'm your fiancée's grandmother, so technically, I'm yours as well." Old Lady Qu tried to capitalize on her seniority. If this man was unwilling to give her face while talking about her granddaughter, then he should at least give her some face on the account of her age.

"This isn't my animosity, but I'm just being honest. As a CEO with so many subordinates under me, if I'm unable to manage myself well, how can I manage my people? That's why I can't give you an accurate piece of information, so please give up early."

She looked at him coldly, still unable to glean his thoughts.

"It's still the same; we're a family. Fine. I have been out long enough and should return at this point. There are still matters in the company awaiting me; I'll end our talk here."

"Then, take care." The man stood up and smiled at her. "Someone come and see Old Lady Qu out."

"Boss, let me send the elderly madam off." Standing beside the man, his secretary took a step forward. "Ma'am, this way please."

THe elderly woman got up off the sofa with a brown LV handbag slung on her arms and said mockingly, "Remember: How are outsiders closer than family?"

"See her off." Ji Ziming's cold eyes darkened, and even his voice sounded harsh.

If not for this old lady being Qu Jingwan's grandmother, he would really try to acquire the Qu family's company. Where would this old lady flare up then?

"I'm leaving; treat Jingwan well. I dote on her the most, and I'm handing her to you." The elderly woman looked reluctant as though her granddaughter was suffering in the Ji family's house.


He remained silent and merely looked on as the old woman left the meeting room. Thereafter, he boarded the elevator and went straight to his office on the top floor.

The moment the door to the office was opened, Pei Ge turned to look in that direction. When she saw the person coming in, her eyes were full of smiles. "Why did you chat with that old lady for so long?"

"She was aware of her granddaughter's matter."

The man took a few steps and sat down beside his woman. Seeing the cold steak on the plate, his appetite dissipated further.

"Qu Jingwan? What's wrong with her?" Unable to understand this, the woman frowned. "She's doing fine in your family. Did she complain to her grandmother?"

"Do you still remember when Qu Jingwan drugged me while we were on vacation?"

"Remember. I heard Xu Weitian saying that she left the hotel early in the morning. She made use of the identity as your fiancée to stay next to your room and even bought over the service staff so I couldn't find you."

"A vase was broken in that room." His deep eyes narrowed as he looked in the direction of the blooming spider plant by the floor-to-ceiling window.

"What's wrong with the vase? Does she need to pay for it?"

"No, that vase is merely a counterfeit, but an excellent imitation. I once found an expert to check it, and they didn't even notice this fact. I'm very curious on whether she broke it on purpose or by accident."

"According to my understanding of her, she doesn't appear to be savvy regarding antiques. I remember that my room has a vase, too, and it's a pair with the one in her room, but she didn't even notice it. Based on her personality, she would be infuriated and find ways to take away the vase in my room or break it."


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