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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1484 Friend or Foe

"That's why I suspect that she met someone in that room that day, and that's the same one who gave her the drugs."

"Are you saying that her grandmother is suspicious?" Pei Ge could not believe it. To her, such an elderly woman should be caring and loving. Although she really disliked the way she did things at times, she still felt that the old lady was kind and sincere at heart.

"It's just a suspicion. Do you know why she came to see me today?"

"Don't know." She shook her head. The innocence in her eyes made Ji Ziming's heart hurt slightly. If it was proven that the person helping Qu Jingwan was that Old Lady Qu, then this woman before him would be in danger, too.

"She actually knows our company's offer to Red Star, as well as that company's skyhigh asking price."

"How did she find out about that?" The woman was stupefied. She had only learned about it a few days ago. That elderly woman's connections were apparently quite vast, for she even knew about the Ji Group's internal affairs.

"I don't know how she found out, but it's certain that our company has a spy. This goes to show that that old lady isn't so simple, and if she can put people in my company, she can do it at other companies, too."

The man carefully analyzed while telling her all the reasons that elderly woman had sought him today, yet those reasons did not make sense.

"Up till now, other than drugging you, Qu Jingwan also drugged me to cause a miscarriage and even spread olive oil on the staircase to cause my fall."

"Let's drive her out of the house." Ji Ziming lifted his head and announced this decision.

"We can't yet. It's still not the time for her to leave. Don't worry; I can protect myself from her."

"Let's get a doctor to cure Ji Chi's illness. If the specialists in the country are unable to do it, we can go overseas."

"Ping An's condition isn't stable enough for long travel. He can only remain in the house for now."

"Is it a must for her to stay?" The coldness in him made his gaze on Pei Ge appear more doting and heart-aching.

"One day, our son will know about what you've done for him. If he doesn't know, I'll make him know that, for his sake, his mommy let an evil woman stay with us."

"Still, we can't be certain that the one behind her is her grandmother, but if it really is that elderly lady, I think it's even better." Her eyes were full of smiles while appearing gentle as they looked at the man.

"Why do you think that it's better?"

"Because we understand her, and more importantly, her granddaughter who is staying with us. Even if Qu Jingwan can pass messages to her grandmother from your house, she can also pass messages to us."

The man leaned against the sofa and looked at his woman before smiling. "You're getting smarter."

"What do you mean? Was I dumb before?"

"Mhm. Very dumb. So dumb that you couldn't differentiate between a CEO and a gigolo." His smile deepened. He appeared to be a different man from the one in the meeting room earlier.

"You're still bringing that up. It happened so long ago; stop mentioning it already. If you mention it again, I'll ignore you."

"If you ignore me, who else will you be bothered with?" Ji Ziming used his long arms to wrap the woman in his embrace as he spoke in his masculine voice. "I'll quickly investigate who Qu Jingwan met in that room that day."

"Mhm." Feeling his heartbeat through his clothes, Pei Ge's mind became at ease.

Meanwhile, Old Lady Qu, who was in her car, called her granddaughter as she raged.

The latter was giving Madam Ji a head massage in the mansion. When the phone on the table rang, she apologetically said, "Auntie, I will go answer this call and will be back in a bit."

"Go ahead; go ahead. I'll wait here for you." The older woman was delighted by her head massage and was not bothered with the identity of the caller.

She nodded. "I'll be back fast."

"Mhm. Go settle your matter first." The older woman closed her eyes as satisfaction showed on her face, signaling her good mood.

Qu Jingwan picked up the phone, and upon seeing that it was from her grandmother, she hastily went out and closed the door.

"Grandma, why are you calling me now?"

"What are you doing?" The moment she thought of Pei Ge being in Young Master Ji's office instead of her granddaughter, Old Lady Qu would feel very unhappy, so her voice was inadvertently filled with much mockery.

"I'm giving auntie a massage," answered her granddaughter honestly.

"You're still giving her a massage; do you have any idea that the Ji Group is about to be stolen by Pei Ge?!"

"Grandma, you went to the office?" Only then did Qu Jingwan notice that her grandmother's voice was teeming with anger.

"If I didn't go there, would I know that that sl*t is bullying you?"

"I told you before that that woman isn't easy to deal with."

"That's right. It's not easy to deal with her. All the employees there saw Ji Ziming carrying her from the elevator all the way to his car. Now, everyone at that company knows that he dotes on that woman so much. How are you able to sit still? Quickly go snatch him back."

On one hand, the elderly woman was chastising her granddaughter; on the other hand, she hated how good Pei Ge was at snatching the man from her granddaughter.

"Don't you know that she's faking her pregnancy? Find a chance to tell Madam Ji about it. She has been in the workforce for so many years and should know something. Didn't that Pei Ge join the company? You should find a chance for that man's mother to arrange a work for you in the company. Request for whatever that woman has. All in all, you must fight it out with her until the end. It doesn't matter if you're using dirty tricks as long as you emerge as the victor."

"I got it; don't worry about this anymore." Qu Jingwan quietly listened to her grandmother's reprimand.

"How can I not worry? You're not liked by that young chap of the Jis at all. If you don't trap his mother firmly in your hands, I'm really afraid that, one day, her son will kick you out."

"Grandma, rest assured that it won't happen. Other than his mother, I still have his son. His parents went out, yet Ji Chi has been by my side."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. I'll find the right time and reveal a bit about Pei Ge's fake pregnancy to auntie."

"That's great, then. You need to work harder and crush that woman!"

The elderly lady was nearly shouting these words, though her driver was shocked, he dared not utter a word.

"I definitely will. Everything in this family, including the man, is mine!" There were flames in Qu Jingwan's eyes as she looked forward to a prosperous future.


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