Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1492 Those with objection, please remain silent.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1492 Those with objection, please remain silent.

"Manager Zhang, haven't you heard of the Ji Group's CEO? Last month, he acquired Nanjiang, and though that company ended up folding, it became the leading commerce in the real-estate sector within half a month after Young Master Ji took over. I'm advising you to think through this properly. There's still time for you to regret."

"I won't regret; just tell me if you'll give me my salary."

"I don't have your salary, and the money from the Ji Group is set for the company's turnover funds. If I give you your salary, as well as your subordinates', how can I fulfill the duty the director entrusted me with?"

"Old lady, are you tired of living? Huh! Do you have an affair with that old man? If not, why are you protecting this sh*tty company for him? That old man is going to die soon and already has one leg in the coffin; is it worth it for an old woman like you to keep your chastity for him?"

The man's words generated laughter among the crowd. Pei Ge, who was holding Ji Ziming's hand, could not bear to listen further. Just as she moved to approach these clamoring people, she was stopped by the man.

As the commotion got louder, Cheng Liqing dashed out of the meeting room. When he saw the couple and their driver outside, beads of perspiration rolled down his forehead. "This… I'm really sorry that sir and ma'am have to witness such an embarrassing scene; I'll go settle it now."

Just as he rushed to the hubbub, the man told his woman, "A company requires not only good employees but also a good leader. This is a chance for that guy to prove himself."

The woman knew this, too, and stood next to the man as she listened to the ongoing conflict.

Panting, the manager ran to the finance department and saw over ten people there. It was impossible to solve this problem with his say alone, but as there was the man watching him make a decision, this had suddenly become a life-and-death matter.

"Surnamed Zhang, don't think that the company is flattering you; you want money right? Alright, then. We'll see what you've done for the company. After we're finished with what you owe this company, we'll calculate how much salary we should give you."

"What do you mean?" The person in question was slightly flustered. Could it be that they had found out about him using the company to ask for benefits?

"Huang Zhian, bring me all of this guy's bills. I'll read them to him one by one."

"Yes." That employee took out four files from his briefcase and passed them to him. "These are his bills; I jotted everything down."

"Surnamed Zhang, don't you want money? Come; let's count how much of the company's revenue has been misappropriated by you all these years." Cheng Liqing widened his eyes, and seeing how taken aback the person was, the fury in his heart was driven to an all-time high.

"During your first year in the company, you lost one of the company's 20-million-yuan order. A few clients complained about for trying to extort protection fees from them; at the end of your first year, the company gave you a ten-thousand yuan bonus, but you still took Wang Xiaohua's year-end bonus; during your second year, you took advantage of the business trip to Chang City to stay at a five-star hotel and eat at first-class restaurants using the company's funds. Oh, right. Back then, when you and your wife were filing for a divorce, you appeared to have a mistress? Let's continue; you used close to 500 thousand of company funds during that one business trip—"

"Stop speaking; I… I don't dare to do it again. I won't ask you for my back pay anymore, alright?" Zhang appeared to be in pain. All of his deeds had actually been recorded by the company without him knowing it.

"Don't want your backpay anymore? Sure. Then, take these people with you and scram!" Cheng Liqing smashed the documents on the table. The loud, banging sound deprived the person of all his courage to ask for compensation.

He tried his luck one last time. "I don't want any separation pay; I just want my last salary. Can it be allowed? There are so many brothers who need to feed their family, and it isn't easy to be out working."

"You want your salary, but it's only the ninth right now. The salary for last month was given out on the 20th, and you're trying to get a salary up till today?" The manager looked behind him, and because he was crazily tracking records, fear appeared on everyone's face.

"Yes." The other finally got his confidence back.

"That's great; I'll give you the salary. Huang Zhian, help me calculate his total salary from last month till now. Don't calculate wrongly and give him whatever he has."

"Yes, manager." That employee swiftly opened Zhang's personal salary sheet, and in less than two minutes, he got the result. "His salary is 3960 yuan."

"Alright. Give him a slip for him to collect his pay."

From the sidelines, Ji Ziming pulled Pei Ge forward. His tall, slender build attracted the attention of everyone present. "Wait a minute, Manager Cheng; since the contract is already signed and the money is from the Ji Group, let me make the decision here."

"Boss, do what you want to do; I agree, I agree."

Zhang's earlier bravado disappeared. "Are you…"

"We'll give you twice the salary, but you must agree to never set foot in this company again. If you agree to it, you, including your so-called brothers, will get that much pay."

Everyone looked at one another, unclear on whether his words were true or false. All of them stood in their places and dared not move. Zhang was even more nervous. There were rumors that Red Star would be acquired by the Ji Group, but these had been spread two months prior, so he had not put much stock into it.

"Why? Do you have any objections to what I've said?" Ji Ziming raised a brow as he exuded a cold aura. The sharpness of his eyes was like a poisonous dagger stabbing into the person in question and making him unable to look the man in the eyes.

"N-No… No." The former manager stammered a reply but could not speak a complete sentence. "Thanks, CEO Ji."

"That's great, then. Since this lot has no objection, Manager Cheng, do as I say. Give them their salaries while getting them to sign an oath that they will never set foot on Red Star again for the rest of their lives."

The man held his woman and glared daggers at Huang Zhian, who was not far from the door. His cold eyes darkened when he saw that the guy was looking at his woman rather endearingly; upon realizing that he had been seen, the guy quickly averted his gaze.


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