Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1493 A lie requires many lies to cover up.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1493 A lie requires many lies to cover up.

Sitting in front of the computer, Huang Zhian pretended to be typing away frantically, while in actual fact, after seeing Ji Ziming's cold gaze from his peripheral view, he gave up thinking.

"Alright. Listen to Young Master Ji. Huang Zhian, quickly calculate all their salaries and give them twice the amount. The HR department shall draft the agreement and print it for them to sign."

Cheng Liqing stood in the enormous office and directed each department. The chaotic place, which was akin to a wet market earlier, was now completely silent after the man's arrival.

Who was Ji Ziming? He was a person who could pump life into a dying company and was also the new big boss of this one.

"Manager Cheng, why not… forget about signing the agreement, and I just won't resign anymore?" Zhang was like a puddle of dirty mud from jelly his legs had become. The moment he saw Ji Ziming, he slumped in his chair and started speaking feebly.

"Not signing? Then, you don't want your salary anymore?"

With the man backing him, Cheng Liqing's voice sounded more steely. "If you don't want to sign the agreement, you won't get your salary. This are the words of our new boss; don't tell me that you didn't hear them?"

"Manager Cheng, I won't leave anymore; can't that work? Given the situation the company is in, I can't leave."

"No way. You're the one who insisted on leaving, so how could you not leave now? You want to find a better company before tendering your resignation and then try to get some compensation; isn't that your plan? If you aren't leaving anymore, what will happen to all these brothers of yours?"

"They're them and I am me. I won't leave; can't that work? I'll continue to work hard for our company and I promise not to repeat my past mistakes, alright?"

Zhang's face had turned red and pale with the other's words. He had lost his pride already, and it would be more foolish if he lost anything else. Furthermore, since he saw this bigshot here with his two eyes, there was no chance of not making it big in Red Star.

Ji Ziming looked at the manager icily as the coldness in his eyes intensified. He pulled his woman and walked toward the elevator slowly.

Pei Ge held her man's hand and looked at him, feeling baffled. "Why don't you want to watch further?"

"No need; the result is out."

"What result? Are you saying that Cheng Liqing will forgive that guy?"

"He won't. If he forgives him, he will have to let that guy stay. The latter is even willing to abandon his people, so it's clear to him that the guy isn't a good person. At first, I thought that he got to where he is today through sucking up to others, but I've come to realize that he's quite useful and very perceptive, too."

The woman was confused by his words, not understanding how he had drawn that conclusion.

"Still don't understand?"

The sound of the elevator doors opening coincided with the man's question, and she shook her head.

"Since Cheng Liqing knows who the new big boss is, he'll naturally follow the path that this person arranges. This is him sucking up. Me telling Zhang and the others never to come back at Red Star after leaving showed that I'll never use such people again, and if I don't use them, other companies won't, either, so their best choice will be to return here, but I've already gotten them to sign an agreement that they won't ever return to this company. As such, those people won't be able to work here again. That manager clearly understood my intentions but didn't say it explicitly; instead, he used it to humiliate that Zhang fellow. This is why I said that he's very perceptive."

After being enlightened by Ji Ziming, Pei Ge got it all of a sudden. "It seems like this Cheng Liqing is a pretty intelligent person."

"The only stupidity he has is toward you."

Speaking of this, the man's cold eyes darkened, and he shot a glance at He Yun, who was beside them. His dark eyes dimmed slightly. "That's also why he managed to rise through the ranks."

"Indeed, it's rare to find a person who is smart and knows how to suck up properly." His woman nodded in agreement.

The elevator stopped on the first floor. When Pei Ge hooked her arm through his and left the elevator, it caused quite a stir. A fair amount of people fished out their phones to take pictures, with some even using selfie sticks as they tried to capture pictures of themselves with the man's back.

"Sir, the pictures in these people's hands; should we…"

The driver was slightly worried because his boss disliked leaving his photos in strangers' hands.

"No need; let them be. They'll know it sooner or later."

The man looked at the road ahead of him calmly as he gripped Pei Ge's delicate hand tightly. The warmth in his palm traveled from his veins straight to his heart.

Nothing was more important than the person beside him.

The three exited the company and saw that their car was already parked in front. The security at the entrance bowed when he saw them.

"Be careful." The man opened the door to the back seat to let his woman in first. His white hand covered the top of the car to prevent her from bumping on it accidentally.

"I got it." Pei Ge stuck her tongue out, and the warmth in her eyes made him smile.

In the car, the man took the phone from the driver's hands, and it showed that his mother had called him seven times.

His cold eyes darkened as he called back.

The call was connected in less than two seconds, and the older woman's agitated voice was ear-piercing.

"Ziming, the doctor called earlier to say that Pei Ge is really pregnant. Aiya! I'm really too happy. When will you be back? I already instructed Auntie Zhang to cook chicken soup for our pregnant family member. She's too skinny right now, so she needs more nourishment and to eat more. That way, my precious grandchild will be healthy…"

Madam Ji's chattering could be heard by everyone in the car. The man hung up the call, and his demeanor made it look like the one on the other end was a noisy bird instead of his mother.

"You told auntie about the pregnancy?"

Sitting beside the man, Pei Ge clearly heard every word of the older woman. Cold sweat soaked her back. The woman initially thought that he would explain to his mother that she was not truly pregnant; she had no idea that this matter would escalate to a point of no return. How was she supposed to face the older woman's look of anticipation when she got home?

"Don't worry; you still have me. I'll settle this well." He looked at the driver in front as he spoke in a deep voice. "Don't worry; there's still me."

His white hand covered hers, but this time around, it did not bring the woman any sense of security. Instead, the guilt over the piling lies was filling her heart.


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