Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1495 The higher a person stands, the more painful the fall will be.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1495 The higher a person stands, the more painful the fall will be.

"I got it, auntie." She nodded albeit unused to the older woman's nagging.

Madam Ji was already done preparing dinner and was just waiting for them to return home. Just as she went to the kitchen to get some soup, Qu Jingwan at the dining table looked coldly at Pei Ge. "Why are you still lying even now?"

"What am I lying about?" She got herself some water before countering the lady's question.

"You know what I'm talking about. Don't tell me that you want me to tell auntie the truth?" The lady's red lips curled and the smile in her eyes were obvious.

"If you tell her now, do you think she'll believe you or the pregnancy report obtained at the hospital this afternoon?"

"You…" Qu Jingwan clenched her fists and had the urge to slap this woman before her. When she was about to mock her, Madam Ji returned with the soup.

Here. Don't scald yourself, alright? This soup is good for the baby in your stomach." The older woman opened the cover, and the fragrance permeated the air instantly.

Surprised, Pei Ge asked, "What type of soup is this?"

"This is chicken soup with cordyceps; it's nourishing to your baby. Drink more of this and it's best if you finish it all."

"It's too much; I can't finish this, but we have Miss Qu here, so she can have some, too."

"Jingwan can't have it; I made this soup especially for you. This is for you and baby's development. She will have something else with us. Auntie Zhang made crucian soup tonight, and it doesn't taste bad. Jingwan, have more of it later."

Qu Jingwan smiled. "That's right. This soup was painstakingly prepared for you by auntie. We have ours, so you have more of this to give birth to a healthy, baby boy for the family."

"That's right; Pei Ge, do you hear it? What she said is correct, so drink up."

Ji Ziming wore his household clothes and came down. He heard the three women's conversation even from the living room. His cold eyes twinkled. He knew that the answer he wanted would soon come to light.

"What are you guys talking about so excitedly?"

"Son, persuade Pei Ge to have more chicken soup. I spent an entire afternoon making it while waiting for her return home. It's the right time to have it now." His mother pulled a chair and took a seat. When she saw him approaching them, she quickly got him to join them in persuading his woman to drink more soup.

"Alright. Have more soup." He nodded and looked at his woman.

"I'll try my best." Upon receiving his eye-signal, she nodded in perceptively. "Since auntie specially prepared this soup for me, I'll definitely have more and won't waste anything."

"Aye. That's right. This is my good Pei Ge." Since the older woman's wish was fulfilled, the smile on her face became more sincere. "From here on, I'll make you soup every day. You must drink it."

"Huh? Every day?" Pei Ge's hands, which were holding the bowl, trembled. "Auntie, actually, you don't have to make it for me every day. My health is really fantastic, and the baby certainly won't be short of any nutrition."

"I don't care; you have no say in this matter." The older woman's eyes turned chilly as she ignored her objection. "Since I'm making soup for you, you just have to drink it. You needn't care about anything else. If you want to go out with my son, I won't stop you, but promise me that you'll take good care of my precious grandchild. As for me, I'll take good care of you when you're at home; does that work?"

"Alright. Mom, you prepare soup for her every day while I make sure she drinks it." The man placed his hand on his woman's slender thigh and gave a reply for her.

"That'll do. Don't' worry; I'll make different kinds of soup for our pregnant family member here every day, so that she won't get sick of the taste."

Seeing the furrow in her brows, the older woman mistakenly thought that she was unwilling to drink soup.

The reality was indeed like this. Not only was she unwilling to have soup, Pei Ge did not even have the courage to face the man's mother.

The difficult meal had finally ended. Ji Ziming dragged his woman upstairs, while Qu Jingwan sat in the living room and stared at Ji Chi absentmindedly.

She listened to the conversation during dinner without making any noise, but in reality, her hands, which were underneath the table, could no longer control themselves. She clenched her fists so tightly that her nails dug a bit into her palms. However, she still had to pretend to speak for the older woman and encouraged Pei Ge to finish all the chicken soup in the pot.

"Jingwan, what's wrong with you?" Madam Ji entered from the courtyard, and when she saw the young lady sitting on the sofa dazedly, her heart could not bear it as she thought of what had happened during dinner.

"Auntie, why did you come in from outside?" The lady lifted her head and saw the older woman carrying a bunch of vegetables in her hands. She had never seen her do this before, so she was baffled. "Those are?"

"They're ingredients for Pei Ge's soup tomorrow. I specially searched for them under the roses in the courtyard, and there are only these few ones. Thankfully, these are enough to make soup for her; that's why we can't have it, too."

"Oh, it's for Pei Ge. No wonder."

"Are you feeling uncomfortable because she's pregnant now, and all the family's attention is on her?" The older woman placed the veggies on the table and sat down beside the lady.

"How could that be? Why would I be unhappy? It's a great thing that she's pregnant as that means she'll give birth to another grandchild for the family. In fact, I'm so elated. Pei Ge being pregnant is the same as me getting pregnant. I'm really not upset."

The lady anxiously explained; she did not want the man's mother to dislike her. Only when the latter was on her side could she turn the table on Pei Ge, kick the woman out, and truly become this family's mistress.

"That's great. Auntie believes that you won't be so petty. Women need to be generous to earn the favor of men. There's still hope for you and my son, so don't give up. If you ever get pregnant one day, auntie dares to guarantee that you'll be a thousand times or ten thousand times better than Pei Ge."

Madam Ji anxiously stated her position. In fact, this was not the first time she had chanced upon this lady crying softly, but since Pei Ge was now pregnant with her grandchild, she could not dump her because of this lady, so she could only console her.

"Auntie, I understand, so don't worry."

Qu Jingwan nodded. Not only did she have to accept that woman, she must do it for long. Grandma said that the higher one stands, the more painful the fall will be, and there'll be no room for a comeback.


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