Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1496 Are you thirsty from speaking so long?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1496 Are you thirsty from speaking so long?

Madam Ji thought her consoling had worked on the lady, so she got up to bring the veggies on the table to the kitchen. "Jingwan, it's getting late; hurry back to your room and rest."

"Mhm, auntie; I'll bring the three children upstairs. You should rest early, too."

The lady got up as well after saying that and turned to speak to the three, cute children. "Guys, let's go back to our rooms and rest."

"Okay, auntie! I'm returning to my room now. Goodnight!" The girl was the first to climb the stairs and return to her room on the second floor. Seeing how fast she ran, An An followed quickly. "Auntie, goodnight."

Ji Chi stood in place and looked at her without any expression, but his words were a surprise for her. "Can I sleep with you?"

"Sure. Let's go; I'll bring you upstairs to rest." It was just what she wished.

The morning sun shone past every curtain in the mansion. Ji Ziming woke up very late, possibly because he had taken time to 'take care' of his woman last night. By the time he was up, Pei Ge was nowhere to be seen.

The man wore his light gray, silk pajamas and headed down. When he saw his mother sitting on the sofa, wearing her spectacles and reading a recipe book for pregnant women intently, he could not help but ask, "Mom, have you seen Pei Ge? Why don't I see her this early in the morning?"

"She's at the door. A man came looking for her early this morning, claiming to be an employee of her company. She went out before I could let him in."

"An employee from her company, and it's a male?" The man's dark eyes narrowed. His eyes turned to look past the floor-to-ceiling windows to the entrance.

"That's right, but I've never seen this employee before. She probably has too many employees in her company," explained his mother on his woman's behalf.

"I'll go look." He did not finish the water he had poured for himself and just went out in his slippers and pajamas. However, before he reached her location, he heard Pei Ge's laughter coming from over the thick walls.

"Ha ha! So you were the class monitor before; I wasn't that close to you then."

"I was the class monitor, and weren't you the class representative for P.E.? During every P.E. class, you would head to the office to get us badminton rackets and basketballs."

"It happened so long ago; if you didn't look for me today, I would really not remember. It's no wonder that I found you so familiar the other day when I saw you."

"That's right; I got a shock when I saw you the other day. I heard from our other classmates that you found a man and are getting married with him soon, but I didn't expect that person to be Young Master Ji."

"How do I put it? A lot of things have happened all these years. I used to have a rich boyfriend, but he's a jerk so we broke up. I met Ji Ziming later on, and after that, it's what you see now."

"It's good that you broke up with a jerk. Since Young Master Ji treats you well now, it's great."

"He's really nice to me, so don't worry."

"That's great; it's getting late. I came over to report to you Red Star's recent situation and should be heading back now. Your man will probably be jealous if he sees the both of us talking outside."

"He won't. I shan't keep you, too; be careful when you head back."

"Alright. I'm relieved to see that you're happy."

After the both of them finished talking, Pei Ge walked past the entrance. When she turned the corner, she was slightly shocked to see Ji Ziming standing there, waiting for her with a black face. "How long have you been here for?"

"I should be the one asking you. How long have you been out chatting with Huang Zhian?"

"How do you know it's him? Were you following me right from the start?" She frowned slightly, and it disappointed her that the man acted in this way.

"He has a unique voice, so I could recognize him from it. Now, I really want to ask you how long you've been out."

The man's deep eyes were staring straight at her, who was wearing a white ruffled dress. Her fairy-like charisma was so overflowing right now. This was what that guy had seen early in the morning, and the two even spoke for so long. Just the thought of it made Ji Ziming very unhappy, and his eyes became even colder.

"Not too long." Noting that he was exuding an icy aura, she instinctively became worried.

The man inched closer to her, and his tall body cast a shadow over her as his eyes wriggled. "How long is not too long?"

"I haven't even gotten the chance to ask you how long you've been eavesdropping." Infuriated, her stare on the man became more determined. "You're acting like this early in the morning, so what do you want me to tell you? That he and I were middle-school classmates and that he changed schools after two years? Back then, we hung out a lot, but we didn't keep in touch afterward. When I went to Red Star with you yesterday, he recognized me. He came today to tell me what had happened there after our departure. We're not as filthy as you think."

She said all that at one go, and the way she looked at the man became gentler halfway through.

Huang Zhian told her earlier that, after they had left, those who wanted to leave with their salaries were unwilling to do so anymore, but they were all forced by Cheng Liqing and had to leave the company in the end. Even now, no other companies, small or big ones, dared to hire those people.

"Are you thirsty from speaking for so long?" Pei Ge was taken aback by the love in the man's eyes.

She was already prepared to have a big argument with the man and started to plan how she should answer when interrogated by him, so she truly did not know what to say when she heard his mild question.

Her mind drew a blank, and except for his gentle face, which was taken in by her eyes, she could not think of anything else.

"Silly, I'm asking whether you're thirsty or not. Let's go back inside."Ji Ziming's large hand held his woman's delicate one. The latter followed him back to the mansion dazedly.

When they entered the living room, Madam Ji removed her spectacles and peered at the couple holding hands. She quickly looked upstairs and only spoke when she did not find Qu Jingwan there. "Pei Ge, you've been out for so long; Ziming thought that something had happened to you, so he went out to look for you."

"She knows, mom, so you don't have to tell her."

He had his woman change into new slippers before leading her to the second floor. The woman stared dazedly at him all the whole way to their room.

Upon reaching their room, he pinned the woman to the door and roughly pinched her chin before kissing her. He ravaged the inside of her mouth and was unwilling to stop even when he heard her painful yelp.


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