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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1499 An Odd Move

"How long have I not driven this car?"

"It's been very long. You said that this car is too eye-catching, so you left it in the garage, but I just calibrated it yesterday, so it's not bad. If you want to drive it, it'll function well, too."

"Alright. Shall be it, then. Give me the key." Ji Ziming nodded. He could not seem to remember that he had this car.

"Here's the key." The butler respectfully handed the key over to him and only left the garage when he drove off.

Standing at the entrance of the mansion, Pei Ge saw the man driving the black Lincoln out and exclaimed, "You change your car?!"

"Mhm. I haven't driven this in a long time, so I'm taking it out for a breather now." His hands, which were on the steering wheel, lifted slightly. "What's wrong? You don't like it?"

"N-No. I'm more curious on how many cars you have in your garage."

"I've never counted."

The woman rolled her eyes. When others talked about buying cars, they bought by the number of cars; as for him, it was by the number of garages. She had no idea how many garages the Ji family had, but she knew that two hands would not be enough to count the number of garages this man had.

"What are you thinking about?"

As he was driving the car, he noticed that the woman was absentminded, so he could not help but ask her that.

"Nothing much. I'm thinking about what to say during the meeting with Red Star this afternoon."

"Say whatever you want to say."

"I'm different from you. You're Ji Ziming, and there are always a group of people waiting to listen to what you have to say. If I say anything wrong, they'll definitely…"

"'They'll definitely' what? You're my wife; what do they dare to say?"

"It's not the same."

"What's not the same? If anyone dares to say anything, I'll make sure he can never say it again."

"You're too violent." Pei Ge rolled her eyes. She knew that the man would say this. Still, in reality, when it really happened, he would be the first to protect her.

The two's arrival at Red Star this time was much grander than the first time. Cheng Liqing was standing at the entrance with his back ramrod straight, while beautiful, female employees were standing in two rows. It was obvious that the guy had spent a lot of effort in letting the company have a better platform and development.

"Sir, ma'am, you're here." Cheng Liqing watched the man draw closer, the eyes of the person behind him had become shifty.

Huang Zhian paid a special visit to the Ji mansion earlier, and though he met Pei Ge as he wished, he did not get any useful information from her. Instead, they engaged in a small talk. He could not even recall if many of the past events he had spoken about had truly happened.

He Yun stopped the car and quickly opened the door for the couple before handing the keys to the security guard by the entrance. "My boss's car just had its maintenance yesterday. Be more careful with it."

"Yes, sir." The security personnel suddenly saluted, giving the driver a shock.

"No need; no need. You don't have to do that."

He was divided between laughing or crying. Cheng Liqing was too good at sucking up that it was so scary, but this was why the guy could rise above the others in Red Star.

Pei Ge held Ji Ziming's hands. Her exquisite makeup, along with her Chanel, pink suit, made all the men's eyes light up. It seemed that she was even more beautiful than the last time they saw her.

"Manager Cheng, what are we discussing during today's meeting. Brief me about it on the way." The man's cold eyes, which were fixed straight ahead, shifted onto his woman and he pulled her collar up.

"Alright. During the meeting, we'll think of what Red Star's new image will be as we re-introduce it to the real-estate industry; we'll also cover the company's online platforms, such as Weibo…"

As the manager stayed next to the man, the sweat on his back started soaking his shirt. His talking speed was getting faster, and so was his heartbeat. This new boss of his was really as what rumors said; he had the ability to make those people around him break out in a cold sweat. He was so aloof and treated everyone with indifference; even Red Star, which he had invested tens of millions, could not attract his attention.

Only his wife could do so.

Cheng Liqing informed the man yesterday that there would be a general meeting today and his attendance was needed, but the latter outrightly rejected his invitation. However, suddenly, the man called him this morning and said that he would come for the meeting. Right now, the person attentively listening to his report was not the man's wife.

"If you're unable to give me a satisfactory proposal, I suggest that you disband your PR team."

Pei Ge pointed out the dubious parts in the proposal during the meeting.

"Alright, ma'am; I'll get someone to revise the proposal. Don't worry; we'll revise it until you're satisfied with it," promised the manager before looking at the man. "Boss, is there anything else you want to add?"

"Nothing. You're satisfying me by satisfying my wife." Ji Ziming shifted his dark eyes to the woman slowly. "All her decisions are mine."

"Alright. I'll get my team to finish revising the proposal by today and let madam have a look."

"Sure. Since this proposal passed, talk about the next one." Pei Ge shot a look at the man. He was pushing everything to her.

"As long as you like it, you can go in whichever direction you want," whispered the man softly in her ear.

Her brain buzzed, and she could not listen to what the manager was saying. All she could think of was what her man had just whispered. "You're the female boss; you make the decision."

What she did not notice, though, was that their hushed conversation had attracted the gaze of Huang Zhian, who was sitting not too far away from them. His eyes were so dark just like the bottomless abyss. Ever since they entered, the guy had fixed his eyes on the woman.

As she listened to Ji Ziming's whisper, Pei Ge found his action to be very weird.

Normally, even when he acted intimate with her in front of others, he would not do so excessively. This was slightly odd, but she did not take it to heart and merely treated it as an unintentional act from his part.

She sat upright and listened to the manager talk about the second proposal. Alas, the man next to her kept whispering sweet-nothing, and it made her feel ticklish and uncomfortable; not before long, her face and ears had reddened out of embarrassment.

"Can't you let me listen to Manager Cheng properly?"

"Alright. You can listen to him now as I'm done speaking."


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