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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1500 Just listen to madam.

"Then, what were you trying to say?" Pei Ge frowned when there was nobody looking.

"I just realized that you smell really good."

She really wanted to vomit blood, not knowing that this man was so skilled at flirting. It seemed that she had looked down on him.

"Ma'am, what do you think of this plan?" Cheng Liqing did not sense the intimate atmosphere between the couple as he stood in front of the projector and looked in anticipation at her.

"Mhm?" She was stunned to be called out all of a sudden. Sitting beside her, Ji Ziming raised a brow and said in a chilly tone, "This proposal can't work; next one."

"Sir, this proposal—"

The manager was filled with grievances because the creative team had spent nearly half a month on coming up with such a proposal, but it was just outrightly rejected by the man.

"What's wrong? Do I still have to comment on the proposal's strengths and weaknesses?"

The man interrupted the other's words, the chilliness in his eyes intensifying along with the people's distaste for him.

"No, no. Boss is right, and since this proposal doesn't work, let's change to the next one. We've actually prepared three proposals for today. Sir, there's still the third one."

He nodded but his eyes were on the woman.

"What are you doing? Are you listening to Manager Cheng or what?" Pei Ge tugged at his sleeve as she softly took up cudgels on behalf of the manager.

"I'm listening," answered the man in a serious tone.

"Nonsense. You're clearly talking to me, so how do you listen to what the manager has to say?" She did not understand this. After all, she was supposed to be the one giving comments, yet he just had to steal this right from her.

"I can multitask." The man sounded aloof. His breath fanned her face, making her feel ticklish. She did not know what to do with him for a moment.

This annoying fellow! she scolded internally. She really should not have been misled by his appearance.

A few minutes ago, he was still whispering sweet-nothing to her, and the next second, he had become his cold-and-mighty self again.

Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes and pretended to shoot a glance at Huang Zhian, who was in the assistant's seat, by accident. He noticed that the latter kept looking in this direction, and if he were not observant, it would be difficult to discover the motive the guy had for getting close to his woman.

From what he had surmised, the moment this guy learned Pei Ge's relationship with him, he would definitely come seek her. What he did not expect, though, was for Huang Zhian to be unable to sit still for long and to come looking for his woman the very next day.

Cheng Liqing had been talking so much, but due to the previous proposals being rejected by the couple, he could only use two hundred percent of his energy to present the third proposal. After sucking up to his bosses for years, this was the first time he had been at a loss on how to suck up to one. He could not get a read of Ji Ziming's thoughts.

What a scary man.

Just as he finished presenting the third proposal, the man showed deep interest. "Not bad. This proposal deserves deliberation. Wait till the later part; the HQ will invest in this proposal of yours. Come up with a proposal report in three days. and I want the most honest statistics."

"Yes, sir." The beads of perspiration on the manager's forehead increased. At least, they did not let the man go back empty-handed.

"I think differently about the third proposal; I feel that it has room for improvements." Pei Ge challenged the man's decision.

Just as Cheng Liqing was feeling relieved, her words made the atmosphere become tense again. Everyone, including the man, in the meeting room turned to look at her.

His eyes were concentrated on her fully as his thin lips curled. "If my madam has any objections, please feel free to raise them."

She shot a glance at him. His dark eyes were like two, bottomless gullies, such that she could not fathom what he was thinking inside, either.

"This one was probably done in a rush and was patterned after the first two proposals. Commenting on these three, the first is the best and should be the one you guys spent the most effort and time in; the second proposal is really upscale, but it seems that you've all forgotten that most of Red Star's main customers are white-collar workers. Every mansion in this proposal costs tens of millions, and though we're using the Ji Group's name, houses aren't sold like this. As for the third proposal, it has many loopholes, so my suggestion is for you guys to combine the first and second one and to come up with upscale houses which are still affordable."

"Well said, madam." The smile on Ji Ziming's lips deepened. He was not bothered about which proposal would be able to bring in a higher revenue or a better reputation to his company. He was merely making a comment, but his woman's attitude revealed it all.

The man was the first to applaud, and the rest in the meeting room followed.

Cheng Liqing stood there for a moment, not knowing what to say when he saw the pair's interaction.

"Just listen to her and combine the first two proposals. Let her look at it once that's done."

"Sure, sure. Please rest assured." He nodded while standing there. Everyone did not find this odd as they were used to him being servile.

"Manager Cheng, since we're done here, let's go to the office and discuss the matter with the contract."

The man narrowed his gaze, and from the corner of it, he saw Huang Zhian trying to eavesdrop on them. Although he seemed to be typing on his laptop, he looked really suspicious. Alas, Ji Ziming did not have enough evidence to pinpoint the guy who gave away Red Star's secrets to a competitor.

"Alright. I'll bring you and madam to the office now to talk about it."

Cheng Liqing walked toward the entrance as he invited the couple inside the office.

The contract was merely an agreement on the transfer of manpower and would only be implemented three months later. He requested the manager to keep it confidential, and the latter could only nod in agreement. He did not understand why a transfer of manpower would require a contract.

After signing the contract, he placed it in a safe. This contract was created specifically for the manager, so if he revealed any part of it, he would disappear permanently from Red Star just like Zhang.

"Boss, rest assured; I'm placing the contract in a safe right now, and no matter who the person is, he has to move the safe or he won't be able to get this contract."

He locked the safe and sat at the table, appearing confident.


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