Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1505 The fox“s tail will still be exposed.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1505 The fox“s tail will still be exposed.

She tried searching in her brain for information on Qu Qingyu but it was to no avail. Pei Ge could vaguely remember that there was this person, but a long time had passed, so she could not recall it clearly.

"Next time, when you're at home, you need to guard against Qu Jingwan. She even wants to enter the Ji Group now."

"Enter the company? It isn't that easy to enter it, though."

"She can only enter because she has my mother's support. I already informed the HR department to let Qu Jingwan enter the company if she comes over but only assign her simple and insubstantial tasks."

"What're simple and insubstantial tasks?"

"Serving tea and water."

"You're making her, a lady from a rich family, serve tea and water to employees; can she do it?"

Pei Ge was surprised by his decision. She expected him to acquiesce in the lady joining the company but did not expect him to treat her like this.

"That's also work. If she's unable to do something as simple as that, then I can only let her go. It's to prevent others from saying that a person who enters the Ji Group through the back door is unable to do anything well and is even worse off than a flower vase."

"How sure are you that she won't be able to do it well? She's highly educated, after all."

"Her academic achievement was falsified." Ji Ziming laughed. The car was about to reach Red Star.

"This…" Pei Ge was unsure of what to say, except that the lady messed with someone she should not have. This was what she deserved, and there would be a day where she had a taste of her medicine.

When their car arrived at Red Star, they spotted Cheng Liqing, who seemed to have been waiting for them for quite some time, at the entrance. When the manager saw Ji Ziming alighting from the car, he hurriedly walked over to him and said, "Sir, I noticed this morning that the safe was tampered with; what do I do? It really isn't because I'm incapable; I'm always the last to leave the company at night, so you really can't blame me—"

"If I don't blame you, do I blame myself?" The man held Pei Ge's hand as he walked forward. His eyes swept across Cheng Liqing, and the latter dared not speak anymore.

"No, sir; I don't mean it this way."

He anxiously explained himself, but the pair walked forward without listening to him.

Both entered the elevator, and the woman asked, "Why are you scaring him like this? You know that he didn't do it on purpose, either."

"A person like him should be scared, or else he would think that he's the king."

She laughed, having understood what he meant and knowing that he had his principles in whatever he did, so what she had to do was not to interfere.

The elevator doors opened, and they walked to the CEO's office. He Yun had been waiting in the office for his boss, and when he saw his arrival, he walked over to him respectfully. "Sir."

"Shoot." Ji Ziming pulled a chair and sat down as he looked at his subordinate coldly. "What have you discovered?"

"I noticed an unusual activity in Cheng Liqing's office at 1 A.M. The spy camera I put on a curtain there before leaving captured someone secretly entering the office. That person's built is similar to Huang Zhian's, so I took a picture and immediately forwarded it to the IT department for comparison. The result is that there's eighty-five percent similarity."

"In other words, you aren't certain that the person was Huang Zhian; am I right?"

His eyes turned cold, and He Yun no longer dared to look him in the eye.

"Sir, that person was in an all-black outfit, with a cap and mask; for a moment, I—"

"I'm not here to listen to your excuses." He turned the chair around and looked coldly at the window. The angle where the curtain was pulled to cover the light from outside and with these many in the room did not make it feel that early spring was already here.

Cheng Liqing knocked on the door and eagerly presented the contract. "Sir, thank goodness that the contract is still around."

"Manager Cheng, how did you know that the contract was tampered with?"

"When I came to the office this morning, I noticed that the position of the safe was moved slightly. I got Huang Zhian to look, but he didn't agree that my safe was moved and said that I must have remembered wrongly. How could I have remembered incorrectly? He's clearly the one who remembered it wrongly."

"I get it; place the contract on the table. Since the contract was seen by others, it's no longer meaningful," said the man icily.

"Sir, I—"

The manager tried to explain further, but the man had no plan to listen to him.

Ji Ziming stood up and took the file from the table while flipping it open. "Next time, I won't be in the office often, so you're responsible for everything that happens here. All you have to do is give me a sales report and send it to my or my wife's—on second thought, just send it to my wife's email."

"Yes, sir."

Cheng Liqing nodded, and his hands, which were gripping the file, sweated profusely. What he was most afraid of did not happen, and Ji Ziming did not tell him to leave Red Star due to failing to safeguard the contract properly.

"Manager Cheng, go back and place the contract on your table. It's best that you place it at the most conspicuous spot; you don't have to worry about the rest. Just do this one thing well. If not, just pack up your things and get lost from this company."

The manager thought that he was hallucinating. Putting the item at the most eye-catching place was the simplest thing, but the man gave him enough face. Who said that the CEO was cold-blooded? He finally understood this man today.

Some people did not show their kindness easily, and others would even forget how to be good once they got used to doing bad things.

Standing beside the man, Pei Ge laughed. She only spoke when the manager left the office. "Aren't you letting him stay by doing this? Why are you threatening him?"

"He's a pretty good talent, so it's a must for him to stay, but he is also someone who has high regard for his face. If I don't say something or do something to him as a CEO, what will the rest say?"

"I realize that you consider things very thoroughly." She nodded and admitted on lacking a lot compared to the man.

"You acquired Red Star yourself, so you're responsible for it. Next time, all of this company's matters, except for Huang Zhian, will be handled by you."

"Have you gathered evidence against him?"

Pei Ge was worried inside.

"Mhm." Ji Ziming nodded. "He Yun's tactic did not work, and he exposed himself, too."


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