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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1506 Because you are my woman.

"You instructed Manager Cheng to place the contract on the table to make it more convenient for Huang Zhian to steal it?"

"No. He already saw the details of the contract last night, so I believe that his employer tipped him about having fallen into our trap. If he's smart enough, he'll resign in one or two days' time; if he isn't or wants to continue selling Red Star's corporate secrets, he'll aim for the next contract."

Pei Ge had likely started believing him, for she had completely freed herself of any misconception she had of Huang Zhian.

That guy had no principles at all, and one could say that he was stubborn. The moment he set his mind onto something, nobody could change his mind, but she could not say for sure what kind of person he was currently; after all, she was unprepared for somebody's character to undergo such a drastic change.

"Is your heart aching for him?"

Ji Ziming's deep eyes turned to look at her. As long as she said yes, the sharpness in them would not appear any slower than how he treated the guy in question. If she said no, then that person needed not be punished by death for his crime.

"No. Since he committed something bad, he should be punished. I am no saint and have no right to forgive him on Red Star's behalf. Plus, he caused this company to suffer such a great loss, and nobody would forgive a spy who revealed corporate information to a competitor."

"You…" He was taken aback to see the woman's change in attitude. While she was more experienced in handling the company's matters, he knew that he did not teach her anything, yet she could separate emotions and work well. He thought that she was impressive.

"What about me? Do you think I'll plead on behalf of him?" The woman smiled sweetly as she dragged a chair and sat in it. Her soft curls fell on her shoulders, and the sunlight glowed on her face. The man could hardly open his eyes; he was intrigued truly with the current her.

He curled his lips while his eyes lingered on the woman. "I've thought about it a minute ago but not anymore."

"Then, what now?" Pei Ge scanned the CEO's office which only had the two of them. She inched near him as her pink lips moved. "Do you find me very admirable now?"

"No, because you're my woman." The corners of his lips curled, which was the complete opposite of her pout. Gazing at this little woman right before his eyes, his smile deepened. "There's an ancient Chinese saying; do you know?"

"What is it?" The woman shook her head, unsure of what he had up his sleeves.

"'One is marked by the company one keeps.'" Upon stating this, she hit his chest lightly.

"Nonsense. I'm clearly smarter than you."

He smiled and his cold aura dissipated instantly; in place of it was rare warmth. "Alright. You're smarter."

"Of course, I'm smarter." Her intelligent eyes were flicking with craftiness as they darted about before she got close to him and asked softly, "So how are you catching Huang Zhian?"

"There's no need for me to catch him; he'll appear by himself to let me catch him." The indifference in his eyes and the smile on his lips only baffled the woman. Is apprehending someone just like playing with a doll house?

She had no idea that Huang Zhian had walked right into the fish net this man had laid. As he walked deeper into it, he found himself in an endless abyss.

At about 3 PM, four police cars arrived at Red Star. Other than dispelling the crowd, these uniformed officers dashed straight to Ji Ziming's office.

Pei Ge was there, too, examining the company's sales report from last month, when the police showed up; the man was leaning on the sofa. He seemed to have been expecting these people's arrival.

"Sir, we're here to arrest Huang Zhian."

One of the police officers spoke from the door. The door was not closed, but without the man's invitation, the police dared not enter the office. Furthermore, they had created quite a stir with their arrival, making the employees feel flustered.

"He Yun." Ji Ziming closed his eyes as he uttered softly. The person called was on the sofa, settling the company's affairs using a laptop.

"Yes, sir." He Yun put down his laptop instantly, got up, and walked to the door. "This way please." He led the police to Cheng Liqing's office.

From the time they arrived to when they arrested Huang Zhian, it had taken the police only ten minutes. Pei Ge was astounded by their swift action.

"Didn't you say that he'll resign?" After all the onlookers had dispersed, she asked the man this question which was baffling her.

"He'll resign, but I didn't say that I wouldn't report him to the police." Ji Ziming opened his eyes, and the chilliness in them made the woman realize with a start that he had not truly changed. This was the way this man operated. Waiting for the fish to swim into the net required patience, and given his mentality of 'every second counting', he would never let the fish swim slowly and unperturbed into his net.

"How many years will he be sentenced to?"

"Not sure; this is for the judge to decide and has nothing to do with me," replied the man icily as he got up and looked at her. "Since the fish has been ensnared, let's go home."

"But Red Star's matters, I haven't—"

"There's no need for you to settle them as He Yun did already." Ji Ziming shook his head and pulled the woman up from the chair. "Let's go back home. You've been busy the whole day; aren't you tired?"

"I'm not tired. Since when did your subordinate settle all these?" Pei Ge was bewildered. She had been reviewing these proposals, highlighting the dubious parts, and was intending to get Cheng Liqing to make the necessary revisions.

"I'm not sure about that. These are his matters." The man coldly eyed his subordinate, who had just walked through the door. "You're done with work today. You can have a vacation until I call you back."

"Really?" He Yun found it unbelievable that his boss would let him go on a vacation. Perhaps, he'll be occupied cultivating feelings with madam?

"If you don't want it, I can take back my words."

The man narrowed his eyes at his subordinate, seeing the curiosity on the latter's face.

"No, no, no, sir! I want it; I want it! Are you and madam heading home now? How about I send you back and then go on a vacation after?" He Yun picked up the laptop on the sofa. His boss had never given him enough time to complete his tasks, and that was also why he could earn his trust and be placed in an important role.

"Alright. I'll head home with your madam now. Get the car from the garage and meet me at the entrance." Ji Ziming nodded.


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