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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1507 Do not worry; you have me.

As the car arrived at the Ji family mansion, Madam Ji ran out with Qu Jingwan. "Son, son, quickly come and see what's wrong with Baby! He hasn't eaten much today, and I'm worried sick."

The moment Pei Ge heard that it was about her son, she hurriedly opened the door of the car and rushed into the house. The boy was lying on the sofa with his eyes closed. He was running a mild fever. The amount of sweat on him made her feel flustered. She needed to bring him to the hospital. If she were any later, the boy might…

"What's wrong?" Ji Ziming followed her into the house hurriedly, and when he saw that she was about to carry their son, he said composedly, "Let me carry him; let's bring him to a hospital now."

"Ping An is running a fever, and he's breaking out in a cold sweat." She followed him as tears, which had welled up in her eyes, trickled down her cheeks. It was a heartrending sight to the man.

"Don't worry; you have me. Nothing will happen to our son."

"Mhm." Pei Ge nodded, and the way she looked at the boy was full of heartache and guilt. It was her fault for being too busy with Red Star's case and leaving the three children to the other women without considering their feelings. She failed thoroughly as a mother.

"Has Ji Chi eaten something today?" The man shot a cold gaze at his mother, who was rushing to him. His chilly voice made him appear to be a high entity. "If he has food poisoning, he needs to go through gastric lavage at the hospital."

"Gastric lavage?" Pei Ge was shocked. "My son is still so young! How can he undergo such a procedure?!"

She choked and sobbed as she questioned, "Auntie, what did you feed Ping An? He was alright and was playing with his siblings when I left this morning. Why did he become like this when I got home?"

"Guys, calm down a bit; we didn't feed him anything bad," explained Qu Jingwan. Her scarlet lips were especially eye-catching when compared to the boy's pale lips, but Ji Ziming was in no mood to consider if this lady had purposely done something bad to his son.

He carried his son out of the door; He Yun was already waiting beside the Lincoln for them.

"Sir, we—" The guy hurriedly opened the door to the backseat.

"Get us to the hospital fast." He interrupted his subordinate and got in the car. His woman followed them in and closed the door.

The other women hit the car window and instructed the man to bring the boy back safely.

"Ping An, don't be afraid; mommy is here. Your daddy and I are sending you to the hospital right now. Don't be scared, my baby boy." Pei Ge patted Ji Chi, whose head was soaked in sweat. The more she patted him, the more anxious she felt.

"Everything will be fine; you have me." The man held her hand tightly as he comforted her in his deep voice. "I'll have the staff at the hospital be prepared for our arrival; don't fret now."

With that, he fished out his phone and called the hospital director. The director quickly set aside other matters when he received his call and hurried to the VIP section. Whether the staff was working or on vacation, other than those currently performing operations, everyone else arrived at the entrance in five minutes and waited for the man's car to appear.

Ji Ziming dialed his secretary; the call got through quickly.

"I want you to clear the road leading to the hospital right now. You must ensure that my car arrives there in five minutes. If I'm late by a minute, or there's any delay on the road, you don 't have to stay in the Ji Group anymore!"

He hung up after saying that and looked at the boy in his arms and the woman beside him. This very sight hurt his heart. He felt horrible whenever he saw her crying; he could not wait to drive Qu Jingwan out of the family at this moment whether his son's issue this time had anything to do with her or not.

The journey to the hospital was smooth as all the traffic lights were red. There were even road blockades in place on their route for other vehicles, and only his car could drive through those as men in black guarded each closed-off road.

Little lad in his father's arms was the only thing occupying the woman's mind presently. She knew everything the man had done for their son and was really touched. The woman used to think that he did not fulfill his duty as a father to their three children, but right at this moment, she finally understood that love did not mean being together all the time; most of the time, generous love was silent.

The man was someone like this.

The car entered the hospital's parking lot, and the director was already waiting for them with a row of people. When Ji Ziming opened the door, the medical staff quickly administered emergency treatment to the boy, and during the ten-second wait by the elevator, nobody talked; only the noise of the doctor using medical equipment to rescue the boy could be heard.

The couple halted their footsteps when they arrived at the emergency room. Pei Ge bit her lower lip as tears spilled over and coursed down her cheeks. Her heart was in her mouth as the door to the operating room closed.

"Don't be disheartened; believe the doctor." Ji Ziming locked the woman in his embrace tightly as though he wanted to absorb her in him; only this way could she find some solace.

He suddenly thought of the five years this woman was apart from him. How had she survived taking care of their other two children for years?

"Don't be scared." Spoken consolation seemed insufficient, and Pei Ge could only hug him tightly as she pretended that it was their son she was hugging.

"Mhm." She leaned on his shoulder, and tears soaked his suit, but he did not mind this as all he could think of was this woman.

Not long after, the operating room's light turned off. The doctor removed his mask and left it and said in a relieved manner, "Sir, it's fortunate that you brought him here fast. Little master is out of danger now; We had to perform gastric lavage on him for the food poisoning, but rest assured that there won't be any harm to his health from it."

"Doctor, can you find out what caused the food poisoning?" Pei Ge rubbed her eyes as she issued this request. "I just wanna make sure that there's more of this stuff at home; I…"

"We've already sent the samples for testing, and the result will be out soon, so please bear with us."

"Alright. Thank you, doctor. Can I go and see him now?"

"Sure. When we send the little master to a ward, you guys can visit him."

"Thank you; thank you." She thanked the doctor profusely, her heart finally feeling at ease.

"Good job." Warmth crept into Ji Ziming's cold eyes. All was good as long as his son was fine. Seeing how anxious the woman looked, he felt more pained, more horrible, and guiltier than she did.


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