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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1509 I will accompany you forever

"Just because I'm faking my pregnancy, she harmed our son? Is her heart made of meat? How could she be so evil?!" Pei Ge's eyes brimmed with tears as she expressed her discontentment with Qu Jingwan. "If she's like this, I'd rather not let her stay in the family. How my son does is my problem, and I'll find the best doctor to treat him. Unfortunately, right now…"

A cold glint flashed across Ji Ziming's eyes as he gave off a chilling vibe. The chilliness in his eyes had become as cold as the snow during winter. However, once they met her tear-soaked face, his eyes became gentle again. He said with conviction and authority, "I'll investigate this matter thoroughly, so don't think about it anymore."

"You must investigate it thoroughly. How could our son endure such treatment? I'd rather the person lying on the bed right now to be me and not our son."

Her intermittent cries tugged right at Ji Ziming's heartstrings. He must get to the bottom of this matter, or else their son would have to endure more hardships when with Qu Jingwan.

"I will."

He hugged the woman and looked at their son, whose face was as pale as the white bedsheet. The anger in his heart was slowly pestering because of that lady.

The night was quiet and the ward was silent. The moon was high in the sky, yet the boy's ward was as bright as daytime.

Seeing the tears in the corners of his eyes, Pei Ge's heart wrenched as she covered him with a blanket. Her voice was soft as though coming from afar. "Ziming, he kept asking for Qu Jingwan. If this was really done by her, what should we do?"

Sitting on the sofa, the man's brows were drawn tightly while his eyes appeared emotionless.

"If that's really the case, I won't let the Qu family survive in the capital further!"

The man's voice had a kingly quality as he leaned on the sofa and looked at Ji Chi, who was lying on the bed. His heartstring related to fatherly love was easily tugged at. As long as he got to the bottom of this, no matter whose fault it was, he would make those responsible pay a price. No one was allowed to touch his family, let alone that lady!

Knock, knock! There was knocking at the door which disrupted this short-lived peace.

"Come in." His voice was neither loud nor soft, so his son remained undisturbed.

"Sir, the result of the test is out. Little master had honey and onion." A nurse nervously in a pink uniform, terrified of his chilly aura. She did not dare to give the man a fond look.

"What onion?"

Ji Ziming doubted what he had heard because what kind of results was that.

"It means that the little master ingested a lot of onion due to the food he ate containing much of it. Adding a significant amount of honey, from the conditions of his organs, it's easy for him to vomit. It's tough for children to eat such, while adults fare better because their immune system is already fully developed.

"I understand. You may leave."

He spoke aloofly. As he looked at the boy, his thought of Qu Jingwan being responsible for this was overturned.

Before the nurse could finish her report, she was told by the man to leave. She could not help but feel slightly disappointed with not managing to give him the coffee she had prepared.

Sensing that the nurse was still there, the man frowned and turned to bellow, "Why aren't you leaving?!"

The little nurse's heart skipped a beat when she was yelled at by him and could only leave the ward while weeping.

"You've scared her off." The woman took the test results from him.

"What's wrong? It's fine as long as you're not." He raised a brow as his vision clouded over while looking at the woman. "Perhaps you wanna be scared off by me, too?"

"Our son drinks honey juice every day, so how did this onion come about?" Pei Ge ignored his question. She did not want to be scared off by him because she would surely be scared to death.

"That's simple. They had onions today."

She rolled her eyes and shot a glance at him. "Isn't that obvious?"

"Then, why are you asking me?"

The man raised a brow endearingly at her with a 'so you're blaming me' look. "Since it's not done by Qu Jingwan, this matter shouldn't be like what we've imagined."

"Might not be. Who doesn't know that our son drinks honey juice daily? Their lunch today was definitely prepared by Auntie Zhang. If she instructed her to put extra onions on the food, how could the old cook disobey?"

She voiced her suspicion. While she did not want to think badly of the lady, this concerned her son. She had been separated from him since he was born, so she must put extra effort in getting to the bottom of this.

Whether this was an accident or done on purpose, she needed to have an explanation.

"You're right, but we can put this aside for the time being. It's fortunate that our personal physician timely treated our son, so he's not so fragile as to break with one blow," coldly stated Ji Ziming. He nearly forgot that, when they had rushed home, the family doctor was standing right beside the boy. From too much anxiety, he even ignored what the doctor had said.

"Right. So many things happened today, so now, I'm kinda feeling tired."

Pei Ge placed the test result on the table and sat beside the man. She leaned on his broad shoulder and uttered feebly while choking, "If we're back any later, I really have no idea how this would fan out."

"It wouldn't be so bad as you've still got me."

The man reached out and gently hugged her slim waist as he spoke authoritatively. "No matter what, you must remember that you have me and that I'll forever be by your side."

"How long is forever?"

She asked him back as she closed her eyes, unable to imagine what would become of her if her loved ones were injured or met with an accident the next time. Would she break down and wail or consider what to do calmly? According to her understanding of herself, it was always the former.

"Forever means the time when I'll always accompany you."

Ji Ziming really wanted to say that forever meant that he would be by her side all his life, but it seemed that it no longer mattered now.


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