Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1514 The only person I love is the one sitting beside me.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1514 The only person I love is the one sitting beside me.

"Don't know that the only use you have in my family is—"

Before he could finish speaking, his mother walked over and interjected, "Son, you're wrong for treating her like this. You don't know how much she's suffered just to take care of your son. Don't you think you're being too much for mistreating her?!"

Her angry bellow echoed in this large, living room, sounding like melodious music to Qu Jingwan's ears.

"Auntie, it's not like that; it's my fault."

"Yes, it is your fault. If not for you giving my son honey juice, he wouldn't be in such a state. If not for you, he wouldn't be this estranged to his mother. Don't you get smug; the only reason I haven't chased you out is that you still have this teeny bit of use. I won't let you off easily if you don't properly take care of my son."

"Can you please stop being cruel to me? I know my mistake. I'll properly take care of Baby from here on, so please don't treat me this cruelly. I love you so much, so can you turn back and look at me, too?"

"Enough!" he bellowed. "You are merely my fiancée in name; the only one I love is Pei Ge, and you can never compare or match up to her."

"I'm the one who loves you the most, though." Tears like pearls dripped down from her eyes as she kneeled before him and wept.

Madam Ji quickly helped her up, saying, "Don't be saddened; my son merely has a knife for a mouth. As a CEO, he has to handle many things on a daily basis, so he's only saying this because of Baby's accident."

"Auntie, I… I truly love Ziming." Qu Jingwan wept as she insisted that she loved the man. It was only by doing this that she could soften his heart and keep his mother on her side instead of the pregnant Pei Ge.

Pregnant? she thought. Since I'm standing on the edge of the cliff, I can't let Pei Ge live easily, too. Making a firm decision inside, she allowed Madam Ji to lead her away as she planned a scheme of letting the latter discover about that woman's fake pregnancy.

"Listen to me: Don't bicker with my son over this. He is like this because he is anxious. I'm already used to it."

"I'm not afraid of him being cold toward me. I just want him to believe me—that everything I've done and will be doing is for his son's wellbeing. You know that I don't even go out shopping with my friends because of Baby. Now that he's sick, the only thing I can do is seek a professional's help and advice. I'm truly doing it for the boy's sake, but in your son's eyes, I am nothing."

"Don't think like that. You still have me backing you. My son doesn't understand you, but I do. He will one day see how sincere you are toward his son, so don't get worried. He's still angry right, but once he calms down, he'll know that all you've done and will be doing is for his and the boy's sake."

"Thank you for understanding me." She leaned against the older woman's shoulder. Her slightly red eyes were brimming with tears, but they were not falling just like it when the man was around.

When Pei Ge exited the ward with her son's health report shortly after Qu Jingwan left, she found the man sitting on the sofa with a hand supporting his head and looking at her.

She frowned at the sight as confusion colored her beautiful eyes. "What's wrong with you?"

"I flared up at her moments ago." He narrowed his almond-shaped eyes. "But she's a great actress; I nearly believed her act."

"Act?" She sat down beside him. "What act? How did you flare up at her?"

"Why? Are you worried?"

"What do I have to be worried about? I'm just curious about how she reacted when you shouted at her."

"She cried and made a big effort of crying, but it's very fake." Ji Ziming told the crux of that lady's performance. If not for Pei Ge being unwilling to put their son in harm's way, he would have long chased that woman out of the house and would have not given her a chance to stay with them in the first place.

"From what you've said, she gained auntie's favor; don't you know that your mother likes her a lot?" His woman flipped the report in her hand. It showed that Ji Chi's health was normal and he could return home to recuperate after staying in the hospital for a week.

"I'm still the main person involved here. The one I love is you." His deep-set eyes narrowed slightly as he watched her cheeks turn pink. "I also know that you love me equally. Since that's the case, who my mom likes has nothing to do with me. The one I'll marry is definitely the woman I love the most."

He poked her arm. "What do you think? Woman, do you agree to marrying me?"

"We're in the hospital. Aren't you afraid that people will laugh at you if they hear this? A mighty CEO of a large corporation is actually acting cutesy toward a woman; aren't you—"

"I'm not because this hospital is mine." He grandly revealed while oozing with confidence. Looking at her with laughter and love in his eyes, he continued. "So do you agree?"

"Let's continue this conversation once our son recovers." She took a deep breath. This isn't the time to discuss this. The person lying in the ward is our priority right now.

"By the time our son recovers, you'll have likely started working at Red Star."

"Oh, right. There's still that company. I would've forgotten about it if you hadn't brought it up. Cheng Liqing called me today to tell me that there's progress on Huang Zhian's case. Do you know about it?"

"He informed you this quickly." He leaned back and looked at her with passionate eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me when you knew about it?" Pei Ge turned to look at the man. She could not understand why he did not inform her. If it was because of their son's situation which kept his mum about this, then why did he not tell her now, given that they had been together since last night?

"I have my reasons for not telling you." He looked up and met her moist and beautiful eyes with his sharp ones. His voice was cold and stoic as it was while he was in the company. "Huang Zhian is your old friend. Although you guys have no relation, if this level of relation is found out, then it will become an issue."


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