Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1516 Those who did wrong are not worthy of forgiveness.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1516 Those who did wrong are not worthy of forgiveness.

His eyes gleamed with hostility, but his expression remained unreadable.

"Mhm. I recalled the times we used to study together," Pei Ge honestly answered.

"Why don't I see you thinking of me?" His dark eyes deepened. At the same time, his foot on the accelerator pressed harder, causing the Rolls-Royce to speed up on the road.

"Why are you driving so fast? What is there to think about regarding you? How do you want me to think of you?"

He's sitting beside me, so how am I supposed to reminisce about him?

"For example, when we had our intimate moments or when we spent our nights together." He peered at her. His gaze was akin to a free-flying kite with its strings wound tightly around her.

The Rolls-Royce finally returned to its normal speed, and Pei Ge no longer worriedly monitored the speedometer. Her cheeks were dyed red as though they were ripe cherries gleaming with an attractive sheen.

"How could you mix personal and business issues?"

"Mixed? I didn't mix them." Who's thinking of another man in front of her lover and who's putting her lover aside for someone she hasn't seen in years? Also, who's sitting in her lover's car and thinking of another guy?

That other guy is currently jailed at the police station, too. Don't tell me that the mighty CEO of the Ji Group can't compare to that guy in a prison cell?

Ji Ziming curled his long fingers tightly around the steering wheel as his features became even stiff because of the woman's words. A cold air started seeping out from him; it was cold enough to make one shiver in fear.

"We are now talking about Huang Zhian's issue. Don't tell me you are jealous?" Pei Ge widened her eyes at the man, who was driving, unable to read his expression momentarily.

"Yes, we are talking about his issue. That's why I'm asking you: How did I mix personal and business matters?"

The atmosphere in the car fell into an awkward and eerie silence.

She turned her head slightly. From the car window, she studied his tightly pressed thin lips. The tough lines on his face injected an air of supremacy into the enclosed space of the car.

She could not ascertain whether he was being jealous or not.

"You aren't. It's my fault. I made you jealous."

Whether it's life or death, I'll deal with it after that.

She considerately admitted her wrong as she looked at him with her moist eyes and spoke in a sweet and tender voice. "It's my fault, so can a benevolent man like you not harp on this with a small woman like me and let me off the hook? I was only thinking of him because he's my subordinate. Aren't I now Red Star's leader? Now that something has happened to my subordinate, the leader must at least understand it a little, right? If I don't inquire about anything, how am I supposed to continue working there?"

"Do you really think that?" The man narrowed his dark eyes as warmth flashed across them. His features still remained unreadable, though. "If you really think that, then there is nothing else I can say, too."

"I do think that from the beginning." She did not expect that there was a day she would put on a cringe-worthy, cutesy act. Still, it seemed to be very effective on the man.

His voice remained cool as he exuded a domineering air. "What do you intend to do? It's been proven that he leaked corporate secrets. This is something no one can change—not even you or me. You must understand that it's because of him that Red Star's chairman fainted from anger and has been hiding in his house, unwilling to meet anyone."

"I know. He should accept his punishment since he committed a sin, but his punishment can't be this light. Since you found evidence of the things he did at the company, you must've also found other things, right?"

He propped her head up while looking at him lovingly. "So I am asking you for the other evidence."

Ji Ziming's eyes deepened at this as he looked at her in confusion. "Aren't you his former classmate? You doing this—"

"You taught me that those who did wrong aren't worthy of forgiveness." She explained herself to him using the words he had said to her.

"Not bad. We are like-minded."

"Of course. You're my boss." She curved her lips into a slight smile. Warmth and happiness filled her heart as she eyed the man beside her. She felt like a bug living in a tree, staying in such a warm state enveloped by time and happiness.

The car quickly arrived at Red Star, and Cheng Liqing, as usual, was waiting at the entrance for them.

The Rolls-Royce captured the sight of the crowd. The female staff in the lobby all sucked in a deep breath. Who would the man give a glance today?

"Sir, ma'am, the police came by this morning to question us about Huang Zhian. We answered everything truthfully. That should be fine, right? If his crime is confirmed, will we be implicated?"

The manager fired off his series of questions. With her hand in the groove of Ji Ziming's arm, Pei Ge silently considered the questions, the impact this issue would have on Red Star, and what measures should be taken to fix the bad image brought to the company by Huang Zhian's actions.

"Wife, what do you think?"

The man only asked once they were inside the elevator.

"I think that things are hard to predict now, except that the company's reputation will be badly impacted by this. If we don't implement countermeasures fast, Red Star's position in the industry will be shaken up."

"You are right." He nodded and peered at the guy standing beside them. "Manager Cheng, what do you think?"

"Madam is right, but we still can't think of any countermeasures to help salvage the image of the company."

The manager clasped his hands tightly. He seemed to be shivering in fear from his nervousness.

"Finding a method to protect the company's good image is a task for your department. If you can't come up with a method in three days, then there's no need for you, people, to continue working here."

Ji Ziming's eyes deepened as he threatened. "Also, this is the best chance for you to prove yourselves."

With a ding, the elevator doors parted open, and the couple walked out first, leaving Cheng Liqing in the elevator, thinking of the words his superiors had just uttered.

Red Star right now was incomparable to how it was before. If one was fired from one of the man's companies, then there would only be one result: The said person would not be hired by another company.

The manager was sweating cold buckets as he stood there inside the elevator.


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