Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1523 What do you mean “temporary“?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1523 What do you mean “temporary“?

She fished out her business card and passed it to the elderly lady.

The latter hesitated for a moment before accepting it, causing the former's gaze to turn from praise to loss.

A normal person would surely understand what she meant. This elderly madam held her business card and inspected it. Printed in regular script was this female employee's name.

Bai Jingjing, a clean and beautiful name, yet the lady before her only had a figure to boast about. Only by understanding where their weakness and strength were and making full use of them, could they make progress in their career.

"Can you give anyone a discount?"

"Of course. As long as they come find me, I can give them a discount." Bai Jingjing's eyes shone with sly as she looked at Old Lady Qu. Based on her understanding of such rich madams, the woman before her should be rich. She was someone whom she could not offend. Since she could not offend her, it was better for her to turn her into a client.

"Alright. I've remembered your name. Rest assured that I will recommend you to my acquaintances."

"Then, I really have to thank you for that."

"No worries, but the things in your hands…"

"I bought them for myself, but I accidentally bought a lot." Bai Jingjing suddenly recalled Ji Ziming's order. As long as she did not talk about this, the monetary reward on the table would be hers.

"I see. I'll take my leave now. Continue working." Old Lady Qu waved the business card in her hand and spoke meaningfully. "I will come find you again."

"Thank you, madam." With a bag of sanitary pads in her hand, she watched the elderly woman leave. Truthfully, she did not feel any happiness from hearing the latter say that she would come looking for her again. Rather, she felt that something bad was about to happen.

"Sir, sir, I've got what you wanted." After the old lady disappeared, she quickly boarded the lift to the CEO's office. As she knocked on the door, the plastic bag in her hand kept making rustling noises.

Ji Ziming coldly told her to enter, and she rushed in. The sight that greeted her was of the man massaging Pei Ge's slender legs. The woman's black socks and white sweater suited her a lot. Despite this, Bai Jingjing found something awry but could not pinpoint what it was.

"Leave the things on the table. You can take your reward on the table." The man did not raise his head to look at her but merely waited three seconds after hearing the door open before subtly ordering her to leave.

"Yes, sir." She placed the items on the table and took the monetary reward, which was nearly as much as her annual bonus. Just as she was about to leave, her sight happened to land on the couple at the sofa. That queer feeling rose from the pit of her stomach again but was quickly suppressed by her.

Within a black Mercedes, Old Lady Qu passed the business card to her assistant in the passenger seat. "Do a background check on this lady and find out why she bought so many sanitary pads today, including what she told her boss. Be quick about this."

"Yes, madam. I will have my men investigate her."

The assistant received the business card from her hand and made a call to his subordinates. Meanwhile, the elderly woman leaned against the seat and closed her eyes to recuperate. She intended to visit Ji Ziming today under the guise of visiting her future grandson-in-law, yet when she bumped into Bai Jingjing, her sixth sense told her that the lady would be an easier target to find than the man and that she was the breakthrough.

Shortly after she reached home, her assistant's call came in. Upon confirming that the report was the same as her conjecture, her lips inadvertently curled up. Her eyes also narrowed as the small wrinkles at the corner of them became visible.

"Madam, that lady told her boss that she bought sanitary pads for the CEO during their casual chatter. She even spoke about the CEO's wife…"

"What?" A vicious glint flashed across her eyes. Even the gaze she regarded the roses next to her became dyed with ruthlessness and cruelty.

"She spoke of how the CEO treated his wife really well that he asked her to buy sanitary napkins, including ginger tea with sugar, for his woman."

"Does this mean that Pei Ge is lying?"

"I also found out something else, but I'm unsure if I should say it."

"Speak." Old Lady Qu pinched a fresh rose, and just as she wanted to throw it away, the assistant's news made her freeze.

"I found out that your granddaughter already knew about this. I don't know why she didn't inform Ji Ziming's mother about it and even helped Miss Pei hide the truth. My spy reported that your granddaughter went to the hospital to interrogate the doctor who had given that woman's falsified pregnancy report and got the details from the doctor yet did not reveal them."

"Are you saying that my granddaughter is aware of all these?"

"That seems to be the case. I don't understand why she's unwilling to expose Miss Pei. Could the woman have something on your granddaughter?"

Her eyes turned deep and distant. There was a leftover drop of juice from the rose between her fingers. She stared at the mountain range far out. A great man brooked no rival.

"Go investigate this matter. See what that b*tch has on my granddaughter."

"Yes, madam," replied the assistant before hanging up.

Old Lady Qu then made a call to Qu Jingwan. The latter was reading a storybook to Ji Chi in the VIP ward. She was planning to leave after telling him this story. She could not stay too long with him because only by leaving at appropriate times could she make him more reliant on her.

The moment she answered the call, her grandmother's disgruntled voice came through. "What happened to you? Why didn't you tell me that that b*tch has something on you?"

"Grandma, you found out about it?"

She quickly put the boy down and rushed outside upon answering the call. She hid in a secluded corner and cupped the mouthpiece while speaking softly.

"If I don't find out, am I supposed to wait for you to tell me personally?" The more the elderly woman thought about it, the angrier she got. Forget that her granddaughter could not achieve her target, she even caused her so much worry.

"Listen to me, grandma; this is just temporary."

"'Temporary'? What do you mean that?"


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