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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1525 Suspicions—real or fake?

After sorting out everything for herself, she could finally start her plan peacefully.

"Grandma, can I ask you why you hate Pei Ge so much?" After regaining her cool, Qu Jingwan asked this question. In her memory, her grandmother was not such a petty person, yet when it came to that woman, all her wonderful qualities would disappear.

"I'm doing this for your good and to help you occupy the seat of the Ji family's mistress earlier, yet you're questioning my motive?" On the other end, the elderly madam looked straight ahead with her dark eyes. Her car was about to reach the Qu family's villa.

"Is there really nothing else besides that?" She refused to believe it. That reason sounded lacking no matter what. Her intuition was telling her that that was something else, but if her grandmother insisted on this, there was nothing she could do but convince herself not to probe further into her grandmother's hatred for Pei Ge. After all, her grandmother was still doing it for her good.

"What are you thinking? Will you only be happy if I turn everyone into my enemy?" Old Lady Qu even shook her head slightly. The car reached the villa, which had surveillance cameras.

"No, no. I was just casually asking about it." Qu Jingwan waved off the issue with a random reason. Upon receiving her grandmother's reply, she was even more certain that there was more to this, and she was just unaware of it.

"Know that questions can't be asked randomly." The elderly woman watched the gates slowly open and the driver slowly drove inside. "Alright, alright. Let's top talking here; I'm home now. You handle things yourself on that side and just look for me if there's something you can't handle."

After the driver turned off the engine, he astutely got down and jogged over to help his elderly boss open the door on her side before waiting for her to get out.

When the call ended, Qu Jingwan looked around her. Although her grandmother had given her a useful tip, the former's attitude toward Pei Ge planted a huge question in her mind.

By the time she returned to the ward, Madam Ji was already sitting on the bed, waiting for her. The latter hurriedly asked her the moment she walked in, "Where have you been? Why is the corner of your white skirt this dirty?"

The older woman's eyes were sharp, and she could see the black soot on her knitted, white skirt's hem. There was no part of this VIP ward that could cause that.

"Auntie, I'm fine; I bumped into a cleaning lady outside and dirtied my skirt."

"I see; then, hurry and ask someone to send a new set over. You are the Ji family's future daughter-in-law and my son's fiancée. We can't let outsiders see you like this." The older woman retrieved her phone from the side and dialed a number. "You need to care about your image to provide my son a better reputation."

"I will, auntie." She nodded.

Fortunately, I was a quick-thinker, so auntie didn't suspect anything.

Madam Ji's call was soon answered, and a melodious female voice sounded.

"Greetings, madam. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Bring a set of clothes over in Jingwan's size. Choose the style and brand that she likes; understood?"

She made her orders in a cold voice, which the female on the other end quickly identified. "Yes. We will have someone get clothes in the style and brand Miss Jingwan likes. May I ask for where to deliver those? I will have our people send them over."

The older woman said the hospital's address, and the person on the other end quickly recorded it. Her affectionate voice almost made Madam Ji unable to maintain her 'CEO's mother' persona.

"Okay, be quick about it. I will wait for your people to arrive." She hung up immediately after saying that and waited for the clothing store personnel to send the garments over. Eyeing the lady standing at the door, she could not help but ask, "Jingwan, why do you keep standing there? Hurry and come in."

"Auntie, you actually don't need to do that. I am fine with whatever. Pei Ge is the most important person right now. She's always following Ziming out. She isn't in good health to be working at the company; I'm worried that she'll become too tired if this continues."

"You are right. I should find a chance to bring her home and forbid her from going out with my son while she's pregnant. That'll be so embarrassing. You should be the one accompanying my son."

"By the way, she's been pregnant for some time now, so why hasn't her stomach gotten bigger yet? I really wanna know the baby's gender. If it's a girl, I'll buy her pretty dresses. If it's a boy, I'll buy him the best gaming consoles."

"Stomach?" Her mention of this reminded the older woman that she had not seen Pei Ge's stomach getting bigger at all. It was as though she was not pregnant.

"Why do you think her stomach is still flat? What will happen if it remains that way?" She probed cautiously.

"How could that be? She's pregnant. Dr. Duanmu diagnosed her personally, and the doctor in the hospital even confirmed it. How could she not be pregnant? If that's so, why would she tell us that she is? Why would she do that? For the family's inheritance?"

Qu Jingwan pretended not to know anything as she reassured the older woman. However, the more she spoke, the more nervous the latter became. How could she easily allow an outsider to snatch away their family's assets using a fake pregnancy? That could not and would not be allowed to happen.

"Accompany me to find the doctor who confirmed her pregnancy this afternoon. I wanna ask him about it personally."

She feigned surprise as she looked at the older woman. "How could that be? How could Pei Ge possibly be faking her pregnancy? Does she really want to take the Ji family's assets?"

"Don't speak nonsense. I merely brought it up casually, but we do have to investigate her still."

Madam Ji carefully looked at her. Seeing that no one was at the entrance, she continued. "I'm merely going to look and didn't say that her pregnancy is fake."

"Auntie, if you go down now, doesn't that expose the fact that we don't believe Pei Ge's pregnancy? If this matter spreads outside, it won't be good for the family's image."



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