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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1526 Refuse to Admi

"Yes, auntie. We should be calm about this. Perhaps we've been thinking too much. How can Pei Ge be that type of person? She is talented, capable, and even has her company, so how can she possibly be aiming for the Ji family's assets?"

"Then, why? How…" Madam Ji turned around to look at her. A light glinted in her eyes and her tone changed instantly. "No. Let's go find that doctor now; I must interrogate him on whether that pregnancy report is real or not."

"What if our suspicion turns out to be true?" Qu Jingwan pulled the older woman as a smug smile shone in her eyes.

"If it turns out like that, I'll ask her what she is thinking and then have her move out of the house. If it doesn't turn out like that, me doing this isn't going overboard. At most, I am merely considered being cautious, but it won't affect our relationship. In fact, it will only get better."

Get better? Qu Jingwan snorted inside but maintained a calm look to make the older woman think that she was protecting Pei Ge as best as she could.

"Hurry and come with me to look, while Baby is still asleep. If he wakes up and doesn't see anyone in the room, I am worried that he will be scared."

"That won't happen. He won't be afraid and will be fine as this IV drop has a bit of sleep-inducing medicine. I know that."

Mother Ji turned to pull her by the hand instead with a look of worry. "You know? Then, do you know whether Pei Ge is truly pregnant or not? If her pregnancy is fake, what will happen to my grandson?" The desolation and sorrow on the older woman's face made her heart leap with joy.

She slowly extricated her hand and replied, "Auntie, I don't know about that, but didn't the family doctor, Duanmu, say that she's pregnant? It's also confirmed by the report from this hospital, so how could her pregnancy be fake? Let's not scare ourselves further. It will all be fine."

The older woman pushed her hand to the side and turned around, lightly snorting. "Jingwan, if you keep refusing to go with me, I will go on my own. I don't believe that anyone in this hospital will dare to defy me with my status as the family's madam."

"Don't be rash, auntie; wait for me…" She chased after the older woman, slowly jogging out of the VIP ward and following her until they reached the office of the doctor who had confirmed Pei Ge's pregnancy.

This doctor was called Fan Chao.

The doctor rubbed his temples when he saw the older woman barge in angrily. He stood up after he closed the booklet in his hand and asked respectfully, "Madam, what brings you here? You could've asked the nurse to give me a call if there's anything."

"Call? Forget it. I'm here to ask you if Pei Ge's pregnancy is real. You must answer me truthfully."

The older woman pulled out a chair in front of him and sat down with a serious and solemn look on her face.

Feeling a slight headache coming on, he sat down, too. Having performed almost ten surgeries today, he was in need of rest. He knew that she would come find him one day, but he did not expect it to be now. Just as he was thinking of how to explain it clearly to her, she already came.

"Are you suspecting her?"

Despite being fatigued, he still forced his mind to be alert in order to handle this interrogation.

"I'm not suspecting her. I'm just obtaining a confirmation for my grandchild. As a doctor, diagnosing patients is your duty. As a grandmother, knowing that my grandchild is safe and healthy is my duty. We each have our duties, so let's not make things hard for each other. You only need to tell me if it is true."

"At this point, I have to say a word of justice for Miss Pei. She is the most gentle and understanding woman I've ever seen. Not only does she have EQ, she also has one of the highest IQs among the people I know. If you suspect her health and pregnancy, you can go back and ask her about it. I'm a doctor working in your hospital, but that doesn't mean that I can reveal her personal details to you."

"You… rascal! You really don't know good from bad. I'm the Ji family's madam and one of the owners of this hospital, yet you dared to talk about medical ethics with me?! Is your brain fried, or is it mush?! How could…" Madam Ji was so agitated that she started shouting at the doctor, but no matter how she scolded him, the latter remained unfazed and even ushered her out.

She had not expected to meet such a stubborn pedant here in her territory, but unbeknown to her, this doctor and Ji Ziming were originally classmates. Originally affluent, his family was forced to declare bankruptcy due to a failed investment.

At his most desperate moment, it was her son who had reached out a helping hand to him, allowing him to pay off his family's debts and even work in such a large hospital, doing the things he liked. Treating patients and helping the sick were his passion and humblest dream, yet he had not expected that the first thing the man would ask his help with was to fake a diagnosis.

Although he would go against his principles as a doctor, he still did it out of his desire to protect his friend and benefactor. He knew that he would meet with this kind of situation eventually the moment he faked that pregnancy report, so even when the man's mother brought people into his office to threaten him with his career in this hospital, he still refused to budge.

"Dr. Fan, you are too foolishly stubborn." The older woman left in a huff when she did not get the answer she wanted. As she pulled Qu Jingwan away, she even scolded under her breath, "What was with that doctor? Why was he unmoved by force and coercion?"

Qu Jingwan raised an eyebrow slowly. Now was not the time for her to pull in her net. She would wait until the older woman was more certain of Pei Ge's fake pregnancy before doing a full-blown exposé, and everything would be under her control then. However, she herself did not know who Fan Chao was, such that he would not disobey his principles even when his career and livelihood were threatened.

"Jingwan, Jingwan." The older woman turned to look at her when she did not receive a reply, only to find that the latter had her mind elsewhere. "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing, auntie. I was just thinking about how Dr. Fan went on about getting justice for Pei Ge. Do you think that she might really be faking her pregnancy and he's just helping her to find an excuse?"

"Is that true?" Madam Ji halted her steps quickly. The light in her eyes lit up immediately, then extinguished in the next instant.


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