Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1532 When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1532 When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game.

The person in the black sedan quickly opened the door. "Sir, madam, please."

In less than twenty minutes, they reached the police station. Zhao Jingcheng was anxiously waiting at the entrance for their arrival.

"Please sit inside."

"We aren't here to have tea. Didn't you call my wife here to confront Huang Zhian?" Ji Ziming's icy voice was tinged with hostility as his gaze turned similarly chilly.

"Sir, that's not it. I believe that there are no problems with madam. It's that guy who has tricks up his sleeve, so we need to invite the both of you over for a bit."

"Let's go in. It's already quite late. Let's wrap this up fast, so we can all go home early."

"Yes, yes, yes. Sir is right. We've already prepared everything for you and madam. This way; madam, please follow me on the other side."

"Is that guy there?"

"Yes." The police officer nodded, the respect for the man in his eyes turning up another notch. "Do you want to go, too?"

"No, I will wait for my wife on this side."

"Noted. Please follow me." He pointed to a separate area. Another policeman walked over and spoke to Pei Ge. "This way, please."

"Okay." She nodded and followed the policeman to the room holding Huang Zhian.

When the door opened, and the guy saw her walk in, he quickly stood up but was quickly pressed down by the policeman nearby, ordering him, "Sit down!"

"Yes, yes, yes. I will sit down," he quickly apologized.

"You're here! It's great that you're here. I can finally see some hope. You must save me; help me get out. I am innocent, and you know it." He stared at her, devoid of his usual confidence.

It had only been days, but he seemed to have aged a lot. He had a short stubble, and the timidity in his eyes was akin to a rat which was afraid to see the light. She was this light in his eyes.

"You clearly did something wrong, so why refuse to admit it? You're even trying to drag me down with you? Why are you framing me?"

"Frame? How's that possible?" He gave a wry smile. The surprise in his eyes was as though he were a different person.

"You clearly ordered me, so why are you now pretending to be innocent? If not for you asking me to steal Red Star's trade secrets, how would I end up like this? If not for you forcing me to do all that, how could you possibly sit on the seat of Red Star's leadership? Also, that guy behind you; what if he's the richest man in the city? What if he has many luxury cars or private jets? Why couldn't he see that you're a vile and vicious woman?"

He kept going on and on, his words becoming more ludicrous.

Pei Ge merely looked at him silently as Ji Ziming's words rang in her ears. "People change; no one can remain the same." Looks like he's right this time.

She believed him, just like this time; even though she had fallen into this guy's trap to become the prime suspect of this case, she had the man behind her. Whether he was this city's or the country's richest bachelor, regardless of him owning numerous luxury cars and several private jets, it all did not matter. Even if he was not Ji Ziming, he would still save her and free her from trouble.

The interrogator did not call them to a stop but merely watched the quarrel. This was the method they loved to use the most. 'When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game.' They only needed to wait until the end and kept recording, which they would then carefully study to find the weaknesses of both parties. With that, the truth would slowly be unraveled.

Alas, this time, they had miscalculated. Pei Ge seemed to have become a mute because no matter how Huang Zhian taunted her or twisted facts, she merely maintained her silence.

In the end, the guy finally had nothing more to say. There should have been no mistakes with the information his superior had given him. As long as he taunted her, she would do or say something in response. When that happened, they could find a crack and rescue him out, but the woman merely kept her mum as she looked at him with pity and sympathy.

"Are you done speaking?" She finally spoke. The affection in his eyes replaced the anger originally in its place.

"Don't… you have anything to say?" He probed.

"What should I say?" She chuckled. "You've said it all, so what else is there left for me to say?"

"I said it all? What did I say?" He suddenly felt afraid. It was the first time he had seen her this calm.

"Of course. Didn't you accuse me of ordering you to steal Red Star's trade secrets, waiting for that company to be up for sale, and then swooping in to snatch the highest seat in it?"

"Then, don't you have anything to say about that?" He refused to believe that she was the same person as the one mentioned in the information given to him. It could also be that the couple had already seen through him and he was only being played around by them like a monkey.

"No," replied the woman casually.

The two interrogators on the other end of the table could not help but raise their thumbs at her. They were taken by surprise at how calm and adaptable the Ji Group's madam was. If this were anyone else, that person would already strike out after the taunting.

"Officer, look; she herself admitted to it. She's got nothing she could say in defense." Huang Zhian paused for a moment before turning to the interrogators. As long he made the two agree with him, he would have a chance of leaving this wretched place.

"Me having nothing to say doesn't prove you right. On the contrary, now that you are done, it is my turn." Pei Ge cocked an eyebrow, making the two interrogators sweat cold buckets.

Should they hand in the testimony of this madam? If they handed it in, what should they say if their superiors questioned them? If they did not hand it in, they might be unable to keep their jobs.

Just as the two were put in a bind, Zhao Jingcheng suddenly pushed the door open. Beams of light streamed into the dim room and onto Huang Zhian's face.

"You may stop the interrogation. Madam Ji may leave now."

"Boss, but she said that she wants to defend herself." The shorter interrogator felt a little wronged. He had finally made a decision, but it was torn apart by his superior just like that.

"I said you can stop now; do you not hear me?"


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