Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1536 You are my woman; I will hug you whenever I want.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1536 You are my woman; I will hug you whenever I want.

"What are you doing?!" Pei Ge pried off Ji Ziming's big hands and frowned at him. "Get out quickly; how can you enter my room as and when you like?"

"Not only your room, I can also do that with you."

The man looked suggestively at her with those deep eyes of his. "I can hug you as and when I like."

He lifted her up and demonstrated the perfect way to carry someone. He placed her on the bed as he removed his snowy-white bathrobe's strap; all of a sudden, his broad chest was exposed.

"Ah!" She hurriedly covered her eyes. Because he had exposed himself so suddenly, she was unprepared for it.

"Why are you covering your eyes? Don't tell me that you haven't seen my body before?" The corners of his lips curled as a mocking smile appeared on his face. "Why not have a look now and see how is it?"

"I don't wanna look; hurry up and leave." She shook her head as her tiny hands tried to push his away, but she did not expect the man to pin her down onto the bed. He even locked her hands above her head, making her unable to move.

"I said before that, if you haven't seen it in the past, you can take a look now."

"Who wants to see? I don't wanna." Pei Ge promptly declined, but her eyes widened because of his sudden actions. With that, she saw his tanned chest, as well as his eight packs.

"Is it nice-looking?" Ji Ziming was beyond satisfied with her expression. "Your body is much more honest than your words."

"Hurry up and get out; if you don't, I'll scream."

She closed her eyes in a haste while she inwardly called the man a jerk deep.

"This is the Ji family's house; what do you think will happen if you scream? Most likely, the children will come over, followed by my mother, then Qu Jingwan, and finally the stay-in servants and driver—"

"Fine, fine, fine! You won. I won't scream anymore; that should do it, right?" She was like a deflated balloon as she shot a glare at the man. "Then, wear your clothes; I have something to discuss with you."

"Wait till tomorrow and talk about it."

He did not give her any chance to argue as he lay on top of her and turned off the light. Along with the 'melodious' sound that they produced, there was the howling of the wind, which was like a whistle being blown in a small space, coming from the slightly ajar windows; it masked the two's coupling.

Post-coitus, Pei Ge lay in Ji Ziming's embrace. She was slightly intoxicated with the smell of his perspiration, mixed with a masculine whiff. She closed her eyes faintly as she relaxedly asked in a soft voice, "Do you think Huang Zhian can still get out?"

"If he didn't involve you, I might've, but now, I won't." The man's icy eyes were like the stars in the night sky.

"I heard that he just got married not long ago."

She still chose to try defending the guy because, honestly, she was not mad that the latter had involved her. The one he had offended was Ji Ziming and not her, so she wanted to do her best to fight for a lighter punishment for him.

"Then, what if I tell you that he lied about everything?"

She opened her eyes in shock and her voice became sober. "Are you saying that he lied to me?"

"Yes. Don't you still understand that he didn't seek you to catch up? You two were middle-school classmates, but even though you guys were friends back then, many years had passed, and he might not really remember you. Him looking for you this time was merely part of his plan."

Ji Ziming cleared the doubt in his woman's heart because he knew that she was overly kind; therefore, even if she knew that the person was bad, the first thing she would do was defend the person. However, with him around, he would definitely safeguard this warm-hearted woman while teaching her to live smarter.

"How is it possible?" Pei Ge could not believe that all the evidence on Huang Zhian was real. She had actually sillily believed that he was merely lying in an attempt to Ji Ziming.

"Do you still want to defend him?"

The man tilted his head as his eyes focused on the woman's beautiful face under the faint lighting. His huge hand gently caressed her smooth arm. The night seemed to make one more sensitive; right now, he found her exceedingly gorgeous.

"Why did he do that to me? Even if we were not that close, I was still his middle-school classmate. What good would it do by doing this to me?"

"Then, you must ask the one behind his back."

He harrumphed and continued. "Sooner or later, I'll get the person to reveal themselves."

"Do you think that the one behind him and the person who knocked me down at the aquarium are the same?" Following his words, she suddenly thought of what had happened not too long ago.

Their final conclusion was that someone was behind it. Even though Hong Qiang was released then, the one who had bribed him never stopped working behind the scenes. She was unsure if this and that were related to that person.

"I'm still investigating that. The only thing I can confirm is that after the gir's father was released, he hasn't been in touch with anyone suspicious."

The investigation leads were broken, and this was the point the man could not fathom. He had clearly acquired the fingerprints of the person behind Hong Qiang and had conducted investigations on several areas with many traces to follow, yet he was nowhere near from catching the culprit.

"Don't think about it anymore and let's just go to sleep."

Pei Ge yawned. Her head started hurting the moment she thought of all those worrisome matters. Neither could she guess who the person behind that accident at the aquarium was nor could she tell who had made Huang Zhian do that.

"Alright. Let's sleep."

Ji Ziming gently gave her forehead a peck. His kiss now was so gentle and careful unlike the one during their intimate moment earlier. Comparing the two, the former was teeming with lust, while the latter was brimming with desire to protect. No matter which kind it was, she would enjoy the kiss as long as the one doing it was this man. She would regard everything he gave her as a treasure

"Ge Ge, goodnight," said the man softly.


She closed her eyes and slowly drifted into dreamland, no longer hearing what the man was muttering in her ears or feeling it when he turned and lay on top of her.

She only realized that many things had happened while she was asleep when she woke up in the morning and found herself feeling very sore.


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