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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1538 He knows that she will give in.

With an arm bracing on the closet, Ji Ziming locked Pei Ge in his other arm. The kabedon worked effectively on Pei Ge, but it was very awkward.

"Alright. I'll wear these." She gritted her teeth and wore the clothes in her hands in the shortest time that she could muster. However, she buttoned the shirt wrongly since she was too nervous, and the man had to button it for her again.

"Mhm. It's done. We can leave now." He pretended to ignore the blush on the woman's face. He knew that she would give in to his good looks, as well as his strong flirting skills.

The moment they opened the door, they bumped into Qu Jingwan, and Pei Ge was overcome with awkwardness.

"Ziming, why are you…"

Just as Qu Jingwan left her room, she bumped into the couple holding hands as they left the woman's room. Although she appeared calm, there was a hint of grievance on her face.

"What's wrong? I'm in my home; must I report to you which room I'm coming out of?"

The man's eyes darkened as a vicious glint flashed across them.

"I don't mean it that way."

She looked as if she was on the verge of crying from her anxiety, but that did not fool his eyes.

"When you're in my house, just do your things well. You'd better not do other things; if not, I won't just simply kick you out."

As he finished saying that, he pulled Pei Ge downstairs, leaving the lady standing rooted to the spot, looking at the couple disappear before her with eyes full of hatred.

"The things that I want can't be withheld from me by you."

She stood there and spoke with determination while looking at the man's fading back.

In fact, the man had no idea what the lady wanted. A few minutes after he set off for Red Star with his woman, Old Lady Qu knocked on the door of the Ji family's mansion.


Qu Jingwan was sitting in the living room when the servants brought her grandmother to her. She excitedly dashed to the elderly woman. "What brought you here? Are you here to visit me?"

"That's right; I'm here to see how my precious granddaughter is doing in this family."

Old Lady Qu lightly poked her granddaughter's forehead dotingly. "Do you miss grandma? I really missed you."

The servants headed upstairs to inform Madam Ji, who quickly rushed down. She was surprised to see this person here.

"Old sister, what brought you here?"

Stepping on the last stairs, she walked straight to the elderly woman.

"I merely dropped by. Your servants said that you're home, so they let me in."

"Aiyo! Look at what you're saying. If you wish to come by, just giving me a call will do. I'll get the family's driver to pick you up. Look at how you've traveled here on your own; really, you should've told me in advance."

"I came here to check on my granddaughter and find out why she doesn't wanna go home with me after staying at your place."

The elderly woman looked at her granddaughter, who was standing beside her, and smiled as she said, "I don't know if she's been causing you worry. This grandchild of mine has been spoiled by me since young. She's usually the one bullying others, so I'm really afraid that you guys won't get along well."

Madam Ji shook her head profusely and smiled. "In-law, hurry up and sit down. Auntie Zhang, quickly go make Old Lady Qu a pot of good tea." She supported the other to sit on the sofa as they began to chat. "Jingwan has been helping me so much while she's here. Not only is she taking care of my grandson, she's even helping me deal with the big and small issues in this household. You don't know; if I were to have such a granddaughter, I would wake up from my sleep smiling."

She was generous in giving praise to Qu Jingwan and even exaggerated it to some extent.

"If that's the case, it's really to your liking that my granddaughter stays here?"

Old Lady Qu's curved eyebrows made her appear as though she were not scheming but was just very friendly. However, when she turned her head to shoot her granddaughter a glance, the meaning in her eyes was clear to the latter.

"Of course If not for her, I really wouldn't have any idea on what to do with my three grandkids."

"Aiya! Now that you've mentioned the kids, I remember having gifts for them. I'll get my driver to bring them in. I forgot everything when I met my granddaughter." The elderly lady stood up and looked apologetically at Madam Ji before shouting at her driver, who was at the entrance. "Old Yang, bring over the toys for the kids in the trunk!"

"Yes, madam!"

The driver nodded and headed outside. He opened the Mercedes Benz's trunk, brought out two large bags and placed them in the living room.

"In-law, being here is enough; you shouldn't have bothered bringing so many gifts for the children. How could I…"

"I've already brought them; naturally, it's for my granddaughter's happiness. I know that she loves children, and since she takes good care of them, I'm rest assured."

Old Lady Qu sat on the sofa again and looked at her granddaughter, who was standing at one side, as she smilingly spoke. "Ji Chi is too kind-hearted. I heard that, last time, the boy had food poisoning, and it's caused by my granddaughter?"

Madam Ji sat on the sofa, too, and though she was relaxed when she saw the toys, her heart was immediately raised when the elderly lady spoke about that incident. "Look at what you're saying; it had nothing to do with Jingwan. My grandson has a weak immune system, and he's hospitalized because of that."

"Was it really that?" Old Lady Qu turned to look at her granddaughter, who got the meaning in her eyes and quickly nodded. "That's right, grandma; it's all my fault for causing the boy to fall sick, but we already brought him home last night."

"Look at yourself; how could you cause such a young child to fall sick and have such an accident? How do I account for this as your grandpa? No, I must bring you home today. I can't let you stay here and create more trouble."

The moment she finished saying this, she stood up and pulled her granddaughter outside.

Madam Ji hurriedly held onto the elderly woman and sighed. "In-law, it isn't like what you're thinking. Your granddaughter is my main support here. If you bring her away, what will I do?"

"I can't let her stay. She couldn't even take care of the boy properly. If she stays, she will only create more trouble for you."

"Your granddaughter isn't really creating trouble for me. In fact, after she's stayed here for so long, I can't bear to let her leave. Just let her continue staying in my family. She is, after all, my son's fiancée and my future daughter-in-law."


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